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US govt watchdog slams NSA snooping as illegal, useless against terrorism


legal if against terrorism - define terrorism?

given past performance - anything they want - therefore expect continued surveillance as per usual

Prof Stephen Hawking: 'There are NO black holes' – they're GREY!


the cult of science.....

generates so much discourse (see above).....why do we need to understand all this twaddle?

one might say that the technological off-shoots of science are enormous and have reshaped our very existance.

i'd say we are one step above elephants (very brainy), are occupied by evil egos that control all our needs and wants, and a black/grey hole is pure freudian slippage.

Samsung: Men, our Gear smartwatch will make you a hit with the sexy ladies


Reddit people?

So folks on Reddit don't like the ad. Better scrap it then. The other 99.9999% of the planet will undoubtably fall in line with their wise opinions.

Bank Muscat hit by $39m ATM cash-out heist


not news any more

If 3 masked robbers with guns stole $xxx million euros/dollars/etc in a daylight heist from any bank in the world the news feeds would go crazy with useless facts about every heist in history and so-called journalists going on about other journalist's opinions about why it happened and how awful it all is. Organized crime doing it thru a stupidly overlooked crack in computer security procedures......no news.

Conspiracy angle, the bank needed to unload some cash quickly to a local prince and hired the bad boys to create a crime so no suspicion is raised when the money moves. No taxes due either.

BlackBerry: Aaah, Microsoft, we meet again.. for another deathmatch

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Being third is irrelevant

Statistics sell news. Doesn't mean they're true, relevant or useful. BB has it's own market (business). Where's the overlap with Apple and Samsung? What's with this compulsion by journalists to treat the phone market like a horse race where there's one winner and a bunch of losers? Give us news about how BB is doing in it's own market place. This made up statistics race-report style of so-called journalism fills the blank spaces on Regs web page but it's boring.

Jaw-jaw no more-more as calls fall down tally of phone tasks



not a laptop but a palm top so call it a pop or patop or plop or poop

mobile device so call it a mice or mobice or mobe

everybody thinks they need one ('cause everyone else has one), they are sheep, therefore call it baa-baa

large corporations are robbing us blind, therefore call it crap

all above ideas are copywrited, El Reg may use with approval

Study fingers humans for ocean heat rise

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more data = better beliefs?

who ever has the most recent study wins, until there's another study.

arguing about global ocean temperature changes proves one thing only - you've got too much time on your hands.

Get Back to Work!

(and quit reading the newsertainment, it's bad for your mental health)

Shoreditch's sparkle smokescreen leaves BBC journo 'tech-struck'


conspiracies everywhere

thank you google for keeping consiracy theory journalists earning a paycheque by your mere existance. great for the local economy. and they say google takes all the money back to the US leaving britain penniless. for shame.

Apple, Walmart, and you: Making money in mobile


buying apps is like.....

going to the hardware store (Canada). I'm home, I need a part/tool/whatever. I go to the hardware store, search around until I find exactly what I need, pay for it, go home, use it. No shopping. Latest app Open GPS Tracker, need to track distance ran while training. Downloading an app to fill in time in my boring life... those days are over.

EMF notches up another health-scare


science = farce

Would someone pls calculate the odds of newborns getting asthma when their moms are goofy enough to participate in scam studies like this? Seems inevitable to me.

HCL discloses 'email deletion' requests from News International


keeping emails around

private business is under no obligation to archive anything unless they choose to. banks are accountable to their stock holders so company business is often shows up in emails. feels like vulture is picking thru a rotting carcass looking for that last bit to bring back to the nest.

Sorry, time travelers, you’re still just fiction

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I'm not a photon

therefore I'm not restricted by a scientist's opinion. Maybe the "news" is a journalist's opinion of a scientist's experimental results which we all know is all MSU material.

Google: Go public on Profiles or we'll delete you

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fair and balanced

finally, an article about Google that doesn't bash google

Judge puts Assange behind bars ahead of extradition hearing

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Assange vs politicians

Julian knows that there will be political interference in his situation as long as it leads to getting re-elected. As to protecting/serving the citizens, politicians have a very bad track record there. Julian for president (of Iceland)!

Windows Phone 7: 'Different, delightful'... and unfinished


here in canada we call it telus

telus means "we were here first" and "bad customer service" and "if we ignore the upstarts maybe they'll go away".

Samsung joins the Skype-TV crowd



What competition? Skype works, has millions of users world-wide and is affordable (free). Sorta like Google. Captalism works if there's competition. Capitalism is over (at the leading edge of technology). "Do no harm" is the antithesis of capitalism. Evolution is upon us.

Crusty fireball space mango wrecks US doctor's office


Pat Robertson knows why this happened!

He's mentioned at The Onion as having inside info as to why these disasters happen. What's he got to say about this near-disaster in Virginia?

Most expensive RAF aircraft ever takes to the skies

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Journalist's now ready to run MoD

Thank goodness this journalist has given taxpayers his precious time and advice to "save the day" on mis-guided RAF expenditures. From the tone of his article, he obviously knows much more about how to run Britain's military than they themselves do!

NASA: Google Gulfstreams not science experiments

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It's too big so it must be bad!

We've seen it before and yet it's still tedious.

A large American corporation grows to goliath proportions. Perhaps this massive entity is secretly taking over the world? We must use our david-sized influence and bring down this giant before we all become one with the google! And the crazed leaders of such an planet-gulping monster MUST be evil and so every muscle twitch that's reported by the ever-so-accurate (and strangely goliath-sized themselves) media entities shows that doom is at hand. After smartly (smarmily?) lashing the bottom of one little bit of one toe of the monster, thereby keeping the bigger-is-badder meme alive, a self-satisfying pint is consumed, advertisers find contentment and bosses note that articles have been published, readers report in with variations on the theme and all is good.

Google-bashing will keep this little monster fed until the next upstart IT company gets too big for comfort.


Google: 'Even in the desert, privacy does not exist'



There appears to be a mob-think meme going around that because Google is so large that it must be evil. Big success = evil. Gotta drag 'em down to our size so we can again feel safe.

I know you Brits have been measuring folks for their chains for centuries but where has it got you? Some very interesting castles with interesting dungeons and a weird gov't.

Let 'em rule the world I say. Could they do any worse?

Gord, on the other side of the world, safe from the overlords

Eye of newt: Inside Google's AdWords auction


Who cares?


Drastic assumption IMO.

Maybe the advertisers actually get good results as compared to the money spent. In a market driven business, ask the market if they like google ad words, not a bunch of google-conspiracy-theorists.

Of course the news that all is well is not really news and the vulture would likely not report that.


Virgin Media in premium rate U-turn


Anybody out there actually like their phone service provider?

This latest batch of comments has a distinctive flavour of anger/disgust/It's a Conspiracy! to it. The vulture is attracted to the smell of rotting carcass's. I just didn't think it was the readers!

Outlook grim as Cloudmark update crashes email clients



I just did a Compaq System Recovery trying to get Outlook going, unaware of this issue.

I now know more about Outlook problems than any normal human should (except the MVP of Outlook Development at Microsoft). At least they coulda sent me an email telling me about it!

Wait, never mind, my email WASN'T WORKING at the time.



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