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Let's see what the sweet, kind, new Microsoft that everyone loves is up to. Ah yes, forcing more Office home users into annual subscriptions

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Re: Un-Hollie Contract

Sometimes... All I need is the air that I breathe,

...and to renew my subscription on beer.


Does Google make hardware just so nobody buys it?

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Re: But muh headphone jack!

"I personally love my V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless over-ears and V-Moda Forza Metallo earbuds (I prefer V-Moda's sound profiles - nicely accurate highs and mids, and fantastic bass presence without being excessively boomy or distortive) and the thought of going back to corded ranks right up there with the thought of going back to a corded mouse. I mean, you could, but... why? "

If you work with not just one system but many systems (at work and in office) especially in IT, then you'll see why we don't use wireless device as much.

Wireless means,

-Another item to replace (battery) for each system.

-Another thing to do (recharge battery) for each system.

-Another thing to care (battery lifetime) for each system.

-Another thing to worry (replacement when battery die) for each system.

-Another security issue to care (wireless hack) for each system.

-Another interface issue to care (wireless signal interference) for each system.

-Another safety consideration (any device with battery glued on can explode/ cause fire) for each system.

In exchange for ONE benefit

-No tangling issue

The negatives don't stop there. If you work with music, most 'real' amps and 'real' music equipment like a guitar amp support the 6.5mm headphone jack, which is compatibility with the 3.5mm headphone jack, which does not have Bluetooth support.

Maybe you'll get one or two wireless devices like plenty of us (because of the convenience), but in no way does it replace the wired device.

Apple macOS Mojave: There's goth mode but developers will have to wait for the juicy stuff

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"My 24" computer IS NOT A FUCKING iPHONE!!!"

Well with a num pad, a mic and a speaker, you just need to turn it sideways, put it into your pocket and carry it with you.


Samsung Galaxy Note 9: A steep price to pay

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Re: The one thing I wholeheartedly agree with Jobs on ...

is stylii. If you need them, you've failed.

And then Apple Introduces the Apple Pencil...

Boss helped sysadmin take down horrible client with swift kick to the nether regions

Tim Seventh

Good Luck!

And come back anytime to the on-call comment page when you're free!

ZTE sends 400 million hostages, gets back in business stateside

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Re: Discussion

Some of us "dumb" Americans are tired of seeing ridiculous trade imbalances.

Well yes literally everyone around the world hates globalization so you are not along, but you must have followed trump way too much (I am putting this nicely).

Trump is a live actor, saying whatever and doing whatever that "feels right". "dumb" Americans hate globalization and trade imbalances, so trump says I'll fix it with a ban hammer, which is bad not because of the result but the process.

Let's use your honey example. You procedure honey but Central America can manufacture more and import more and it is unfair. So we let trump use the instant ban hammer. BAM! All industries like cake / biscuit / bread makers in the America depend on cheap honey are now forced to buy alternatives. Those who couldn't face bankruptcy and layoff all the workers, because typical customers purchase only the cheapest. Those few who could survive, with loyal customers, raise the price of their products indirectly raise the price of other those products and similar ones.

With higher priced products, consumers are now forced to pay for an increased price at the same wage, and they continue to be angry. You think that's over? Well if it's on a small scale then yes. If not, no it's not over. Those mass of America workers who got laid-off from those industries now lower the demand of overall country's purchase power due to unemployment, which decrease all sales in the country. With decrease in sales, some other none related industries now also face bankruptcy and laying-off more workers. With the market stability destroyed, it becomes a depression.

The correct approach to fix trade imbalances is to slowly apply the restriction, which in terms slow the depression into small recessions. With small recession, fewer industries face bankruptcy and fewer people get laid off, while more industries and workers have time to find alternatives. This keeps market stability for a strong future.

So to put it this way (nicely), knowledgeable people around the world and Americans know this and know how "dumb" trump is for doing this and know how "dumb" Americans can't see this. Once the damage snowballs, it can go out of control (History: The Great Depression).

Everyone know a lot of things are done with good intention (increase job), but knowledgeable people can see right through the problem it can cause (destroying the market).

Here's a tip, learn more and listen fewer trump. Just my 2 cents.

LG's flagship arrives with <checks script> ... G7 what now?

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Re: Another notch!

Very simply, it comes from the observation that most people have unused pixels in the middle of the status bar - notifications sit left, signal and battery status sit right. By happy chance, this often unused space is roughly the same size as that required for front facing apertures for earpiece, camera and other sensors.

Fair observation, but not so good when seen from a practical view. When you use any app that shifts to full screen mode, the notification bar hide itself away and the notch now became a minor distraction in portrait mode and horrible asymmetric in landscape mode.

Where as before the notch when the earpiece, camera and other sensors just take whatever is at the top of the screen, the notifications bar hide away and there's no problem with unused notification space.

Google Pixel 2 XL: Like paying Apple-tier prices then saying, hey, please help yourself to my data

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This whole thread is depressing, it's serious tinfoil hat brigade, FUD, basic failures to read and understand privacy policies...

Umm, reading privacy policies? Anyone that considers themselves technically competent reads source codes and network connection logs. When we see a connection that we didn't specify command it to connect, it's phoning home. It's not FUD when we see the connection log gets longer by the millisecond.

My PC makes ‘negative energy waves’, said user, then demanded fix

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BOFH excuse generator is handy in those cases.

Something's “sending out very negative waves”? It's probably because 'Server depressed, needs Prozac'.

This came right out from the BOFH excuse generator.

Cambridge Analytica 'privatised colonising operation', not a 'legitimate business', says whistleblower

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Re: All that lovely data mined from the ???dark??? depths of the connected world.

The Guardian: Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you

They're keeping all of those data? No problem. Upload a max upload size file (15GB for Google drive), delete it. Then rename that file or find another file, upload it, and delete it again. Repeat until FB and Google server exploded.

Parents blame brats' slipping school grades on crap internet speeds

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Games consoles, phones, and tablets work fine for education. Videos depend on the content.

Games consoles, phones, and tablets work fine for education. Videos not so much. depend on the content.

Some simple information are better as text, like a command, a part of a code, some facts, etc.

But it gets terrible at explaining multiple and/or abstracted process, like showing how to dissemble a motherboard, showing how to draw a cat, showing how to open a bottle with a cucumber, etc. These are things that are difficult to be explained in words, and better shown as images or videos.

Five things you need to know about Microsoft's looming Windows 10 Spring Creators Update

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You can share files with physically nearby devices using a wireless feature called Nearby Share. Groundbreaking.

aka, usb stick - wireless edition.

Tim Seventh

I moved 7 elderly cousins to 10...and for them it 'just works'. Did them all remotely with splendid TeamViewer (oh yes you can). Hardly any calls since then for OS glitches: maybe it's helped that with ClassicShell and anti-slurps I've made them all look just like XP.

Wow, terrible idea. As in the whole process. If you ever used windows with windows update (even without counting the thousands of windows forced upgraded failed complains), you should know that upgrade of any windows version is a bad idea. If you're lucky, you get everything working. If not, everything can be broken (can't boot, driver failed, missing files, bugged out windows compounds). Using Teamviewer here meant that there's a chance that you won't even be able to connect back if windows upgrade breaks Teamviewer during the upgrade.

If I were you, I'll maintain their software and give them a clean OS from the start. And depends on what software they use, I'll pick the appropriate OS for the job (software only works with windows xp? install window xp or windows 7 xp mode, etc.). Also, I would actually be on-site to swap the HDD with the old OS with the HDD with the new OS, so I know 100% there is a working backup if something on the new OS doesn't work the way they wanted to.

Also unless I am getting paid for IT support from those elders, Windows 10 will be the last in-line option. It's because Windows 10 keeps changing. You should know that the developer supporting and created ClassicShell had already discontinued development, all due to how Windows 10 constantly changing everything in each update. Unless your Windows 10 is not updated or connected online, you will soon have to have to support your way to keep Windows 10 from breaking ClassicShell and work your way to keep it continues to look just like XP.

Prof Stephen Hawking's ashes will be interred alongside Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin

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Science and Religion both require belief or a leap of faith.

Prove me wrong. (not advocating either)

Your definition itself is wrong. Science is proven, not believed. Religion is believed and unable to be proven.

Here is how Google handles Right To Be Forgotten requests

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Re: " I can't put cheese in my cup of tea."

He should have put the tea into the cheese instead. Now it tastes really good.

Here's some facts. Some cuisines use tea leaves as spices on the food. It includes a variety of food like pasta, rice, chicken, beef, cake, and dessert.

Uber breaks self-driving car record: First robo-ride to kill a pedestrian

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Are there countries where it's legal to run down pedestrians* on a normal road? There may be mitigation, but in civilised countries, it's the driver's responsibility to not drive into pedestrians (and many other things).

*If it helps, think of small children irresponsible parents and legal loopholes.

Fixed that for you, because you are only looking at the green grass and disregarding other problems. First, law is not your parent. Parents are not excused for letting or leaving kids on their own on the road. Second, there are actual people who jump in front of cars to get hit just to abuse this type of loopholes to get money.

So, yes there are civilised countries where you do not get punished if it is the pedestrians' fault for the accident.

Also in countries with overall higher intelligent, people tense to put their personal responsibility in front of any legal responsibility, meaning they actually avoid jaywalking when seeing a fast car approaching. It's because when they or kids die, it's dead regardless of what happens afterward.

Poop to save planet as boffins devise bullsh*t way of extracting gas

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Get your shit together. We're going to save the world.

Stephen Hawking dies, aged 76

Tim Seventh

Thank you

For all the contributions you've gave to humanity.

May you rest in peace, Prof Hawking.

Less than half of paying ransomware targets get their files back

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Re: Crikey I'm ransomed by Corporate America

I'm trying to get Windows 8.1 to boot, Linux's not good either, one of my drives (with Linux on it) has become invisible to the BIOS and hardware at boot time (either as a USB or Internal drive). {explain that I weep !}

I presume you mean your current Windows 8.1 isn't booting, and you're trying to get it to boot. In addition, your linux drive isn't booting either. Since you've said that it is invisible to the BIOS, it means that you have access to the bios but the drive are not shown. From this, it means either your usb port / internal SATA connectors are dead, your hard drives had failed, or both boot partitions (windows and linux) have be corrupted.

If you want to double check the drives to for extent of the issue, you'll want to try something else to boot up your PC. You can try using a live linux usb, boot it up, and then plug in the hard drive with a usb. If you see a few partitions shown, then you've got good news. Your drive isn't really dead and you might be able to recover your data.

My bare metal restorer, PBR and all others backups have failed (not fit for purpose).

Therefor I am ransomed, as I must upgrade to Windows 10 or loose my access to my paid for programs and applications.

That's not really ransomed if there's nothing asking for a ransom. That's just losing your backups and your data. Also if somehow you've regain access to your programs and applications, there's no need to upgrade to Windows 10. Just get a new hard drive, buy/get a Windows 8.1 license that is still available, install Windows 8.1 to the new hard drive, and re-install all your programs and applications to access them.

Bots don't spread fake news on Twitter, people do, say MIT eggheads

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Re: "the top 1 per cent of false-news cascades routinely diffused to between 1,000 and 100,000"

I have spent quite a bit of time trying to respond and educate the people sending me the latest fraud mail of the day - because many of those were people I personally knew. Some of them do not speak to me anymore; apparently I dared challenge their worldview and they did not accept that.

Unless you had authority over them or they are open minded, challenging their worldview is pointless. If I were you, I would have straightly out pointed out the fraud mail and stop there. If they accept my educate, then good for them. If they don't, then I let Darwinism take in charge.

^Self referencing statement. This comment points out exactly one thing and stops there. If you accept it, then good for you. If not, then I also let Darwinism take in charge.

Hackers create 'ghost' traffic jam to confound smart traffic systems

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Re: I despair

Why rely on what a "car" is telling you? A car that can easily be co-opted into telling lies.

Why not use independent sensors that "see" what's really there?

We screwed up that part too, by 'hacking' the sensors with covers on traffic signs, and hand-drawn car lane trap (a nice circle with doted lines on the outer side, the smart car can enter but can never exit).

Apple's new 'spaceship' HQ brings the pane for unobservant workers

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Re: What about the manifestations?

And just to cap it off, not all doors have an indication that it's push or pull only so when you push and nothing happens, you pull, only to find still nothing happens. It's madness I tells ya, madness!

A moment later, another guy slided open it. see icon ->

BlackBerry unveils bold new strategy: Suing the c**p out of Facebook

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Re: Enough, already

That's easy to say when your livelihood isn't dependent on you monetising your software innovation.

...Patents are there to, in theory, allow the small guys to protect their livelihood against the big guys just ripping them off and out-marketing them.

The thing is in the global world, it is pretty clear that patents no longer protect the small guys.

In plenty of cases, it is used against the small guys, even when they were the ones who created the the product first. Part of the problem is to get patent to have effect, you need a lot of money for the patent and the lawyers, which small guys don't have from the start. The second problem is it is easier for someone or a large company to quickly rip off your software innovation, patent or not. Even worse, it is easier for them to quickly sue your software innovation the second you have some profit.

So rather than keeping software patent at all (f*ck patent troll), it might as well be better to delete software patent as a whole.

Europe plans special tax for Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon

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"Bullshit, you're just another greed merchant. You pretend that you have some right to what money others make - cunt." -AC

"As for calling me " -DavCrav

You might want to take a break. There is no direct indication that the AC is replying to your point. Rather there is possibility that the AC replying to 'Frank' about taxing turnover yet not profitable or to 'Mage' able Shareholders running it into the ground, which in one case could be on your side.

Have a drink and take a break.

We need baby Googles, say search specialists… and one surprising VC

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Re: It rubs the Monopoly on it's skin, or else it gets the antitrust again...

You do know google maps has had offline mode for some time, right?

Google Maps offline maps expire after 30 days(source 1, source 2). Not that offline if you ask me.

If you want truly offline, try Maps.me or some other map apps.

Wearables are now a two-horse race and Google lost very badly

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Smart Watch Expectation vs Reality

Let's start with the fact. There's no problem with the demand of smart watch. It is the problem with their expectation.

Apple after selling plenty of iPhone launched the Apple Watch. Apple and the media expectation was that it would sell just as well as the iPhone. That was their mistake. It isn't suppose to.

In reality, smart watch doesn't cover remotely what smart phone can give. Along with the fact that most smart watch need a smart phone to get their feature fully work, overlapped features becomes a non-benefit to smart watch. After you lineup the true additions of the smart watch to smart phone, then the market is left with only a small pool of consumers who wants a smart watch.

It's like high-grade expensive non-smart watch. It has a small pool of consumers who want it anyway, but that's not the same pool of consumers as the smart phone market.

As a result, the smart watch hype leaves only those manufactures who either copied Apple Watch for a smart watch but didn't put in as much investment, and those who manufacture watches from the start get a nice profit from the new smart watch trend, while those large brands like Apple and Google just don't get the returns they expected.

With a poor return on their expectation, it makes sense why they and the media no longer try to market the product since they've already wasted too much money on their initial incorrect marketing investment. If they had lower expectation from the start, they would have been doing much better.

Boring. The phone business has lost the plot and Google is making it worse

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Re: Stock Android

I have to confess to being in two minds about stock android. Yes its dull, boring and while not a bad user experience, it's not great either.

For android, all you need is to download is a custom home launcher app in the play store to instantly make it exciting. Just in case you didn't know, most non-stock android just simply adds their own customized home launcher to change how you feel about their android device. So stock android can easily be changed to look similar to non-stock android.

Taking from another perspective, what really separates a stock android and a non-stock android is the amount of bloat placed by the manufacture. Stock android (google stock version) will have little to no bloat apps with only google apps, while non-stock android almost always have bloat apps from the manufacture. When bloat apps eats your data, your battery and phoning home which you can't disable by default (without rooting or custom rom), that's a point given to stock android especially when users complain about the slowness of bloated non-stock devices.

Worldwide smartphone shipments DOWN for first time ever

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"all people are doing with landfill is redistributing a few minerals."

Surely if landfill is a distribution of 'minerals', then pollution is also a distribution of 'minerals'. Except we also lose land when those 'minerals' are place, and consumer those 'minerals' indirectly through plants, animals, air and water.

If you want to really know how bad it is, ask one of those who lives next to one.

iPhone X 'slump' is real, whisper supply chain moles

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Re: I have one question.

"The top of most phone screens just display a few simple icons most of the time - no reason not to share that space with a camera. The issue is implementation - LG made a phone with a discrete screen next the camera, not a bad idea."

If you only think the notch blocked only 'the top of most phone' and a few simple icons most of the time, then you clearly haven't tried rotating it and used it for other things. Unless you watch movies with one eye blinded, the notch extremely stands out with the asymmetric in landscape mode.

Sure apple fans can 'compensate' for the difficulty. But no matter how you flip it horizontally to the right or the left, it will still be asymmetrical.

Farts away! Plane makes unscheduled stop after man won't stop guffing

Tim Seventh

But the man failed to hold it in

two particularly incensed passengers took matters into their own hands.

Stop! Stop! It's an idiom! Don't take his fart into your own hands!

Boffins crack smartphone location tracking – even if you've turned off the GPS

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Re: So...

Google apps totally ignore my "give fake GPS results to apps" app, I'm sure they'll totally ignore firewall apps to.

Most android non-root firewall are based on VPN connection. If you have a network monitoring log, you should see the connection getting blocked by the firewall. I do recommend getting one as it is the easiest way to keep some control of your phone.

If you install a custom rom (android OS) like lineageOS, there are individual options for you to block network and gps permissions.

I need to root my new phone some day soonish. Only thing that has stopped me so far is that rooting involves asking permission from Motorola, who will then void your warranty. sigh

Rooting should have nothing to do with asking permission from Motorola. Unless you meant unlocking bootloader to install custom rooted rom, then you might need Motorola permission to unlock it. However regardless of rooting or installing custom rom, doing either will indeed void your warranty. This is straightly because the manufacture won't fix your rom if you broke it yourself.

Nonetheless if there is a well community supporting your very-specific phone, you can more or less find ways to unroot your phone and/or re-lock the bootloader if you really need to use the limited warranty. Just don't forget to keep a backup copy of your OEM rom for that case.

If you are rooting for the first time, I do not recommend doing this on a brand new expensive phone, since you can easily and accidentally soft brick your phone.

Tim Seventh

Re: Joke's on them!

I keep my smartphone wrapped in tin foil at all times to keep it fresh.

I do the same with my head, you can never be to careful these days,

That's an interesting way to keep you mind fresh.

Women beat men to jobs due to guys' bad social skills. Whoa – you mad, fellas? Maybe these eggheads have a point...

Tim Seventh

Re: Related: Microaggressions in Job Ads

"You are calm/not nervous" were less encouraging than the task-directed "You always remain calm under pressure"

For the second one when you're not under pressure, you don't need to keep calm and can theoretically go wild. Meanwhile, you can't do that for the first one. So the women are not picking this because it is emotional, it's because they are smart about it. The second one is clearly the better deal.

Dori-no! PepsiCo boss says biz is planning to sell lady crisps

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Re: Do project managers live in the world?

a snack that makes no sound and leaves no crumbs or dust (cheese string??)

Not directly related to your comment, but anything they do are probably just going to be reinvent

-cheese stick

-potato wedge

-fried chicken

-beef jerky


-dry fruit

or some other food/snacks already available on the market that make no sound and leave few crumbs.

Tim Seventh

Re: Why is that a "lady thing"?

"I'm a man, but I hate getting that orange crap all over my fingers too."

Option 1 - I'M HAVING IT ALL: Open bag of chips and pour chips into your month. Grab a bag of chips for both hand for double enjoyment.

Option 2 - CHIPS STACK: Buy large none orange chips and use it to scoop up orange chips. The higher the stack, the better.

Option 3 - CEREAL BUT BETTER: Open bag of chips and get a spoon to scoop up chips. The bigger the spoon, the more chips you'll get.

Option 4 - CAN I HAZ CHIPS: Ask your partner to grab chips and feed it to you. Warning, your partner might finish all your chips before you get any.

Option wtf - IM A DINOSAUR: Clean the table first, then put chips on the table. Rawr your way through and pickup chips with only your mouth. Warning, this may cause unintended reactions when seen by 3rd party.

No Windows 10, no Office 2019, says Microsoft

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Re: Cold Dead Hand

" I was very happy to find a way to get a Citrix delivered version of Excel 2016 which is 64-bit"

Happy with excel 64-bit? What did you do you to your spreadsheet that needs that much RAM?

User stepped on mouse, complained pedal wasn’t making PC go faster

Tim Seventh

Re: If somebody does not understand...

"After two more teaching sessions I had to admit defeat."

I've done something similar, teaching someone how to share a message. The person would be able to do it for the moment with no problem. Then the next week, the same person would ask the same question. And then again, and again. Until around the fifty or Sixth times, I gave up saying don't ask me again.

It was a real life while loop. I had to break it before I become insane.

Hey, look who's rushing to weigh in on crypto-coins. Hello, United Nations and European Commission!

Tim Seventh

Re: Congratulations, you're the proud owner of...

"What can you do with a cryptocurrency that's too volatile to be used as an actual currency?"

You can use it to pay for ransom. icon ->

Firms pushing devices at teachers that let kids draw... on a screen? You BETT

Tim Seventh

@Lee D

Your point basically summarized to school never change (to pi) unless otherwise, but only to back it up with with GTA V, Overwatch 3D or video editing, and "buy them all an iPad"… What kinds of well funded rich school are you working with?

No 12 year old kid in school I have seen done anything remotely close to real 3D or video editing. I can only assume that your ‘school’ aren’t the same school raspberry pi was designed for. Your ‘school’ is more like ‘university’ (and maybe some high school or well funded private school).

In this case, you’ve compared apple to orange. Raspberry pi isn't a replacement for real heavy computation. It is cheap hardware for school like kindergarten to middle school (maybe some high school) as an alternative for cost saving when they didn't need the high cost hardware or license in the first place. In those types of school by installing a browser in raspberry pi, they already have all the tools necessary for basic teaching. Online calculator, compiler, physic simulator, literature, video, etc, there's already everything the teachers need for their lecture at a very low cost.

Hawaiian fake nukes alert caused by fat-fingered fumble of garbage GUI

Tim Seventh

Re: How is the warning transmitted to phones?

"I’m just curious as to how the warning is transmitted to phones."

In some smartphones, there's a setting for Government Alerts (iphone) and Cell Broadcast (android). For iPhone, it includes AMBER alerts and Emergency Alert. For android, includes, presidential alerts, extreme threats, ETWS test broadcasts, AMBER alerts, channel 50 (for Brazil), and channel 60 (for India).

That's how the "Ballistic Missile" message was broadcasted.

Tim Seventh

Re: UI design 101

"Brother of a friend of mine was in Honolulu on vacation when this hit. He said his brother (who happens to a software engineer) immediately assumed it was a false alarm, and convinced his wife to stay on the beach while everyone else was panicking and trying to find shelter."

Oddly and disregarding whether or not the alarm was real or false, convinced his wife to stay "on the beach" could actually saved her life when it does happen. This is especially true when shelters are too far in reach (for 5-15min time) or are much closer inland.

The operation of a single shot missile often cannot afforded missing their target. Thus in a matter of statistic, well targeted missile has a high probability of aiming at the middle of the target (in this case the island), areas of high populations (likely closer inland), and/or the location of a main city (also closer inland) . Thus, staying furthest from the middle of the island means you have a higher probability of not getting near the missile target range. This in return means you could have avoided most of the initial shockwave blast, the fireball from the nuclear explosion and the initial radiation (deadly within two miles from the blast).

So if you thought it was real but stayed there, and you also didn't waste time staring at the light show while started taking cover on the beach, you might really survive it.

Microsoft wants to patent mind control

Tim Seventh

Re: You might use this to control a radio

"But you'd have to sit very still to continue listening to the same channel."

And avoid having dirty thoughts when staring at your friendly neighbor jogging down the street. You wouldn't want the radio to do any "unintended broadcasting".

US shoppers abandon PC makers in hour of need

Tim Seventh

Re: Dazed and confused

"Why would Auntie want to fire up a box next to and the size of a microwave to check her recipe for [black]/[bread] pudding?"

Because she's cooking black box pudding.

"Why would Grannie want to struggle with a box next to and the size of a dishwasher to email little Johnnie and Joanie?"

Because a box was in the way.

I'll walk myself out with my box.

Tim Seventh

Re: everyone replaces their PCs

@ big_D

I didn't downvote you, but here's the thing.

@Tikimon ... I assume you aren't using an Android or iOS device for your mobile communications

Just because one does it, doesn't mean it excuse the others from doing. Also since windows did not have those 'features' before Windows 10 comparing to mobile devices which had it from the start, the users will see a bigger differences.

When properly configured, Windows 10 doesn't leak any more information than Windows 7

Well yes until you update it. Which from a number of people, it resets some/all your settings while adding new settings, making you redo every configuration. Unless you hope someone out there script it for you, you'll have to manually configure/ script the settings for every new update. Microsoft did this on purpose (they are effectively a reinstall/update which is easier on them when without the QA), and the power users / admins are getting sick of it.

In fact, there controls in the latest version of Windows 10 are even more controllable than under Windows 7. You can allow / disallow specific applications access

APPS, allow / disallow specific APPS. This doesn't work with 'programs' because they're not sandboxed. Consider plenty of users still use only 'programs' and not apps (which also not available on Windows 7), you'll still need the tape.

OnePlus Android mobes' clipboard app caught phoning home to China

Tim Seventh

Re: Android privacy? Is that new?

"Tin foil hat?"

No, it's just real time phoning home. Get a network monitor app (net monitor [privacy friendly], etc.) and you'll see a long list of connections going out.

Anyone who cares for a little privacy with their android-based phone would have a firewall (NetGuard, NoRoot Firewall, etc) just to give themselves some control over their device.

Q: How do you get YouTube to stop funneling ads to your vids? A: Make jokes next to a dead body

Tim Seventh

Working as intended

This video by Logan was posted more than a week ago and removed a day after he posted it. The viewers reacted by unsubscribing, the creator apologized for his mistake. It is content decided by the wallet. Youtube in that case is working as intended.

However if youtube voting/liking system can be used to flag videos, that would be an improvement.

Cryptocurrencies to end in tears, says investor wizard Warren Buffett

Tim Seventh

Re: Anyone know of anyone who specialises in Bitcoin property sales in the UK?

"Someone has asked me to sell his commecial property for bitcoin, bit of a surprise request because I don't do this at all. How exactly I'd accomplish this task, I have no idea, also would rather not have the grief to be utterly honest. He's got a mortgage he's paying on it, freehold property."

You could just tell him you'll sell the property, but he has to buy the bitcoin online (on exchange, etc), leaving you out of the mess.

Facebook confesses: Facebook is bad for you

Tim Seventh

Re: Tweeter-totter

(Kids get taught simple math like 1 + 1 , why aren't they taught simple "life skills" somewhere/somehow?

It's because both the teachers, the parents and most adults haven't learned them / know them yet.

OK, OK, MIRA-I DID IT: Botnet-building compsci kid comes clean

Tim Seventh

Re: Wired article

It feels like cloudflare might hire them at one point. Their interest in computers, internet, DDoS, and DDoS migration feels like the type that will be useful to cloudflare.

Funnily enough, no, IT admins who trash biz machines can't claim they had permission

Tim Seventh

Re: I've, umm... done most of that stuff

"Are you trying trash the sever ? if no then you are OK."

Well if you physically try to put the server into the trash bin, surely that's not ok... for the trash bin.

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