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Carphone Warehouse salesman dies in car boot

Nick Smith

Re: The boot

Just speculating here, but he could have been trying to avoid being found drunk, in his car, and in possession of his keys; lest he get done for drink driving.

Not sure if they can do you for that (i.e. without the keys in the ignition) over here, but maybe neither did he ;)

Securo-prof claims to invent new, much deadlier dirty bomb

Nick Smith


"Researchers from King's College London have raised the spectre of a new terrorist technique which would "kill an order of magnitude more people than a dirty bomb" and is "likely to incite considerably more fear"."

An order of magnitude more than zero. What's that, I wonder?

Just by telling me this has made me much more scared to walk down the street. Could we therefore now consider these 'scientists' as terrorists and pack them off to Guantanamo?

I'll get my hat (tinfoil - to keep the alpha radiation away)