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Windows XP@20: From the killer of ME to banging out patches for yet another vulnerability

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Format C: /v:Win98_sux

...every 4 months as it degraded from minty new install to slow glitchy mess with random weirdness.

Windows XP finally removed this dearly missed Windows9x/ME feature.

HP Inc's rinky-dink ink stink: Unofficial cartridges, official refills spurned by printer DRM

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Re: Are the complainers...

Brother also have a series of refillable ink tank printers that happen only to be available in developing markets (where pretty much all printers are fitted with a third party continuous inking system from the store you buy the printer from). Identical non refillable cartridge based / champagne swilling models are sold in established markets. Managed to score myself a DCP-T500W whilst on holiday and the genuine ink refills aren't a ripoff.

Replacing humans with robots in your factories? Hold on just a sec

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The overlords are coming!

CGP Grey covers this nicely... https://youtu.be/7Pq-S557XQU

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is borking boxen everywhere

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So we've come full circle

Format C:\ re-installations to fix OS weirdness. So Windows 10 is really Windows 95/98/(Heaven Forbid)ME reincarnate?