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SpaceX demonstrates that it too can shower the Earth with debris

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Raising the odds?

"Dammit! The only reason I'm playing the lottery in the first place is to build a meteor proof house, are you telling me that's a bad strategy?"

Only id tou go about with the winninf ticket on your hand.

Ask someone you can trust to get the money, and problem solved!

After all, our calcularions assumed the winner would be holding the ticket...

We've got a photocopier and it can copy anything

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: That's so stupid...

A fail so epic it's almost a win!

Choosing a non-Windows OS on Lenovo Secured-core PCs is trickier than it should be

Marcelo Rodrigues

"I wouldn't touch 'em with somebody else's 10-foot barge pole."

Would You touch somebody else's barge pole? Isn't it kinda private?

I know, I know.



This is the military – you can't just delete your history like you're 15

Marcelo Rodrigues

Once I worked with the starting end of the images...

Yes, yes: I kid You not.

Once upon a time, when I was doing freelance support, I got this one gig. It was usual to a given online chat interview someone. This time they were interviewing one Playboy centerfold. And it went like this:

The questions where asked by anyone, on the public chat

They filtered it, and sent on a back channel the ones that should be answered

The operator (me) read these, relayed them to her, that gave the answer, and typed it back. That was the job. So.

I went to her house, and to her computer. Covering the full wall was one of the Playboy pictures of her - on all fours. Yeah, good look concentrating on the job with this one wall looking at me.

After the interview was done, she asked me if I could extract some pictures of her from the Playboy CD! Yes, looks like they didn't gave any copy of her pictures to her, and she wanted me to extract some.

So, we opened the CD program (it was all heavily condensed and obfuscated, exactly to fight this kind of thing), and went looking for HER pictures. With her saying "I like this one", "Can You get that one?" and so on.

No, I couldn't extract them - but it made for a fun story...

AMD to end Threadripper Pro 5000 drought for non-Lenovo PCs

Marcelo Rodrigues

About "I do like ECC memory though."

But even the consumer Ryzens support ECC. It's up to the chipset and manufacturer, but they do support it.


We can bend the laws of physics for your super-yacht, but we can't break them

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: ""Don't you know who I am?"

"Don't you know who I am?"

No, not really.

Microsoft points at Linux and shouts: Look, look! Privilege-escalation flaws here, too!

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Many certified experts have warned for this

"...then why shouldn't systemd provide a mechanism to read that information?"

Because of the UNIX philosophy: "Don one thing only, and do it well". Systemd is trying to be the jack of all trades, doing everything under the sun. It shouldn't - it creates complexity, makes it harder to maintain and broads the attack surface.

ONE thing should do what the old sysinitV did.

ANOTHER thing should take care of the network

A third one should read the sensors.

And so on. NOT one monolithic monster, spreading its tentacles over everything.

BOFH: Something's consuming 40% of UPS capacity – and it's coming from the beancounters' office

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: The security system

"Only specific locks fail secure and they normally have a manual release on the secure side so you can get out when power is out."

Surely, in the beancounter's case, the safe side would be the OUTSIDE of the room?

Study: How Amazon uses Echo smart speaker conversations to target ads

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Amazon are gonna Amazon

"In some jurisdictions he could have kept it as an "unsolicited gift" - and even flogged it without interacting with amazon again."

Here in Brazil, for example. If someone sends You something, and You get in touch saying "Hey, I didn't buy this thing, take it back!" they have 30 days (30 or 90, can't remember now) to take it back.

Otherwise it's legally Yours - with a valid warranty and everything.

Elon Musk says he can get $46.5bn to buy Twitter

Marcelo Rodrigues

Well, it doesn't matternif You loke hom or not.

Both Tesla and SpaceX are doing (relatively) well.

And, peronaly, I wold bet my chips on SpaceX. They are really doing well...

Apple geniuses in Atlanta beat New York to the punch, file petition to unionize

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: The Register has asked Apple for comment.


Isn't madness defined as continually doing the same thing and expecting a different result?"

Yes. But no one said El Reg expected a response. They are only asking to be shielded from prosecution.

"Really, your honor. We DID ask Apple to comment..."

If you fire someone, don't let them hang around a month to finish code

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Long - but a good read

"The trouble was, that wasnt my signature. Not even close. GBG had forged my refusal to take a plum job at a huge salary hike."

It surely is fraud, and as such a police matter?

Chip supply problems might mean Wi-Fi 6E is skipped over for Wi-Fi 7, says analyst

Marcelo Rodrigues

Quite well, thank You

"How will you feel sending email in 2022 using 2021 era WiFi ?"

I'm sending email using 2015 era WiFi... An I will keep doing this, as long as it delivers enough bandwidth - I use WiFi only to mobiles and Kindles, everything else is cabled.

The monitor boom may have ended, says IDC

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Blue Christmas

"I'm sorry to hear it... but I must say you have a very clever cat, probably the first one to kill a mouse using electronics!"

So, THAT is what they mean with "electronic warfare..."

FYI: If the latest Windows 11 really wants to use Edge, it will use Edge no matter what

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Somethings never change

"Presumably if users don't want Edge then they'll have it rammed down their throats for good measure"

Not just rammed down, but shoved up too.

The Ministry of Silly Printing: But I don't want my golf club correspondence to say 'UNCLASSIFIED' at the bottom

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: "personal printing"

"Shortly after that each printer had a one page, large print guide explaining what the "intuitive icons" meant."

The only intuitive interface is the tit. Everything else is learned.

SQL Server on Linux: Canonical offers official support, AWS Babelfish helps users move to Postgres

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Costs

"Define excessive."

Too much.

Software Freedom Conservancy sues TV maker Vizio for 'GPL infringement'

Marcelo Rodrigues

Mikrotik DO provide the source - You only have to ask. They charge a handling/media fee - but this is allowed by the GPL.

No, I never asked them the source - but go read their forum, and You will see people that had.

Computer scientists at University of Edinburgh contemplate courses without 'Alice' and 'Bob'

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: It's not just the names ...

"Looks more like badly written Perl?"

Worse: looks like well written Perl!

Nothing says 'We believe in you' like NASA switching two 'nauts off Boeing's Starliner onto SpaceX's Crew Dragon

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Prediction

"The astronauts assigned to the Starliner will be retired by the time the Starliner launches"

Not to worry: I'm sure they have plenty of lemon scented napkins.

Australia rules Facebook page operators are legally liable for user comments under posts

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Back to the roots


" and boom of self-hosted personal blogs in Australia?"

Of course not. That would be hard, and people would have to actually learn something.


Not to mention that, if I got it right, THEY would be responsible for the comments posted there...

A practical demonstration of the difference between 'resilient' and 'redundant'

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: An SFW tale to share?

"That reminds me that that one time.."

At band camp?

Fix five days of server failure with this one weird trick

Marcelo Rodrigues
Thumb Up

Re: The "inspector"

"That must have been a very old CPU...I have a Duron machine, and when I first tested it the thermal protection was tripping all the time. Just took a little bit of new thermal paste of course."

I remember this video: it was comparing a Pentium 4 "Presshot" with whatever AMD was making these days. An Athlon XP?

Facebook takes bold stance on privacy – of its ads: Independent transparency research blocked

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: I envision a fix...

"Then whomever takes the reins from Zuck is promptly locked in the room with the Vogon & given the same treatment. Eventually someone will decide they would rather fix things than be rendered into a marketing executive like all those that came before."

The way things are, it's easier to eat through all the Facebook's heirs - until You find one that LIKES Vogon poetry!

Right to repair shouldn't exist – not because it's wrong but because it's so obviously right

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Even maintenance can be hard

"Try changing the battery in your phone ... it should not take much longer than 30 minutes..."

It shouldn't take more than 30 seconds! Turn off the phone, remove back cover, change battery, put back cover, turn on phone.


And don't give me that "but the mobile must be thin!" crap. I have a Motorola Z2 Play, and that darn thing is thin enough to be uncomfortable: I bought a thick case, just so it fits comfortably in my hand!

Give me a back cover, a replaceable battery and make it 9mm thick, instead of 5,9mm.

Giant Tesla battery providing explosion in renewable energy – not as intended

Marcelo Rodrigues

"So it's a UPS to keep power on till the Diesel kicks in then?"

Probably something like that. 30 minutes may look not so much, but this could do wonders to smooth that pesky surges, that are short lived and very intense.

Things like everybody turning the kettle on, ate the game brake. This type of thing could very well negate the need to fire up a natural gas generator for 15 minutes.

Why won't you copper-ate? Openreach offers capped fibre line rental to wholesalers in bid to shift all that FTTP

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: I really hate this

"The reason consumer level services are cheap is that content can be cached/pushed out to ISP tiers and costs are reduced through over-subscription for downloads but uploads are still expensive because they probably aren't destined for the ISP's network."

Not so much. This is my residential 500/500 connection. Costs me about US$ 30,3/month.

This test here was done between my home and an ISP in Brasília. About 1200km apart one from another.


This is what I get if I test with an ISP on the nearest city (about 10km).


And this is what I get from another ISP, same city:


And, yes: these speeds are consistent with what I see on daily usage. This isn't a case of my ISP twisting the traffic shaping to look good. I really get this.

As You can see, is quite possible to sell (and deliver) an upload that is about 50% of download. Yes, You need fiber or ethernet - and the article talks exactly about FTTP. So, no xDSL excuses here.

Marcelo Rodrigues

I really hate this

Ok, we don't need a symmetric connection at home, but how about upload no lower than 50% of upload speeds? Selling 1Gb/100Mb is a joke. It should be AT THE VERY LEAST 1Gb/250Mb. Honestly, it should be 1Gb/500Mb.

"But I don't need 500Mb of upload!"

Maybe. In that case, You shouldn't need 1Gb of download either.

We do backups online. We send stuff to the cloud. Our mobile send our photos and movies to the cloud. We work from home, do videoconferences and just move data around. We, and everybody else in our home - at the same time.

Upload less than 25% of the download speed should be criminal. 50% is a good compromise. Symmetrical is beautiful - but not strictly necessary.

Bitcoin doomed as a payment system and its novelty will fade, says Federal Reserve Board of Governors member

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: It's the usefulness

"You just described a black economy and governments don't like those very much. "

No, he described something like we have in Brazil: the PIX. I believe (although I'm not sure) that others countries have something similar.

It is an instant electronic transfer of money, between bank accounts. It can be used to transfer money to someone, or to pay for services/goods.

The PIX itself is free: no costs whatsoever. The speed is astounding: usually takes (way) less than 20 seconds to clear the transaction - from one bank to another, or to the seller get my payment.

Of course, You will pay the same taxes as any sale. But this isn't because of PIX, it's because You sold something.

I don't think You can use it to send money abroad, but I may be wrong.

PIX isn't anonymous

PIX isn't cryptocoins

PIX is just a system that allows me to pay/transfer my money. Like a wiretransfer, but free of charge and instant.

Boeing fined $17m after fitting uncertified sensors to 737 Max and NG airliners for 4 years

Marcelo Rodrigues

Chump change

Really? Lousy 17 million? That's what Boeing allot s to the coffee machine!

This should HURT the company. The whole concept of fining is "I will bleed so much money from You, all your bean counters will be left crying, in a fetal position".

If the fines don't do that, then it doesn't work. It will be inserted on a column, on a spreadsheet, as "cost of doing business".

The fine MUST be catastrophic.

After staff revolt, Freenode management takes over hundreds of IRC channels for 'policy violations'

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Time for a rebrand

"How about Freenode, as in free of users?"

How about DevoidNode?

'A massive middle finger': Open-source audio fans up in arms after Audacity opts to add telemetry capture

Marcelo Rodrigues

Use a random generated ID!

Modify the script used to open Audacity. Ate each new session it would remove the old ID and generate a new one. Let them sort this telemetry...

Can't get that printer to work? It's not you. It's that sodding cablin.... oh beautiful job with that cabling, boss

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Bloody Developers and memory

"Now...that's terrible and everything...but wouldn't this have been solved by buying the devs a single target PC that they had to run their code on before deployment?"

Hardly. I bet every memory related bug would be closed with a "works for me" - since the developer desktop would have enough RAM.

Pentagon confirms footage of three strange craft taken by the Navy are UFOs (no, that doesn't mean they're aliens)

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: They cross the vastness of interstellar space in technology far beyond our own

"Missed the anal probing?

Not at all."

Did You get it, then?

Docking £500k commission from top SAS salesman was perfectly legal, rules judge

Marcelo Rodrigues

Bankrupcy is too good for them.

He worked, he got paid. Easy.

Hope the Streisand effect kicks in, and the company's reputation got damaged all over the world.

Satellite collision anticipated by EU space agency fails to materialize... for now at least

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: space lasers

"I read the whole report, but there was one noticeable omission: how will the sharks breathe?"

Didn't You get the memo from BioWorks? They won't: we are creating space sharks! With a laser on top! :D

Imagine your data center backup generator kicks in during power outage ... and catches fire. Well, it happened

Marcelo Rodrigues

The weird part isn't the generator fire - shit happens.

The weird part is that a fire on the generator could spread to the servers. They should have a firewall (fnar fnar) between them, with just the electric cables passing through.

And even the cables should pass through a cut point, with material made to expand and cut the cables in case of fire. Better no electricity than some electricity and a lot of fire.

Absolutely fab: As TSMC invests $100bn to address chip shortage, where does that leave the rest of the industry?

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: If China tried to take over Taiwan

"I truly doubt that major fabs have a plan in place for self destruction. It wouldn't even work unless they were already drilling (practicing) for it, and I've never heard of that."

I doubt they don't. It's a serious strategic issue.

You don't have to level the building. Just toss one grenade at each important machine and be done with it.

One could call an airstrike, too. Take about one hour to drop bombs on the building, and not much can be done about it. Not on such short notice.

What could be worse than killing a golden goose? Killing someone else's golden goose

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: I know

"I know

exactly which bank it is, having done work for them in the past (and have them steal it and claim it as theirs)- and no, I am not going to reveal which one it is."

Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

GitHub bug briefly gave valid authenticated session cookies to wrong users

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: ...the remote possibility...

"Is that remote, as in statistically insignificant, or remote, as in some undefined distance away, possibly as close as a few kilometres?"

It's remote as "one in a million chance" - which occurs in 9 of 10 cases.

Bezos denied: New Glenn launch pushed into 2022 after Space Force says no

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: in the absence of those sweet, sweet taxpayer dollars

"It's worth noting (or clarifying) that Starship as we have seen it so far is the payload, not the launch vehicle."

Almost. The Starships are the second stage. They do carry the payload, and they do return to Earth - but they are a second stage.

They are expected to have 6 engines, when ready: 3 to atmosphere and 3 to vacuum. It may very well change in the future, as we are in the early stages - but up until now...

Hate speech row: Fine or jail anyone who calls people boffins, geeks or eggheads, psychology nerd demands

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Rocket reading material

" Rocket reading material

Obligatory Rocket Propellant reading material plug

Ignition (non fiction)"

This book is a thing of beauty! I was constantly going from maniac laughing to curling like a ball, saying "no, You DON'T do this!"

Nvidia cripples Ethereum mining on GeForce RTX 3060 to deter crypto bods from nabbing all the kit at launch

Marcelo Rodrigues

Go AMD! This is the new low hanging fruit!

I don't know where the AMD GPUs are, in terms of mining efficiency, but I see this as an opportunity for them.

Just sell the blasted things, and let anyone who wants to get one. Crank up the forges, and sell them by the buckets. It's all good money, right? :D

NVidia is getting too big for its shoes. It is high time to knock them down two pegs or more.

I built a shed once. How hard can a data centre be?

Marcelo Rodrigues
Paris Hilton

Re: Tech angle? Lying on it while I type.

"Ah, the best tech "angle" - 90 degrees from the vertical!"

180 degrees has its merits too...

What can the 1944 OSS manual teach us before we all return to sabotage the office?

Marcelo Rodrigues
Big Brother

Re: Which country are we at war with?

"You are mistaken. We are at war with Oceania and always have been. EastAsia is and always will be our ally. Rejoyce in the increased chocolate ration.."

Yes. I heard the 2021 ration will be increased, from 100g to 80g.

Red Hat defends its CentOS decision, claims Stream version can cover '95% of current user workloads'

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: The whole point of continuous delivery is to make each release as stable as the one before

"I am not that familiar with CentOS but if the order was CentOS Stream -> RHEL -> CentOS Linux doesn't that mean that CentOS users would be the last with new stuff? I'm not thinking of 'teh shiny' but support for most recent hardware, new protocols, new APIs etc.

In that sense moving to Stream would provide more access to new stuff, or am I mistaken."

Yes, it would. And this is THE problem. We want boring, tested and debugged stuff. We want the system to just go on, without changes, without surprises, without new things to test and validating.

Boring is good.

More boring is "more better".

As a user I want the new shiny shiny - but as an admin I want my servers as boring as possible.

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: The RedHat corporate spinners won't fix this

"Thanks all for the replies. One of the joys of running Ubuntu in Azure is that it's SSH only. None of the religous wars about which UI to install!"

But the UI is completely optional. All Distros (all normal ones?) can be installed headless (without UI), and managed by SSH.

Windows might have frozen – but at least my feet are toasty

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: ... their ability to understand why they should not do it.

"Most users would be able understand, if told, that (e.g.) if they block the cooling fan the system will overheat."

Really, I disagree. A user don't have to understand WHY there is a cooler there. But, seriously? Do they really think the company would buy a fan - with all the associated costs of stock, transport, assembling, and whatnot - just for shits and giggles?

IF there is a fan somewhere, it's because the maker deemed it a justified expense. I DO understand when a user don't get the need of (say) 10cm between the fan and the wall. But "look, a fan! Let's COMPLETELY cover it, buy putting the computer on its side ON CARPET! Yes, that's a excellent idea!"

No, this kind of thing I cannot understand.

Cats: Not a fan favourite when the critters are draped around an office packed with tech

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Benefit

"Anonymous because there are strange folk who actually like cats ;-)"

I like cats! They are excellent owners! :P

SpaceX Starship blows up on landing, Elon Musk says it's the data that matters and that landed just fine

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: proved it can do everything that SpaceX has claimed it would be able to do

"They claimed it would explode on landing?"

They didn't even claim landing was a part of this test. The profile mission was to test launch, belly flop, transfer from main fuel tanks to head tanks and attempt landing. ATTEMPT.

The mission did 100% of the profile objectives.



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