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Bank boss hated IT, loved the beach, was clueless about ports and politeness

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: The RJ family...

"My pet hate: black-on-black design, of anything - computers, cars, kitchen stoves, hifi, you name it....."

Now You are just being difficult: there are clear black leters over black background, with neat little black lights to show the status!

Having slammed brakes on hiring, Google says it no longer needs quite so many recruiters

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Re: Google Bard

"That test sucks. The answer is always 6."

Beg to differ. As anyone know, the answer is - and will allways be - 42!

Google exec: Microsoft Teams concession 'too little, too late'

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Re: Hmmmm

"Except, notably, it's not really Microsoft's customers complaining but Microsoft's competition . . . who are also known for abusing their monopoly power in their own domains. "

Yes, Tou are absolutely right. But what I would like to see is this thing going ahead, and Microsoft getting condemned.

And then, to get back at competition, I would like to see Microsoft egging the regulators against its competitors.

And let them burn one another to the ground on the courts.

Arm wrestles assembly language guru's domains away citing trademark issues

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Re: "given my previous relationship with Arm"

Well, the relantionship is getting serious.

First there was courting.

Now is time to bend over

Aerial cable tangles are still being strung up, but carriers are slowly burying the problem

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Re: Swings and roundabouts

"> Many trunk outages caused by (what the fault reports said were) squirrels.

That's nuts!"

Not really: just fiber. Good for your diet and all.

I know, I know.

Coat. Door.

Samsung realizes behaving ethically is good for business, says compliance boss

Marcelo Rodrigues

lies, damn lies, statistics and press releases.

The title says it all.

China's top EV battery maker announced a breakthrough, but top boffin isn't convinced

Marcelo Rodrigues

"Mmm, a nice fast charge delivered in a single 1.21GW blast, that ought to do it..."

I don't know... we would run out of tower clocks pretty fast...

North Korea's neighbors issue warnings ahead of attempted 'satellite' launch

Marcelo Rodrigues

Fat chance

Thar North Korea will stop this. Makes no sense whatsoever.

After spending all this money and resources, they will say "Well, yes, You are right: I will give up on my independence from another country to launch things up there. How much do You want to launch my stuff?"

Yeah. Right. If You believe this, I have a bridge to sell You: it's a steal, going over the Mariana trenches! You will make a fortune in no time, I swear!

Western Digital sued over claims of data-trashing SanDisk, My Passport SSDs

Marcelo Rodrigues

"The only issue I've had with Samsung is when an 850Pro failed (started to show bad sectors) and they refused to honour the 10 year warranty as it was (apparently) a grey import. (I'd bought it off amazon)."

I stopped buying Samsung when they did almost the same to me. The difference was: it wasn't a grey import. They just didn't feel like honoring the warranty.

Fuck them.

If you're Russian to the Moon, expect traffic: Moscow's Putin a lander into orbit

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Re: Look at me!

"The mission primarily serves Russian propaganda: look at us, we can still send rockets to the moon! But also, look we can still send ICBMs wherever we want. Russia gave up on science a couple of decades ago."

Looking at the state of (no) maintenance its armed forces have... would the ICBMs even leave the silos?

Let's play... Force off the power to someone else's datacenter systems

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: A backdoor, in reality

""Use of hard-coded credentials"

What year is this? Are we sure we are in 2023?"

Yes, hard coded passwords are SO 2171...

Google's next big idea for browser security looks like another freedom grab to some

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: ODFO, alphagoo.

"Regardless, I agree that trying to rewrite the rules to enforce a monopoly and browser monoculture is foolish. I don't think it's going to work,..."

Sadly, I think it might ($DEITY protect us all).

You see, the potential reward is much too great for Google to just drop it. I would love for You to be right, but I have my worries.... If the Chrome engine wasn't so popular, it would be easy. As it stands, this atrocity has a real chance to go forward.

Have I already said "$DEITY protect us all"?

Obscure internet boutique Amazon sues EU for calling it a Very Large Online Platform

Marcelo Rodrigues

"but what happen when 2 boxes collide?"

As long as you don't cross the beams, everything should be fine.

No-no cop: Illinois bans drones from using facial recognition or weapons

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Can armed drones shoot straight?

"Seems like they would be have to weight several hundreds of pounds to shoot straight while flying."

Not really. You don't need to put an aircraft .50 machine gun on it. A light 22 (or a 9mm) is more than enough.

Put the gun at the center of the drone and recoil is your only problem.

Sure, it won't be a 500g drone, but I think it coild be done with something weighting 2 or 3kg on the whole.

Thousands of subreddits go dark in mega-protest over Reddit's app-killing API prices

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Meh

"As with newsgroups (remember those?)"

I still miss them. Yes, one had to choose carefully, but there were gems there...

Icon, because an old grump git

Man sues OpenAI claiming ChatGPT 'hallucination' said he embezzled money

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: A good outcome

"Would be an obligation for bots to start every paragraph with the words "this may or may not be true, i have no way of knowing"."

Thia is a surprisingly good and simple idea. Until AI is really inteligent (or at least almosr sane), I think thia is the way to go.

Microsoft decides it will be the one to choose which secure login method you use

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Reminds me of the convenience store down the block

" I generally ask if they would prefer cash, because often they're paying 2 or 3 percent of their sales to the credit cards companies."

People acts as if accepting money was free... It isn't.

1) Open the cashier

2) Close the cashier

3) Take the koney to the bank (wonpaysbthe risk cost?)

4) Take insurance against robbery

And so on.

Credit? Don't even need to open the cashier: it's all acconted for - and you don't even have to think about fake bills. After visa/mastercard/whatever gives the ok, it's not your problem anymore.

Sure, accepting plastic has its costs to. But money isn't as free as they say...

Turns out people don't like it when they suspect a machine's talking to them

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Bing Knows

"Now, I just need someone to explain cups of non-liquid cups like flour and stuff."

Let me help with your despair.

Did You know that here, in Brazil, the portuguese used value of the ingredients on the recipes?

It wasn't onu cup, or 200ml. It was X cents of flour, Y cents of butter.

There is people trying to recreate reipes from Brazil Imperial time, but it's hell - since you have to adjust for inflation AND local prices.

There. Feeling worse already?

AWS wants to cook its datacenter chips with vegetable oil

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: T?his whole "green" thing is getting sillier and sillier.

"They will be used how often, exactly, in the lifespan of the data center? So how many "carbons" are really going to be saved?"

I remmember one datacenter I used in the past.

They had four generators, but needed two.

In order to verify they worked, and to keep them warm, they switched over every night, for about two hours.

And the two generators used where never the same two from last night.

So. How often they used? Two generators, every night, for two hours.

Musk said Twitter would open source its algorithm – then fired the people who could

Marcelo Rodrigues

Maybe I'm a little pedantic, but...

Correct if I'm wrong, but isn't "algorithm" one thing and "code" another? Let me explain.

The "algorithm" (to me) would be the rules to be followed. Something like my rules for email filtering.

The "code" would be the software that executes these rules. Something like (say) Thunderbird.


Wouldn't "opensourcing the algorithm" be just publishing the set of rules followed by some program? Sure, they must be quite convoluted, with a huge amount of rules. I have no idea what they use, so can't say if publishing the rules would be enough to someone else run them - let alone understand/audit. But it's beside the point, isn't it?

It's no excuse to not follow on the promises, mind. It even diminishes it - as I don't think there would be patents risk, in this case. It would be quite simple to publish them: dump the lot and upload to somewhere.

Or am I missing something?

A new version of APT is coming to Debian 12

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Ubuntu video drivers

"...I find that trying to install Nvidia's Linux drivers is a step too far"

I can't speak for everyone (and every Distro) else, but

I've run OpenSuse since 9.3

All I have always had to do is enable the "NVidia package repository". And that's it. The system downloads and installs the drivers for me. Easy and simple. Don´t have to compile something, don't have to run some CLI arcane thing. Just fill a checkmark and Bob's your uncle.

Beijing grants permit to 'flying car' that can handle 'roads and low altitude'

Marcelo Rodrigues

Energy used per mass unit

Every time someone starts with "flying cars", I start thinking about energy usage (forget about decapitations, mass accidents and general carnage).

The world is in the middle of an energy crisis. Gas (or petrol depending on where You are) prices are going through the roof.

We have several changes in usual habits - like people avoiding to fly, trains getting more used and so on.

And then we see this: what must be one of the most intensive and less efficient use of energy to move someone from "A" to "B". There must be a market for this, of course. No one said a Ferrari is efficient. But boggles the mind to see people investing all this time and engineering on something like this.

Or maybe I'm just an old grumpy git. Who knows?

Former Facebooker alleges Meta drained users' batteries to test apps

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: intentionally degrading some user experiences?

"I thought that was the only mode Facebook worked in..."

Not so. Sometimes it unintentionally degrades the user experience too.

Fat EVs may cause 'more death on our roads' – watchdog

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: More mass = more energy, right?

"Not to rain on that 1000km parade but most of travelers - at least in US - would skip any but a "pit stop" breaks for such a trip. Not to mention that they'd be done within 10 hours with absolutely no speeding (obviously assuming no gridlock on the way)."

Of course You could. I did it myself. My father used to do a 2900km trip in one go, only stopping to eat, refuel and "uneat" - it meant about 27 hours of driving nonstop (yes, at way over 100 km/h). Doesn't mean it's a good idea - You get tired and stressed, accidents happen. At 100 km/h one could stop each two hours to rest, stretch the legs, eat something and attend to his business.

It would add about 15 minutes to each two hours - but the trip would be oh so much better... We are not machines, we are humans. Rest, stretch, respect your body. It pays in the end.

Self-driving car computers may be 'as bad' for emissions as datacenters

Marcelo Rodrigues

The power usage may very well go down

Although everything said is technically true, there is one key point that doesn't have to be: the power usage. They did the math with 840W - and I believe their numbers are right, when the computer uses it. But the self driving problem doesn't uses a infinite amount of processing power - sooner or later we will reach the "this is really good" point, and the computational power needed will not grow further. Then the tech evolution will take care of power usage.

So, it may use 840W today - but in 20 years time it may very well be down to just 20W.

Non-binary DDR5 is finally coming to save your wallet

Marcelo Rodrigues

"more or less since current processors do not allow you to boost indefinitely with normal cooling"

The AMD ones do. It is the Intel ones that can only boost for a set period of time. At least it was this way up until... 12xxx? I'm not sure if still is true now. But up until very recently, it was.

I have two Ryzens 5600x. One of them liquid cooled, but the other uses now a good old Coolermaster Hyper212 as cooler - and it used the one that came with the CPU before.

Both of them hit thermal stability pretty fast, and after that they dance around the max clock, going up and down about 50MHz or so. The air cooled one reaches thermal stability in about 2 minutes after load. It stays at about 4420MHz in all six physical cores, at 79C. Funnily enough, the water cooled one reaches stability at about 69C - but runs much slower, at about 4300MHz. Must be the CPU binning, or the mainboard - as they are different models. This I just tested now, with and ambient temp of about 28C.

But, yes. The 5600X have a turbo speed of "up to 4,6GHz", and a nominal speed of 3,7GHz. Keep in mind that the turbo speed is measured with only one core running. I am getting 4,3 GHz on all six, with air cooling. Constant. I have rendered things that took hours, and the clock didn't change.

The era of cloud colonialism has begun

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Just think ...

"... of all the data centers we can power and cool by damming that big river in Brazil."

I know You are jocking, but just in case aren't...

The Amazonas is huge, but not possible to contain. Too large a cross section and too little slope.

As for cooling... It would (could) work. Except it is in the middle of nowere, with no infrastructure and no population.

Like 1000km from anything.

Fraudulent ‘popunder’ Google Ad campaign generated millions of dollars

Marcelo Rodrigues

"5th if the 5th was a really good one?"

Isn't the other way around? Usually five, four if the fourth was really good?

Nvidia's datacenter growth can't save it from gaming GPU woes

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Re: Ooooh, falling sales... ye wee poor sods!

“Your machine is overheating, your monitor is 60hz, it can’t display 200fps, match your game frame rate to your monitor speed and it will run cooler and not crash.”

FPS issues apart, the machine shouldn't overheat. Period. If it is overheating we have a cooling problem, not a FPS one.

Go ahead, be rude. You don't know it now, but it will cost you $350,000

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: You get what you order

"Used to be rated as a 1:10 ratio. You gain 1 customer per satisfied customer and you lose 10 customer for 1 unsatisfied customers."

This one must be true. Years ago a friend ask me the brand of my refrigerator. I couldn't remember - 15 years working, and not single blip. He said:

"We never remember the brands of the good appliances, since we never think about them again!"

Makes sense. Problem is: if I don't remember the brand, I can't recommend it to anyone, can I? So, this 1:10 ratio looks reasonable to me - I DO remember the brands that screwed me over, and I make a point of steering my friends away from them.

Big changes coming in Debian 12: Some parts won't be FOSS

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: A radical thought, perhaps, but...

"In 2022, isn't it time that political pressure was brought to bear on the custodians of these increasingly necessary BLOBS, to open them up?"

These BLOBs are just to pass the cost on the consumer. It would be perfectly possible to put some storage on the device, keep the BLOB there and load it on boot. One could even create an API to upgrade said BLOB.

Like, I don't know, almost every piece of hardware that doesn't cheap out? We use to call it a firmware, really. Just like mainboards, hard disks, SSDs, and so many other things do.

Japan reverses course on post-Fukushima nuclear ban

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Re: Excellent news

"Japans reaction to the incident can safely be described as overblown and definitely was (in a lot of cases, not every time ofcourse) generally not sensible."

I do agree with You: it was way overblown. The only (and great) mitigation factor would be Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For better or worse, I think taking two atomic bombs on the head does leave its fair share of public trauma.

I don´t think they needed all that reaction from Fukushima - but from an historic point of view I do understand. Probably would do the same, if I where in their shoes.

Nvidia will unveil next-gen GPU architecture in September

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Re: Good!

"I wonder just how many people are also looking at the cost of electricity and the specs of the new cards requiring even bigger power supplies and thinking the GPU isn't worth the TCO change"

I did this. Was waiting for the black friday, but my old 1050Ti died on me. Got one 3060 12GB, as one 3060 Ti would force me to upgrade the PSU - and I couldn't justify this cost.

SpaceX demonstrates that it too can shower the Earth with debris

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Re: Raising the odds?

"Dammit! The only reason I'm playing the lottery in the first place is to build a meteor proof house, are you telling me that's a bad strategy?"

Only id tou go about with the winninf ticket on your hand.

Ask someone you can trust to get the money, and problem solved!

After all, our calcularions assumed the winner would be holding the ticket...

We've got a photocopier and it can copy anything

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Re: That's so stupid...

A fail so epic it's almost a win!

Choosing a non-Windows OS on Lenovo Secured-core PCs is trickier than it should be

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"I wouldn't touch 'em with somebody else's 10-foot barge pole."

Would You touch somebody else's barge pole? Isn't it kinda private?

I know, I know.



This is the military – you can't just delete your history like you're 15

Marcelo Rodrigues

Once I worked with the starting end of the images...

Yes, yes: I kid You not.

Once upon a time, when I was doing freelance support, I got this one gig. It was usual to a given online chat interview someone. This time they were interviewing one Playboy centerfold. And it went like this:

The questions where asked by anyone, on the public chat

They filtered it, and sent on a back channel the ones that should be answered

The operator (me) read these, relayed them to her, that gave the answer, and typed it back. That was the job. So.

I went to her house, and to her computer. Covering the full wall was one of the Playboy pictures of her - on all fours. Yeah, good look concentrating on the job with this one wall looking at me.

After the interview was done, she asked me if I could extract some pictures of her from the Playboy CD! Yes, looks like they didn't gave any copy of her pictures to her, and she wanted me to extract some.

So, we opened the CD program (it was all heavily condensed and obfuscated, exactly to fight this kind of thing), and went looking for HER pictures. With her saying "I like this one", "Can You get that one?" and so on.

No, I couldn't extract them - but it made for a fun story...

AMD to end Threadripper Pro 5000 drought for non-Lenovo PCs

Marcelo Rodrigues

About "I do like ECC memory though."

But even the consumer Ryzens support ECC. It's up to the chipset and manufacturer, but they do support it.


We can bend the laws of physics for your super-yacht, but we can't break them

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: ""Don't you know who I am?"

"Don't you know who I am?"

No, not really.

Microsoft points at Linux and shouts: Look, look! Privilege-escalation flaws here, too!

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Many certified experts have warned for this

"...then why shouldn't systemd provide a mechanism to read that information?"

Because of the UNIX philosophy: "Don one thing only, and do it well". Systemd is trying to be the jack of all trades, doing everything under the sun. It shouldn't - it creates complexity, makes it harder to maintain and broads the attack surface.

ONE thing should do what the old sysinitV did.

ANOTHER thing should take care of the network

A third one should read the sensors.

And so on. NOT one monolithic monster, spreading its tentacles over everything.

BOFH: Something's consuming 40% of UPS capacity – and it's coming from the beancounters' office

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: The security system

"Only specific locks fail secure and they normally have a manual release on the secure side so you can get out when power is out."

Surely, in the beancounter's case, the safe side would be the OUTSIDE of the room?

Study: How Amazon uses Echo smart speaker conversations to target ads

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Amazon are gonna Amazon

"In some jurisdictions he could have kept it as an "unsolicited gift" - and even flogged it without interacting with amazon again."

Here in Brazil, for example. If someone sends You something, and You get in touch saying "Hey, I didn't buy this thing, take it back!" they have 30 days (30 or 90, can't remember now) to take it back.

Otherwise it's legally Yours - with a valid warranty and everything.

Elon Musk says he can get $46.5bn to buy Twitter

Marcelo Rodrigues

Well, it doesn't matternif You loke hom or not.

Both Tesla and SpaceX are doing (relatively) well.

And, peronaly, I wold bet my chips on SpaceX. They are really doing well...

Apple geniuses in Atlanta beat New York to the punch, file petition to unionize

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: The Register has asked Apple for comment.


Isn't madness defined as continually doing the same thing and expecting a different result?"

Yes. But no one said El Reg expected a response. They are only asking to be shielded from prosecution.

"Really, your honor. We DID ask Apple to comment..."

If you fire someone, don't let them hang around a month to finish code

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Re: Long - but a good read

"The trouble was, that wasnt my signature. Not even close. GBG had forged my refusal to take a plum job at a huge salary hike."

It surely is fraud, and as such a police matter?

Chip supply problems might mean Wi-Fi 6E is skipped over for Wi-Fi 7, says analyst

Marcelo Rodrigues

Quite well, thank You

"How will you feel sending email in 2022 using 2021 era WiFi ?"

I'm sending email using 2015 era WiFi... An I will keep doing this, as long as it delivers enough bandwidth - I use WiFi only to mobiles and Kindles, everything else is cabled.

The monitor boom may have ended, says IDC

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Blue Christmas

"I'm sorry to hear it... but I must say you have a very clever cat, probably the first one to kill a mouse using electronics!"

So, THAT is what they mean with "electronic warfare..."

FYI: If the latest Windows 11 really wants to use Edge, it will use Edge no matter what

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Somethings never change

"Presumably if users don't want Edge then they'll have it rammed down their throats for good measure"

Not just rammed down, but shoved up too.

The Ministry of Silly Printing: But I don't want my golf club correspondence to say 'UNCLASSIFIED' at the bottom

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: "personal printing"

"Shortly after that each printer had a one page, large print guide explaining what the "intuitive icons" meant."

The only intuitive interface is the tit. Everything else is learned.

SQL Server on Linux: Canonical offers official support, AWS Babelfish helps users move to Postgres

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Costs

"Define excessive."

Too much.