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Spy romp Zero Dark Thirty: The tech behind the special effects

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Re: How big is BIG?

Final output will generally be in DPX files, which for 4k are 36MB per frame. Frame rates run at anything from 24-50FPS.

For an HFR movie like the Hobbit, that is 36MB x 48fps x 5400 seconds = just shy of 9TB for final delivery *only*.

The finalled frames will comprise any number of layers - one of the recent movies we worked on had anything up to 12 layers, all original source dpx or exrs. That's not counting any other steps like simulation cache data, point cloud data, models and textures.

As a final note - we worked on a film due to be released soon. We worked on only parts of 5 sequences in the movie. We worked for around 6 months, generating anything from 100GB-1TB of data per day, some of which is transient data. We ended up with a tape archive of the project rolling in at just short of 70TB, for around 7 minutes of total on-screen time.

In Visual FX, big data gets BIG very quickly.

EU abolishes the acre

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40 rods to the hogshead

and that's the way I likes it,

ISPAs 2008: Music can save broadband

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Plusnet - More awards?!


Seems they swept up at the uSwitch awards too!

BT targets 10,000 data pimping guinea pigs

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Changing ToS?

Changing their Terms of Service?

Sounds like a good way to exploit the get-out clause while you can. Changing ToS means that existing customers can leave without penalty

Apple invite brings UK hacks out in iPhone fever

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O2 and EDGE

They are definately upgrading their network - my Blackberry has been roaming between GPRS and EDGE since last week.

Earth will feel the heat from 2009: climate boffins

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but 1998 wasn't the hottest year on record!


Funnily enough, published today...