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Think you’re a trailblazer in tech? Prove it


Re: Trailblazer, hmmm

Well on the front line it is always IT on fire. Hopefully we'll find some tech which will help with the firefighting.

I am sure the cattle prod helps herd the cats.

But keeping it in your pocket? There's a joke there and I am certainly not going down that route before the water shed.

Good luck with your firefighting and if you come across any new companies helping you do that, please point them in our direction we'd love to have them on board. innovate[at]techtrailblazers[dot]com

Best, Rose


Re: Gender gap

As a woman in tech, I was very keen to support amazing women in tech as part of that. (A lot of whom I am delighted to say are part of our awesome bunch of judges). Hence the Female Tech Trailblazer of the Year.

But hang on that would be sexist wouldn't it? So it made sense to me to also have a Male Tech Trailblazer of the Year to recognize all the amazing guys out there being amazing leaders and fostering innovation, agility and diversity in their startups and the wider tech community.

So we are looking forward to seeing lots of fantastic entries. Will we see one from you?

:) Rose


The awards is looking for innovation, but we don't expect someone to share an idea or a concept.

The entries we receive and encourage are on the market or very close to being so. And the opportunity is share your product greatness with a stellar panel of judges. And then hopefully the recognition from them and the voting public.

If anyone offered something that we felt was a concept we'd advise them to take a different route and hopefully connect them with someone who could help them bring that idea to market in a IP protected, commercially successful way.

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Re: Why?

Hi Steve,

Good point. We'd only want to see entrants who are out of stealth and have their IP locked down. In fairness, everyone who enters is already in the market.

But you are spot on. It is a common mistake is not to lock this down.


Rose Ross (Chief Trailblazer and founder, The Tech Trailblazers Awards)


Re: "Early bird closes in 1 days"

Cheers Joefish. We're on it. We love a freebie too. That's why we introduced the Firestarter category. I am sure you'll be keeping us on our toes.


Rose Ross (Chief Trailblazers and Founder, The Tech Trailblazers Awards)


Re: You've got less than 24 hours

Damned if you do. Damned if you don't.

Ink just dry on the deal. If it hadn't have been mentioned, it wouldn't have seemed fair either.

Best, Rose Ross (Chief Trailblazer and Founder, The Tech Trailblazers Awards)