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Techie called out to customer ASAP, then: Do nothing

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The illusion of outsourcing

1) Least amount of work for most amount of money.

2) Ensure you hit those SLAs

3) Everything else is chargeable


Ah... The illusion of outsourcing

Most amount of profit for least amount of work...

Haiku beta 4: BeOS rebuild / almost ready for release / A thing of beauty


Psion, what a machine

I had the Sena, 3c, 3c mx and 5mx devices - they were fantastic. Ran for almost 2 weeks on 2 AA batts, never crashed or needed resetting. I even taught myself OPL programming on one. Those were the days!

Row erupts over who to blame after NordVPN says: One of our servers was hacked via remote management tool


Did someone just leak a username?

"19779","Informational","03/20/2018 07:25","03/20/2018 07:25","1","User support deleted by creanova."

Assuming that's the iLo / iDrac logs then "support" was deleted by "creanova"... Thanks for the root account name guys!!

123-Reg drowns in ongoing DDoS tsunami


How not to handle it...

Your main site is down - so send out a tweet saying 'to find out the latest, visit our status page on our website'...

Particularly enjoyed that one!!