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The dev-astating truth: What's left to develop? Send in the machines


DevOps the holy grail ?

the question about 'devops' is, whether this concept i applicable to a situation at all. what about a COTS support-project that is supposed to go agile? YES, they can do that - just that they'd better use agile-kanban and not agile-scrum (as the differentiator is, that they're event driven in the work and don't have (too much of) a planned-feature list to be added to a backlog).

but does it make sense that they really go 'devops'? i dare to doubt that ...

so please do a reality check! to do 'devops' just should have a 'dev' component - right ? and if you don't have little to any 'dev' in your project?

so, like usual: there's quite a hype factor around 'devops' which must not prevent you from questioning whether it's the right approach for the given problem