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Trump's visa plan leaks: American techies first


Re: As long as the H1B visa has the present restrictions, it needs to be cut

Nope. I was made redundant and transferred my H1B to a new position I got. H1B transfers are common. I just hired one.


Re: "SV companies ... weren't willing to offer adequate compensation"

That's not true. I joined a startup on a H1B. I know a colleague who joined a different startup on another. There's a culture of startup hopping in Silicon Valley. Many people spend a year or two at different startups and move around to get the best stock options. Wages are sky high in the area and you cannot find good talent. Hiring H1Bs is a requirement to succeed.

Dolly the sheep clones have aged well, say scientists


Re: Good or bad development?

"Like the 'harmless' genetically altered vegetables. Fully harmless scientists say, but as with all those things you won't see instant results (good or bad)."

That's why GMOs are heavily tested and, after decades of such testing, there is nothing yet to worry about. The science has been done already, and continues to be done on all new varieties. If you think otherwise then I would review your sources of information for bias.

A GMO vegetable is chemically the same as it's non GMO counterpart unless it's developed to contain something else, like Bt, which is a naturally occurring pesticide anyway that's already part of your diet and safe for consumption.


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