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Fujifilm Finepix HS10 bridge camera

Mike Holden


This one does RAW as well, it just wasn't mentioned in the review.

I always see people comparing one camera to other models and saying the other does better on XXX where XXX is some random factor. Well, of course you can always pick one aspect that is better. The G11 is 30 quid more at Amazon, has only a 5x zoom rather than 30x, 640x480 movie mode instead of 1080p HD etc.

For the money, this one has loads more features, and comparable image quality with other cameras of its type.

Mike Holden
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Continuous shooting

I note you made no mention (or test) of the continuous shooting modes that this camera offers. 10fps at full resolution, albeit limited to 7 frames (less if using RAW mode), but still a good addition for action shots where you can choose the best one from a bunch taken close togethe.

Just waiting for mine to arrive from amazon, but the delivery is delayed otherwise I would have had it by now :-(

Links to blog in email made sender liable, says US court

Mike Holden

Big difference

There's a big difference between what a search engine, paperboy or postwoman does, and me specifically sending a single link to an article to somebody.

The search engine, paperboy and postwoman have no direct connection to the content they are delivering, they serve it up "blind", without analysing the contents in any relevant way. This kind of service is generally exempt from such laws for good reason.

Comments about bus drivers and assassins are clearly patent nonsense, and the poster should be ignored.

On the other hand, if I deliberately send a link to a libelous article, then I have done it with full knowledge of the content of that link, and am in effect the publisher of those words, because I clearly took a deliberate decision to pass on those specific words to a specific recipient list. There is therefore a clear statement of intent on my part that I stand by what is said in the article.

Seems like a fair ruling to me.

3-million-km-long comet plunges into Sun

Mike Holden


"(100,000 degrees C is ) Shirley no more than 10 or 20 thousand kelvin, or thereabounts?"

Nope, 100,000 celcius = 100,000 - 273.15 kelvin, or 99,726.85 degrees kelvin.

So, ot all intents and purposes, still 100,000 with reasonable rounding.

Although Wikipedia lists the surface temperature as 5,778 degrees Kelvin. So, who's right, Wikipedia or El Reg?

Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 4TB Nas box

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Plus, doesn't that build yourself PC only have 10/100 networking? Could be an issue for NAS?

Met issues internet cafe terror warnings

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or not of

"including images __of__ literature" (emphasis added).

So photographs __of__ books are outlawed, but not images of a sexual nature etc? :-) Well that's ok then.

Labour manifesto changes a byte bit

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Nothing new

People go on about "NuLieBore" or whatever "funny" (in their eyes) variation they want to pun, but the truth is that all parties of all persuasions that have ever held power do exactly the same. I'm old enough to remember what Maggie did to the lower classes when she and her cronies were in power

All politicians lie and cheat to get what they want for their own kind, and it has always been so. They all try to gag their opponents and they all try to change history so they are remembered to be better than they were.

Remember Spycatcher? The Belgrano affair? Watergate?

You would think that the recent government had invented something new listening to some commentators.

UK IT job outfit punts 491 private email addys

Mike Holden

Spammers, the lot of them

I'm an Oracle DBA, and regularly get job punts for SQL Server DBA, just because "DBA" matches. I should think myself lucky that because my skills include Oracle and Unix that I don't get every job with the word "and" in the spec.

They never take you off your database when you ask them either.

They also seem unable to grasp the idea that if I state I want a job within commuting distance of Manchester, that I won't be interested in jobs in Plymouth, Brussels and Los Angeles.

Bunch of scum suckers, the lot of them.

Elgato Netstream DTT networkable TV tuner

Mike Holden


I have a MythTV box that can do this and much much more. Like dual Freeview tuners enabling me to record 6 (or more) separate channels simultaneously (so long as they are all on the same 2 muxes). A similar price could get me a Revo. Add a USB Freeview dual tuner and a reasonable hard drive for recordings and I have a similarly sized box that outperforms it in every regard, by some way.

Yes you are wrong! UK legislation requires that goods must last a "reasonable" time, although what is reasonable is not set in stone. 1 year seems to be a default that manufacturers have settled on, but is certainly not set in any legal requirement.

Y2.01K hits Garmin satnav

Mike Holden

Tom Tom problems with dates

Actually, Tom Tom refuse to acknowledge that a computer device like a SatNav has any need of knowing what the date is. It acquires the time from the Satellite (or you can set it manually), but there's no way to set the date. This means that when you connect the device to your PC, all the dates have stupid timestamps on them.

I raised this as a support issue with them, but they refused to accept that it was a bug.

This is on a TomTom 301, a bit out of date now, but still going strong.

Kentucky woman breastfeeds sheriff's deputy

Mike Holden

If ...

If she had recently stopped breastfeeding, she would still be lactating. In that case, no problem with getting bladdered.

Maybe it's the female equivalent of the father "wetting the baby's head" by getting lashed a few months after birth?

Florida woman prangs car while shaving her privates

Mike Holden

The best of the lot!

See subject ^

Spanish priest spunked €17k on chat lines and whores

Mike Holden


A warning about that photo wouldn't go amiss on the front page! Not what I want appearing on my monitor while I'm "working".

Web host Daily recovers after Tux-themed defacement

Mike Holden

Shell infect as well

My enjoyment of this article was severely reduced by an annoying advert for Shell hovering over the text, and which appears to have no way of closing/removing it.

Adverts I can cope with, but this kind are unacceptable to me.

ICANN condemns registry DNS redirection

Mike Holden

Virgin are excluded from this

Virgin are an ISP, so excluded from this - it says so in the article.

At least Virgin make it very easy to opt out, for free. I opted out as soon as I hit my first redirect, and sent them a message explaining exactly why they should not be doing this kind of thing. Doubt it made much difference to their philosophy, but at least they stopped redirecting!

New attacks exploit vuln in (fully-patched) Adobe Flash

Mike Holden


Oracle's Metalink tech support web site is moving over to a flash-based system. It's not compulsory yet, but before too long you won't be able to log on without at least a recent version of Flash 9. We are forced to use IE at work, so I don't even have the benefit of NoScript to help me out.

Metallica sticksman gloats over Napster downfall

Mike Holden

Not all his though

But it's not, strictly speaking, 100% his own property is it? The rest of the band will be part owners, and I'm sure the record company and various other hangers-on will also own parts of it.

Lars Ulrich is a cock

Lars Ulrich is a cock

Lars Ulrich is a cock




Rogue CA update bricks Win XP systems

Mike Holden


So what's wrng with "errantly" then? Errantly means to deviate from the proper course, the proper course in this case is to NOT quarantine proper system files.

Seems like a reasonable use of the adjective to me.

Team Agni scores e-bike grand prix victory

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Considering a full-on 1000cc bike gets a lap speed of around 130mph, almost 90mph for a leccy bike is pretty impressive. Especially considering this is the first year of running, and petrol bikes have been running this course for over a century now!

Tory who claimed brother's tech gear on expenses quits

Mike Holden

Not enough

Stepping down is not enough. These people ought to be charged with fraud and brought before the courts to account for their actions.

Philips SPC1330NC

Mike Holden

Digital zoom

Since when is digital zoom a feature of the lens?

London cab & bus trials for satnav speed-governor kit

Mike Holden

@You overtake a bus and

"If you can't stop safely in the distance you can see clearly, you're not driving safely, in fact you're not fit to be on the road.

If a bus obstructs your vision such that you can't safely overtake then FFS DON'T OVERTAKE.

To any other idiots thinking as this gentleman does: please take a defensive driving course . Better to arrive late than never arrive at all."

Nobody said anything about not being able to stop in the given distance. An "emergency stop" is often NOT the best way to deal with a developing situation; evasive manoeuvering including acceleration and/or change of direction can often be far more effective, safer, and cause less disruption to other road users.

In the given example, what about a car emerging from a parking space on the opposite side of the road ahead of you (because the other driver hadn't looked properly before setting off). Stopping would simply block the entire road until the bus moves off. However, IF IT IS SAFE SO TO DO, you could accelerate and pull in ahead of the bus before the oncoming car blocks your path. In the right circumstances, this would be the better option.

Retards who's only weapon in their arsenal to deal with unexpected situations is to stamp on the brakes are the ones who ought not to be on the road.

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Potentially fatal system on a motorbike. Riding a bike round a corner relies on the ability to add a bit of extra throttle to keep the bike at the right angle to complete the corner. Shut the throttle off and you will simply fall over, probably sliding towards the outside of the corner, and promptly getting run over by the bus coming the other way at a legal speed.

IT salaries down and out

Mike Holden


"Lots of companies with want ads but lets say you match the ad they are posting by 99.9% and you do not have that 1% skillset then you are not hired"

The missing 1% (sic) being the ability to add up to 100?

Beeb pushes major new iPlayer release

Mike Holden


Well I subscribe to the MythTV mailing list, and they are raving about VDPAU.

Not everyone has a beefy PC in use for watching TV, where it may be part of a media centre, and needs to be small and quiet. Both small and quiet mean lower airflow and more heat, and thus a lot of people go with far lower spec PCs for connecting to the TV to keep the noise and heat down.

By contrast, the MythTV setup is often split between the frontend (see above) and a backend, which does all the recording and storing of programs. Because this is often in an office or basement, it can be far beefier, but often isn't used for viewing content.

I have a split setup, but my frontend, built before VDPAU came about, is plenty powerful enough without VDPAU.

Just mentioned it as maybe of interest for someone with older kit that may be struggling otherwise. A video card upgrade for 15-20 quid will give you HD playback on a CPU that isn't capable on its own.

Mike Holden

Other alternatives

Check out "get_iplayer" as a download mechanism. Allows downloading of content to a local file for viewing later, as well as running via cron to get your weekly / daily etc download requirements.

Check out Nvidia's VDPAU new output mechanism under Linux for decent HD output with minimal CPU usage. Only works with certain Nvidia cards, primarily 8000 and 9000 series cards though. Already incorporated into released versions of mplayer etc, and is in the current dev version of MythTV (as well as some unofficial backports to the curernt release version 0.21). The Linux community are raving about this!

Jedi officers enlist with Scottish police

Mike Holden

So many jokes so little time

@Simon C - "/mines the one with the lightsaber in the pocket"

Is that a lightsabre in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?

Apple restyles iPod Shuffle

Mike Holden

Prior Art

Apple have apparently filed patents on this talking technology. Technology which has been available on any device supported by Rockbox (www.rockbox.org) for several years now. This incidentally already includes several iPod models.

Tux logo, for obvious reasons. Pity you can't have 2 icons, because the evil jobs one is also obvious!

MPs vote to keep addresses private (theirs, not yours)

Mike Holden

re: re: Sarcasm

If that text is from the blog and not written by the author of the article, then the author of the article needs to learn how to quote somebody else's text so that the attribution of quote and comment is totally clear to the reader.

As it is, there's a paragraph that clearly introduces text from the blog, then a quote clearly delimited front and back by quotation marks.

We then get a fresh paragraph with no opening quotation mark, thus denoting that the text is now by the author of the article, and not quoted from the blog.

Mike Holden

Grrr - sic

Grrr, don't use "(sic)" to point out a pun or other facet of your own writing. It is supposed to be used to point out that you are quoting verbatim an error that the original author wrote.

So I could validly write:

John Ozimek wrote that "There are, however, two points at issue here that MPs really need to address (sic). (sic)", to point out that your use of (sic) is wrong.

Web entrepreneur accused of massive data heist

Mike Holden

@Andrew Barrat

No doubt the T&C of use of the site precludes disclosure to other parties. The details he allegedly scraped constitute the actual service that the site provides, so blocking access is a bit pointless, as there would be no service to offer!

Imagine the radiotimes.com web site with no TV listings as an analogy here. Customers are allowed to connect and view TV listings, but are not allowed to download listings in bulk and then provide a competing service with the data.

Cisco shares dip after reports of holiday shutdown

Mike Holden

False advertising

I only came here to read a story about a big company handing out guacamole. Imagine my disappointment when I started to read the story.

Juror dismissed over Facebook poll

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Reasonable doubt?

They don't seem to use the phrase "reasonable doubt" any more (if indeed they ever did).

"Sure so that you are certain" is the phrase used when I served on a jury a few months ago.

Is "reasonable doubt" just an american phrase that has transferred over here due to so much bad television being imported over the years?

Group Test: Blu-ray Disc players

Mike Holden

Economies of scale

@Iron Man Blu Ray

Given that shops will currently sell far more DVD copies of a film than the Blu-ray equivalent, the "economies of scale" argument doesn't really fit at this stage.

Fast forward a couple of years or so, when sales of the 2 formats are equivalent, and the prices will probably balance as well. Roll forwards a couple more years and DVD will be more expensive.

How much do video tapes cost now compared to DVD, and indeed how many shops still even sell them?

Led Zeppelin plan Plant-free tour

Mike Holden

Plant wrote a lot more in the earlier years

than people necessarily realise. He was under contract to another record company at the beginning, and was precluded from taking any songwriting credits on the first album because of that.

That said, most of the lyrics and music in the early years came from Muddy Waters and a host of other blues and folk musicians than were ever really given credit for. And if you think that Black Mountain Side is an original Page composition, check out Blackwaterside, a traditional folk tune popularised partly by Bert Jansch on a recording in 1966.

Mosley asks Europe to change UK privacy laws

Mike Holden

But the press

want freedom of the press to serve their own ends.

A "record" fine of a few £K isn't going to dent the huge profits of the major tabloids, so they can effectively publish with impunity, safe in the knowledge that any old bollocks wrapped up as "news" which damages the reputation of anybody will get nothing more than a token slap on the wrist.

How about making the punishment be 100% of the sales for the papers that carried the story. Might make them be a bit more honest in the stories they carry then.

7-year-old faces M&S Inquisition

Mike Holden

Postcode as security check

Can't see that the postcode question is a good way of confirming an identity, as this will be in the phone book next to the phone number, surely. Asking for an account number or somesuch would be better.

British boffins perfect process to make any item '100% waterproof'

Mike Holden

"the left boot has been treated"

but, that's the one with the sopping toe, while the right boot is bone-dry.

Or did you mean "the boot on the left, as we look at it, has been treated"?

US court sides with Janet Jackson's breast

Mike Holden

I think you mean

I think you mean "execrable" (as in disagreeable, abhorent) rather than excretable (unless you actually mean "of or relating to the process of excretion").

Note - if you want to use big words that you don't understand, look them up first.

No, actually, as you were. You're saying it's all a load of crap aren't you?

Dismissed deputy head launches legal fight

Mike Holden


"He was innocent right until he was found guilty."

No, that's not the phrase. It's "PRESUMED innocent until proven guilty." It doesn't mean you ARE innocent until proved, just PRESUMED innocent.

Technically, you stop being innocent the moment you commit the crime. The legal process then sets out to try to prove the lack of innocence.

Manchester's congestion charge: pay-to-leave

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non starter for many

I live about midway between the city centre and Stockport, and work outside the M60, along the M62. The descriptions so far of how the scheme "might" work (i.e. no definite plans published yet, keep us guessing) suggest that even though I am heading the opposite direction to any congestion, I may end up paying anyway. That is unless I take a 5 mile detour by heading the opposite direction to where I want to go and then looping back. How does that help the environment (or indeed my blood pressure)?

Once a week or so I go out to sporting events, either in Wigan or at other venues mainly along the M62. In order to pick up my wife so we can travel together (itherwise we take 2 cars), I may end up paying to get home, then paying again to head out of the "centre", unless I leave late enough to avoid the charge, and end up late for the game - I don't even have the option of a huge detour this time, as I am going out of the city from inside the ring road.

If public transport was an option, I would use it. The 192 bus is frequent and runs a few minutes walk from my house, and I have a railway station about 10 minutes walk, 1 stop out from Piccadilly, but to get to either of those locations involves heading out unfeasibly early to get to work and getting home very late, and for the sports means I would have to leave the game early to get the last train back again.

I used the train on Sunday, but the route I came back had a "rail replacement service" (i.e. a bus) running, which drove between all the stations on the route, only going via the roads, and took absolutely ages.

Non-starter for me.

Renault F1 comp site spills entrants' details

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Not the first, won't be the last

I notiiced a similar issue on the mailing list page of a well known UK sports team. If you go to edit your details, your member id is used as part of the url to your personal details page (www.team.com/edit?id=1234). Changing the id got you to another user's details.

I emailed them, they responded quickly, taking the page down short-term, and fixing it with a proper system within a few days.

You do have to wonder at the mentality of a "developer" who comes up with crap like that and implements it in a live site though. No doubt a simple download of demo code from an HTML For Dummies site, never intended as a secure solution, just a "how does a POST form work" example..

Majority of NHSmail accounts are inactive

Mike Holden

I signed up

I signed up and actually used it once or twice. I stopped working for the NHS over 3 years ago, but I expect the account is still useable, if only I could remember the login details!

Forth Bridge painters to down brushes in 2012

Mike Holden

Is that "up to 40 years"

in the same way that broadband is measured in "up to" units as well? Can we expect therefore that if the bridge is busy, it will be capped to maybe 2 years lifespan?

Virgin Media taps Microsoft in lengthy email outage

Mike Holden

As a VM customer ...

... I'm glad I run a decent web/mail server of my own, from home, using postfix and dovecot and squirrelmail, oh and Linux.

OFT mulls Egg probe

Mike Holden
Paris Hilton

We're leaving Egg as well

Recently they keep trying to take the full balance off us when we've set the payment option to a fixed amount. First time cleared us out for the month and resulted in failed payments in our curernt account because the egg payment took us right up to our agreed overdraft limit. Further normal payments were then bounced, all resulting in fees and charges.

Egg's attitude on the phone was "tough, that's how it works", and refused to listen to our demands for compensation. Sorry, but that's NOT how it works. We've been with them for years, and it always used to debit what we set it to, and the setting stayed put until we changed it.

The following month, we kept a closer eye on it. Several times we changed it from "pay full balance" to "pay £100", but each time, it got reset a few days later. We phoned them, and they set it for us, and again a few days later it was reset.

In the end, we phoned them up again and paid an agreed amount as a one-off payment, and then cancelled the DD on our account. Despite them agreeing to it, they still sent us a nasty letter when the DD they said they wouldn't take was bounced by our bank, and a form inviting us to set up a new DD - we put it in the recycling.

Used to be good, now a load of pants, and good riddance to them.

Paris, because she doesn't know a lot about pants.

Amateur code breaker honoured for defeating Colossus

Mike Holden


You might have trouble breaking something up into an infinite number of parts. Lots, yes, infinite, no.

CCTV must not record conversations, warns new guidance

Mike Holden

@inadmissable evidence...?

You did read the linked document didn't you? You didn't? Oh.

It specifically states that this applies to businesses. Private individuals are not covered. There is no need for individuals to install signs so long as the area covered is reasonable (i.e. you own property and nearby public areas, e.g. the road outside your house).

Virgin Media dishes out free bandwidth boost

Mike Holden

@Virgin are annoying me too

Virgin don't block ports 80 and 25 at all. I have been with them since NTL days, for several years as my broadband ISP, and I have been happily running my own webserver and mail server for all that time, no problems.

US tech support outfit seeks pocket sniffer

Mike Holden

And therein lies the phrase ...

And therein lies the phrase "look at the racking on that"