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When you play the game of Big Spendy Thrones, nobody wins – your crap chair just goes missing


New chairs

I had a very rotund colleague a few years ago. We received new office chairs with armrests. After sitting down on it for a short spell he stood up and the office chair came with him, courtesy of the arm rests being slight turned in and locking onto him. After considerable laughter from those of us nearby him he calmly disentangled himself from the chair and found the closest screw driver to remove the arms

Samsung Galaxy's flagship leaks ... don't matter much. Here's why


Re: No jack, Jack.

My issue with Apple getting rid of the headphone jack is replacing it with the lightning interface. It's a propitiatory interface that every vendor pays a fee to Apple to use, therefor raising the cost of the headphones. While I prefer to have the standard headphone jack at least Samsung and others use USB-C which is industry standard and does not artificially inflate the price.

At the end of the day it's just buying a new set of headphones, which I will do sooner or later anyway. Every so often we have newer, better standards. If not we'd still be connecting our accessories to 25 pin serial connectors

My PC makes ‘negative energy waves’, said user, then demanded fix


Re: "And bluetooth with Win10 is an iffy affair"

You sound like a crazy old Unix man I used to work with. Hates Winblows and anything related to modern technology, thinks computers were better when thicknet was the order of the day, monitors that were 14 inches and displayed only in one color and PCs had a turbo button

No 2017 bonus for you, HPE tells employees


Jelly of the month

Hopefully the bean counters at HPE enrolled all the employees in the Jelly of the Month Club

Who has 2,000 tickets to the gun show? Cisco's HCIA platform HyperFlex


Too soon, WAY too soon

Scary news: Asteroid may pass Earth by just 6,880km in October



No, but Robert Duvall has been called into NASA for a secret briefing

Forgotten your Myspace password? Just a name, username, DoB will get you in – and into anyone else's, too



I sure hope my Friendster account is secure

Windows 10 pain: Reg man has 75 per cent upgrade failure rate


Fine for me

I've upgraded 7 machines to Windows 10 without any significant issues. My 8 year old desktop that originally ran Vista upgraded fine. Both my parents machines updated without problems as did my sister, her boyfriends and a couple friends PCs. The worst issue was bad drivers for old graphics cards. Took a bit of fiddling, but got it working in less than an hour.

Can't say what other peoples problems are, but I've had less problems with W10 than any other version of Windows I've upgraded to.

Good luck to all

Free Windows 10 upgrade: Time is running out – should you do it?


I use Webex on my Win10 laptop and do not have any issues. Not sure when you tried but I've been doing it regularly for months


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