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Fancy trying to explain Microsoft Teams to your parents? They may ask about the new Personal version


Don't make assumptions

As a daily reader of El Reg and working in IT since 1986 and still do every day, at 73, I am 'the parent' explaining it to young uns. Don't assume that only bright young things read El Reg or work in IT or that their IQ is high.

Help. The political process is corrupted, full of lies and state-sponsored deep fakes. Now Microsoft's to the rescue


Msoft bashing

What has happened to impartial accurate news reporting. Its back to Msoft bashing. I thought (I had hoped) Register was better than this even though you have a deep seated intense dislike of Msoft, along with many of your readers. A bit of humour you are renown for is great. What is written is not.

Vodafone chief speaks out after 5G conspiracy nuts torch phone mast serving Nightingale Hospital in Brum


Fit cameras

Fit out of reach surveillance cameras to masts to ID criminal idiots, prob same ones who said mobile phone use would fry the brain. It's not as if a camera would not have any IT infrastructure to connect to. It's a quick low cost effective deterrent

Microsoft crack habit reports: User claims Surface Laptop 3 screen fractured again after repair



A comment was made about no rubber bumpers. If the lid closes glass to glass, when opening there will be suction between the two surfaces, quick opening could increase that causing repeated slight flex on the screen which could lead to hairline stress cracks. Closing with something between would show clear impact cracking.

Northern Virginia cements spot as bit barn capital of the world with jigawatt capacity



Having promotion to draw widespread attention to a nucleus of what makes today's global business work located in one small area, it surely becomes of interest to evil intention to disrupt and destroy. I hope power supply and other factors that could collapse service like a house of cards are robust.

Either Facebook is building yet another massive bit barn in Iowa, and doesn't want you to know about it....


Justifiable ?

Can this huge use of kit containing metals and substances with limited supply be justified. Photos and conversations that are stored and which I would guess most are never looked at again.

My daughter is typical of many, if not most. Hundreds of pics taken to keep us in touch with what she is doing at any time, 5% are worth storing, the rest are just of value to that moment in time.

Simply building more and more data centres is crazy - or is it an accounting matter related to taxable profits declared. As one post said, money laundering.

For fax sake: NHS to be banned from buying archaic copy-flingers


Re: Ban a system that works and is malware free*...

Maybe this is already covered by one of the 82 responses. I have to interact with solicitors, as would NHS. In the legal world in my experience in & around London, fax is very much alive and kicking - sending paper proof that a contract has a signature on it. Its the only thing I use fax for now - as part of a multifunction printer. I also use Adobe Send & Track, but, I find that is not accepted as proof of signature.

OneDrive is broken: Microsoft's cloudy storage drops from the sky for EU users


Msoft bashing again

There you go again, sarky reporting of an Msoft problem making a meal of it instead of making a proper journalistic report of the issue.

I have heavily used 365 and OneDrive and its predecessor SkyDrive almost since its inception and rely upon it, very cautiously at first. Over many years I have rarely had service interruption and those that arose were shortlived, apart from 3.

In comparison, I have worked for a number of large companies with own server rooms/farms. Collectively I lost count of the many times server glitches and crashes brought those companies grinding to a halt, often for long periods while techies slaved trying to coax machines that were end of life back into service.

The cost of running own servers is formidable with technology and software advances making installations redundant so quickly.

In my own business I had a £4m set of Sun servers, Jukebox, storage etc. It kept chuntering on with ever increasing costly innovative care and downtime, so slow compared to new machines which we could not afford to upgrade to. Changing to Msoft 365 breathed new life into everyone's work, such a relief.

No software/hardware provision cloud or otherwise is ever going to give 100% availability, as cloud provisions get larger and larger and stress points make themselves known, new problems are discovered. For providers its still a learning game especially as ever advancing user software loads unexpected conflicts.

Please just report without all this sacasm that is almost like a vendetta against Msoft - with whom I have no connection other than being a customer grateful for a service that saved us so much cost.

Zip it! 3 more reasons to be glad you didn't jump on Windows 10 1809


Of course I got down voted

Of course I got down voted so many times for my comment, but, Msoft's growth figures out today show those down voters are counter to the general opinion & satisfaction for Msoft & Windows. Knock Msoft is the game here. No software release as vast as Windows will or can ever be bug free. My comments do not mean that they should not improve QA and a better balance (cost v customer satisfaction) tween what is fixed pre release that that fixed in the wild.


Don't you guys just love knocking Msoft and Windows. You had to trawl around to gleefully find a some minor problems with 1809 update which has millions of users. Yes, file deletion was not good, but, only affected limited number of users with a specific bespoke configuration.

I have had no problems at all, my setup is fairly standard.

As for putting down Notepad, it is invaluable for quickly converting copied formatted text to plain text into an app where cntrl shift V or paste special is not available; and a number of other tasks.

Sure, Europe. Here's our Android suite without Search, Chrome apps. Now pay the Google tax



I, for one and I'm sure there are many others, would be very willing and happy to pay a small annual fee to get rid of the Google dross on my phone and pick just the bits I want or need. Anything I can do to keep myself out of the reach of Google makes me happy. Every time I start my phone now I get a full page Google ad, there is no way to stop it. Some of these ads have images I dont want to see.

It would take a very small fee from the billions of users to replace money that Google makes now. It could be bundled into the network provider charge for the phone

Remembering a recent Reg post, I'm one the millions of people he impolitely called "an idiot" for buying a phone bundled with the network fee instead of buying outright on finance.

Of course, there would be many who object in principle to paying anything.

Microsoft yanks the document-destroying Windows 10 October 2018 Update


Re: If this was an Apple product

Its seems to be a policy by many users in these forums to knock Msoft. In my family, my business, and businesses of my family members, we have solely used Msoft Windows, starting dos based and onwards, and the Msoft family of products through most editions since 1987. We use our machines heavily all day. Apart from occasional glitches and Millenium, its been dependable and I wouldn't touch Apple having tried it several times.

The almost infinitely wide range of compatible software and the superb almost instant support response (Office 365) keeps us firmly bound to Msoft, as do millions of others.

Of course there are glitches. This software. With so many millions of users using an almost inconceivable range of different combinations of hardware and software editions, no amount of testing will find all problems, plus inevitable human error at Msoft and elsewhere. I speak as one who has developed software.

Fork it! Google fined €4.34bn over Android, has 90 days to behave


Please EU put Google down with follow through

I'm mostly an end user now having spent years specifying functionality for our internet applications for sport giving me insight into Google's insidious creep of dominance and what it writes unseen into root code.

I do everything I can to avoid Google services, especially Chrome which I regard as almost dangerous, as if a digital octopus with tentacles enveloping and extracting personal data from the user.

As an example of why Google should be stopped, 10 days ago I received a Google notification that to continue downloading email from a Google email account to my Outlook, I MUST install Chrome, without Chrome I am not allowed to continue downloading. I reacted with fury vowing NEVER to install Chrome and found a work around to continue my usual email practice. It's part of Google's increasing practice of frustrating use of Msoft services.

I happily am a Msoft devotee (I hear screams of shock and horror) since 1986 and still hanker for the days of dos and simplicity and purity of its operation. Despite what many say about Msoft, it has served me and my various businesses mostly reliably and well.

You wanna be an alpha... tester of The Register's redesign? Step this way


New beta site dreadful in mobile

The mobile version (Android 8) of new site appalling, one those unuseable ever scrolling sites where you get lost trying to find an article read few mins earlier. In desktop view heading fonts miniscule. Pleeeease don't do this. Your current site provides quick easy way to see all articles.

'Plane Hacker' Roberts: I put a network sniffer on my truck to see what it was sharing. Holy crap!


Police access to car ecu data

Reading comments made where car speed is recorded in the stored ecu data, at what point do the Police, or do they already have ability, to remotely receive or read alerts that a vehicle has logged a speed in a location that warrants an automatic dangerous driving notification/prosecution.

There is absolutely no technical reason why this can't be done and possibly the ability has already been designed in. Is there any data encryption for personal privacy, I doubt it.

Scary thought as data monitored is much more than speed, e.g. where you were on a certain date/time when an incident occurred - thinking of the data trawl made by GCHQ on all our coms (which I am ok with to track terror planning). Not sure I want a modern car, I am keeping to my classic cars.

Gaming apps, mugging and bad case of bruised Pokéballs


Can Nintendo by sued for a death of player of Pokemon - for debate

I raise debate on this topic because I believe it will happen sooner of later.

In certain circumstances of a death of a player of Pokémon where the game has caused the player to be in harm's way and die, or cause another to die, could Nintendo be sued for manslaughter or second degree homicide ??

The usual defence of a gaming platform is that it is just that, a platform provided for players to use as they wish and for which the platform provider claims no responsibility for the way a person uses it, or as in social media platforms, comments/images posted.

But, in Nintendo's case and in the way I understand the game is coded, that defence falls away because Nintendo themselves provide the geo-positioning data that lures players into locations that Nintendo have good reason to know to be hazardous and/or cause hazard to people Nintendo sends there.

Nintendo wilfully and knowingly distribute that geo-positioning data to the game players. They have no excuse for not knowing of potential hazard as they can easily verify exactly where the position is that they send out. Some positions are clearly chosen because of their specific location.

So, if as an obvious example a Pokémon position is near a cliff's edge, and the player falls off the cliff to their death, I cannot see Nintendo being able to defend a charge of manslaughter (as it is called in the UK). That example is easy to determine, there will be many others such as in the middle of a road, as now often happens, which could also be actionable.

Nintendo could have a difficult defence saying it is up to the player to use the game responsibly because they know full well of the addictive and compulsive nature of the game, and their coding builds on that compulsion to use the game and where many players walk along looking intently at their phone looking for a character, oblivious to all else around them.

Nintendo knows their game causes this, so they wilfully engage in that aspect of the game to attract more players, and thus incur liability for what happens.

This liability could also extend to Pokémon player events that cause suffering or substantial loss.

Regards Jonathan