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It walks, it talks, it falls over a bit. Windows 10 is three years old

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Re: Not since 1998...

Same here, my Windows 10 devices simply work... My main use laptop is measured in weeks/months of uptime, not hours or days.

I assume, like a lot of Windows problem users, there are inherent issues that most likely lie with the hardware.

I can only go by experience, personal devices work flawlessly, and a network running 300+ Windows 10 devices that cause me no problems at all as a Network Manager

BOFH: Free as in free beer or... Oh. 'Free Upgrade'

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Or Sharp... Hate Sharp printers... Would rather setup a monkey with a pencil and stencil

Netflix scores new Trek tellie

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About time...

About time we had more religion on Netflix....

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OMG! OMG! OMFG!.... meh.... yeah a little excited