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PETA offers $1m for test tube chicken

Brent Alldred


I am a meat eater.

If the idea helps the PETA people eat protien then let them do it.

+ the procedure may actually allow me to "live the dream" and eat ethical MAN-burger before I die.

Police aim to stamp out virtual child abuse

Brent Alldred


I agree ytou should be allowed to do whatever you want in a (Consenting) virtual environment. As there is no victim, hence no crime.

However after discussions about this with Wifey (Psychiatrist) she pointed out that engaging in this behaviour.

Even if the behaviour is between consenting adults pretending to be abuser and abused, then it is FACT that these behaviours lead to an escalation of activities and eventually could lead to child abuse, or attempted child abuse.

Now obviously the only evidence for this is from people who have been through the medical system for committing said abuses. So they have to offend to show the above evidence.

Everyone else who does the virtual abusing but never gets in trouble IRL, will never be included in the above escalating behaviour observation.

Our joint consclusion was:-

"Hmmm, difficult one this."

Red Arrows to fly at Olympics, Sun announces

Brent Alldred

Easier way to sort this out....

Find the supplier of newspaper ink & dose the lot with ((CH3)2Hg).

May take a few innocents along for the ride, but how the country could go forwards when the intellectual anchor that is the "tabloid reader" is taken out of the equation.

+ better get it done wuick though, as the symptoms can take up to a year to appear & we want these 'tards dead before 2012.

'Portable' CD player puts MP3 into a spin

Brent Alldred

Great, just needs a hanger

All it needs is a hanger.

Assuming the CD player is just to be used inside or in a car, then hanging it from somthing should bypass the accidentally hitting the spinning CD issue.