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Qualcomm makes its own mobile gaming rig, hypes new Windows 11 chips


Re: Can we all out 5G as BS yet?

Exactly. So you have shown to yourself that there is indeed a difference.


Re: Can we all out 5G as BS yet?

The Shannon limit applies to point-to-point channels, it does not regard MU-MIMO scenarios with beamforming, and this is where 5G is supposed to shine and should increase cell capacity by an order of magnitude.

Won't someone think of the kids? China's Cyberspace Admin steps up, orders massive cleanup to make the net safe for minors


I wish we had something like that here as well. We have come as far as having children sell products to other children in TikTok.

We seem to only use children as a pretext to enforce laws unrelated to issues with internet use and children.

Beijing bans merger of Tencent gaming outfits Huya and DouYu, to prevent a monopoly


This is the kind of thoughtful political action that I wish we had more of here.

China claims it has stolen a march on 6G with colossal patent portfolio


Re: How many were actually developed

Why can’t we simply have a region lock where readers from the US cannot see the comment section. /s

Chinese officials declare intention to become network superpower, tout glorious 5G rollout that's smaller than local carriers' claims


Re: Sorry, China.

In some ways we already have certain effects resulting from the “recommendations” and “feeds” limiting the reach of what people say. Of course one would argue that “interest” based valuation is not really censorship, but how are we able to say that if the “algorithms” are not documented? YouTube would be a prime example where things like automatic shadow banning are a thing too.

We have something comparable, we just don’t call or recognise it as censorship.

Intel CPU interconnects can be exploited by malware to leak encryption keys and other info, academic study finds


Grass is green

<no body>

Intel swallows Brit chip slinger Omnitek in bid to boost FPGA business


I am wondering whether they have learned anything from the Altera acquisition. Or any recent acqusition in the last decade.

Doctor, I think I have an HDMI: Apple starts investigating M1 Mac Mini graphics issues


Re: Not just the M1

I can attest, I had some other Big Sur-prises beyond that as well and installed 10.14 because MATLAB didn't work perfectly since 10.15....

Never going to do any update beyond security updates on Apple again.

Cisco reveals a probe of 'self-enrichment scheme' involving ex-employees in China


Aren’t Cisco themselves a big self-enrichment scheme?

India’s top techies form digital foundation to fight Apple and Google


Re: I wish them all the luck

Why do you need a compulsory store in the first place.

Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon X1 Gen 8: No boundaries were pushed in the making of this laptop – and that's OK


AMD Options?

It would have been interesting to know if an AMD option is planned or something.

Japan plans massive national tech modernisation program


Somehow I have a feeling that, unlike in other parts of the world, the planning of theirs will be executed perfectly.

AMD pushes 64-core 4.2GHz Ryzen Threadripper Pro workstation processors


Re: Overkill and over powered?

As to independent measurements from the overclocking scene (known for going excessive lengths to achieve their goals for world records etc.) a single Zen 2 core in its default configuration for Windows operation can go as low as 200 MHz, 0.2 V core voltage and a resulting power draw of about 120 milliwatts per CPU (not entire package, just a single CPU). Since Threadripper Pro has 64 of these, a simple linear extrapolation results in an idle power consumption of about 8 W, which is right in line (about double as much as) what my Threadripper 3970x 32-core setup at home consumes when doing nothing and not moving the mouse cursor in booted-up state.

Cool'n'Quiet it is.

Lovely new dongles and lusciously lengthy cables are Intel's new offerings


TB4 is kindof Fake.

It doesn’t bring any urgently needed speed bump and Apple supports everything TB4 supports with TB3 chips already.

Originally, TB4 was a fake Intel released with Tiger Lake at CES2020 because they were caught with their pants down shortly after AMD released their wildly successful Renoir notebook processors and didn’t have anything new to show.

Ignore it and wait for TB5.

Germany is helping the UK develop its COVID-19 contact-tracing app, says ambassador


Almost like a low quality tsundere anime


China's Winnti hackers (apparently): Forget the money, let's get political and start targeting Hong Kong students for protest info


Re: Democracy?

I would like to add that it is about engineering it in such a way so that there is consent.

In a dictatorship you would get fucked without being asked, but in a democracy the general population is influenced in such a way that they give consent to being fucked with. Edward Bernais has perfectly explained this with his invention of the term “Public Relations” and the generation of Consent to support wars and other decisions which would otherwise be against our own interest.

Looks like the Hong Kong government need some studying on how to design democratic crooked systems so that they can evade protests and generate consent.

Uncle Sam punishes China for abusing Uyghur Muslims – by blacklisting top AI surveillance companies


Meaningless sanctions that encourage the China to wake up even further from its long slumber after the Qing dynasty.

A desperate attempt to distract from much more significant topics at last.

Talk about Micron-aggression: US charges Chinese biz, staff over DRAM chip secrets theft


Price Fixing

TBH with this DRAM prices and lack of action towards improving supply one might call it extortion, or price fixing.

I’d be happy to see Jinhua to be able to end this finally, for the good of all DRAM customers.

New MacBook Pro beckons fanbois to become strip pokers


Re: And nothing about desktops

The problem is there is nobody else doing computers being even close to iMac and its display, maybe except for the new Surface Thing but thats a lot more expensive and comes with windows 10, obviously.

EU turns screws on Android – report


Re: Typical EU

You can remove safari like any other app since iOS 10.

Google's Nexii stand tall among Android's insecure swill


How about iPhone