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Well, well, well. Internet-of-Things speaker biz Sonos to continue some software support for legacy kit after all


I'm spooked

I have made a big "investment" in SONOS kit. My rationale? Sound quality is plenty good enough for me. Interface and features are good enough for me. The idea that this baseline will degrade over time is not something I want to deal with. It looks like "smart" speakers are a "dumb" choice. Better to get dumb speakers with stupid wires and connect them to disposable sources. That's the genius I'll go forward with. Lesson learned for less than $10k. I have experienced worse. Come to think of it, I hate Apple Music. We peaked at "iPod hard wired into your audio system with remote control of the iPod". Go ahead and say it. "OK, Gen X. Time for your nap."

Doctor finds physical changes to astronaut's eyes after ISS stint


The older I get, the more I like Earth

It's the perfect spaceship for zooming through the universe. We just need to improve our instruments.

Serverless: Should we be scared? Maybe. Is it a silly name? Possibly


Serverless is a revolution

It's the only way to run codeless software that I don't care about. I have found that the less I care, the better the result. I feel much better since I gave up...hope. I do all of this uncaring is the most snarky way possible.

Walmart tells developers to stay away from AWS


Re: There are alternatives

"Oracle have more of a wisp than a cloud, a little puff that they'd like their customers to fund the growth of. Gartner slammed them the other day, and Specsavers press statement can't have helped. It'll be a miracle if Oracle manage to grow in this space without strongarming existing customers onto the platform."

Specsavers is a great Oracle customer. We appreciate their ERP business and the fact that they are rolling out on OCH globally. I don't believe that the world of IT is moving in the direction of a single cloud provider, nor do I believe that AWS is the first company in the history of IT to be immune to disruption. Customers will make decisions about where they feel various workloads will be best served. Based on our financial results that were released today, many customers are making the choice to leverage our SaaS and PaaS offerings. Those have always dragged a measure of our IaaS, but the area to watch this year is our relatively new IaaS offering. Personally, I enjoy being underestimated, and welcome the challenge of out-innovating incumbents. Time will tell if our strategy is sound. So far it is looking very, very good.


Re: There are alternatives

"My condolences on your employment situation."

Oh my, please don't waste them on me. I have been blessed beyond any of my wildest dreams by just about any measure. I appreciate the kind intent behind your words, but seriously...my life exceeded my expectations a long time ago, and my current gig is a dream come true. Warm regards, and thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.


There are alternatives

Is it irrational to partner with a company that seeks to put you out of business? I think an increasing number of companies will come to the conclusion that supporting Amazon directly and indirectly is counterproductive. Full disclosure: I work for Oracle and have a decidedly biased point of view. Need cloud, but have misgivings about Amazon? Talk to us about what we offer today and what's right around the corner. You have alternatives and your choices are getting richer every day.

Is Pure Storage a solid business or is skepticism justified?


How will they do in a world where no one cares about storage?

We all know that the mega-trend is "cloud". Increasingly, the decision about storage platforms is being taken out of the hands of the infrastructure teams that have historically cared about what Pure offers. IT leaders want to know how a service can be delivered, They care as much about the storage array as I care about the brand of spark plugs in my car. (Not at all.) The IT professionals who care about storage need to learn new skills or they will increasingly become marginalized. This poses a problem for a company that only sells storage. EMC, the largest storage company, has given up that fight. Companies like Pure can grow for a while, but they are living off of the carcass of a giant dead animal. Individuals will make money along the way, but anyone who thinks there is any such thing as a storage array that will change the world is not being honest with themselves.


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