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White hat pops Windows User Account Control with log viewer data

Dick Knuckle

This seems

Similar to the old SYSTEM account flaw. Where you could spawn a shell with SYSTEM privileges. Albeit without getting SYSTEM privileges.

I used to use that a lot to fix stuck services.

Accountancy software firm Sage breached in apparent insider attack

Dick Knuckle

Re: The difficulty with cloud

This makes a lot of sense. A standard star rating system like hotels though?

You'd need oversight and auditors for that and as we know organisations like that are why the brown envelope industry does so well.

The trust effectively shifts. Do you trust the organisation that gave the rating?

What is needed is a decentralised standards model based on previous issues.

Personally, I find it harder to trust companies that claim to never have been hacked vs the ones that have.

The ones that have been hacked have generally learnt important lessons (one would hope) whereas the ones with no history just havent been attacked yet or are telling porkies.

Oracle Java patch problem? Browsium rolls management fix

Dick Knuckle

Java + Tomcat

Proof that you can plait shit.

We need Rick Grimes to sort out Flash and Java. He is excellent at killing the walking dead.

Android's latest patches once again remind us: It's Nexus or bust if you want decent security

Dick Knuckle

Oneplus 3 here...

Patched upto 1st July.

Here WeGo! Google Maps rival drops Maps branding

Dick Knuckle

Re: Rather good as a navigation tool.

Im not a Google fan per se...but I do find it irksome that people claim products xant do somethi g when all they had to do was RTFM.

Google Maps has always had offline features. I use it regularly.


I don't like Mondays, Pokemon, Twitter or Facebook – Sir Bob Geldof

Dick Knuckle


I don't think anyone doubts Geldofs achievements but people with titles can be wankers as well.


Rolf Harris

Phil Green

Jimmy Savile

Jimmy Savile did an enormous amount for charity...please back him up too I beg of you.

I think Geldof should posthumously give his knighthood to Freddy Mercury.

GOP delegates suckered into connecting to insecure Wi-Fi hotspots

Dick Knuckle

Yes yes

But hiw many of them bought a coffee?

Starbucks et al are basically rain shelters and wifi providers these days arent they?

Meet Riffle, the next-gen anonymity network that hopes to trounce Tor

Dick Knuckle

No mention

Of whether it will be Open Source.