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BeautifulPeople shun hairy Reg hack

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never mind. console yourself with the knowledge that you have a stunning ass!

Ofcom swoops on kiddie's bedroom



i think not.

Hotmail phish exposes most common passwords



Neil O'Neill? I wonder what his middle name is

NASA reacquires original Moon landing footage



"The hoax theory is horribly passé now that every argument for it has been systematically demolished. "

When and where has every argument for the fake moon landing not being fake (lol) been systematically demolished? There's no good proof that it happened and plenty of good counter arguments against the very escapade from taking place. Saying the moon landing happened 'because it just did' is like saying that the Jesus really existed because there's a Bible. Well done AC, have a banana.

BOFH: A safe bet


You tards just don't get it....

I've been a BOFH fan since it started, it's just that it isn't that good anymore. Anyone who compares this years first effort with anything from when BOFH started and still maintains that this is fantastic (which is most of you sheep out there will), well you must be brain dead. The old BOFH would have gotten rid of the PFY long before now for being too great competition, and the PFY? surely no longer PF and definately not a Y.

You losers make me sick, you'd probably rave about ST's shopping list if he posted it as a BOFH story. Be objective, just because something *was* good doesn't mean that it always will be.



whatever happened to the clever stories where revenge wasn't a simple resort to killing? How dull, the boss annoys you - kill him, a helldesk geek gets on your nerves - kill them, a salesman won't stop pestering you - kill him, you can't get that summertime junket due to board level staff - kill them , beancounters start snooping into your affairs - kill them.

There you go BOFHtards, there's 2009 and beyonds storylines for you.

Patent troll sues Oprah, Sony over online book viewing

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who's that crossing my IP bridge

has anyone yet patented the act of filing for patents? surely a money spinner to fill the coffers of all patent trolls out there. Seriously though, how do these patents get through? Don't you have to have an actual product you have made anymore? just the vaguest of ideas? Is this the basis for the term 'patently absurd'?

Swiss start-up re-broadcasting UK TV channels


@ Bill Fresher

You've missed the point you retard. Anyone forced to pay for something that everyone else then gets for free is going to get mad about it. I couldn't give a rat's ass for the thought of johnny foreigner being inflicted with Eastenders, Crap in the attic, celebrity dwarf tossing on ice (etc), just force them at gunpoint to pay for it first like we have to.

Blu-ray-for-Xbox 360 rumours restoked


Why has it taken this long?

MS would be foolish not to put a blu-ray drive in new xbox 360's. Surely the inclusion of a blu-ray drive is THE compelling arguement for buying a PS3 in the first place? - (obvioulsy PS3 owners also have a fantastic multi-player online system and tons of top notch games to chose from as well). </laugh>

Exec sounds death knell for games consoles



Yes, and the internet will never take off, pc's will die{out} by 2005, everyone will have their own jetpack by the 21st century etc etc etc.

When will these technological nostradamuses learn to keep their big gob's shut? why try and predict the future when the only thing that can happen is that you end up looking like an arse?

What I think is most likely to happen in the future is that console releases will get further apart, or that the console manufacturers will morph their consoles into other things (like set top boxes). OMG - i'm doing it now!

mines the one with the arms tied together at the back...

Doctor Who signs up thinking man's crumpet


worse yet to come?

how about the Tardis being rammed by the Titanic? what a fantastic storymaker RTD is (when did they say they were all quitting?)