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.NET Core: Still a Microsoft platform thing despite more than five years open source


As far as I know Oracle JDK is not open source at all.

How to build OpenJDK seems to be properly documented officially, on the java.net site.



After reading the article I decided to give .NET Core a quick try (in Ubuntu).

I needed to download and install packages-microsoft-prod.deb

When creating a project i get a lot of info, including:

"It is collected by Microsoft and shared with the community."

The automatically generated Program.cs starts with an efbbbf blob, and (as the project file) uses DOS line breaks.

And obviously it is all documented and downloaded from microsoft.com.

Building the entire thing from source (configure, make, make install) is not quite supported or explained on the MS pages (correct me if I am wrong), which is kind of common for open source code.

All these things are hints to Microsoft and the .NET Core people what makes it feel less like a true open source platform.

But in the end my problem with .NET Core is that I have little use for it. There are simply other languages that allow less footprint or less installation effort (for myself, or those I share my code with). And I don't see any case where .NET is the best option for my code. JavaScript, Python, Bash, C and PHP all have their obvious use cases where they shine.

.NET Core seems to be #1 only for the reason that you are already in that ecosystem or have to use it.

NBD: A popular HTTP-fetching npm code library used by 48,000 other modules retires, no more updates coming


Node.js remains stable

Thing is, Node.js API remains, it is stable and it is usable.

You don't need request, or anything else. You never did. I wrote much of my code for Node v0.12/v4.0 almost 5 years ago. Everything still works perfectly. I am productive and I deliver business value every day.

Your code should rely on what is truly stable and proven, even better - properly standardised. Everything else is just a distraction. Unless you just build throw-it-away proof-of-concepts.

Apple crumbles: Mac sales slump while Dell, HP Inc, Lenovo shift PCs


A normal desktop, please

I know this is just wishful thinking, but anyway...

The MacMini is really nice, but it underperforms for the price and it cant be configured for performance. Build with laptop parts.

The MacPro is really nice, but build with kind of extreme server parts and very pricy.

The iMac contains basically the right consumer mix of CPU, RAM, storage and GPU, and can be used for gaming (there are so many Mac OS games on steam nowadays!). But it comes with a huge display that I dont want or need.

Apple, how would it be to ship a little desktop build of desktop parts?

Is everyone who wants this building a Hackintosh?


Upgrades needed

Apples offer is not very attractive currently.

The Mac Mini is almost two years old, and that model was mostly worse and more expensive than the one before.


For a long time Apple released upgrades almost twice per year on most products. Often nothing remarkable, just more memory and slightly faster CPU. This no progress whatsoever strategy cant be good.