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UK.gov calls on the Big Man – GOD – to boost rural broadband


Re: Deja vu...

No, the Consistory Court later allowed this application and the 'Chingford case' became the basis for the MOA Code of Practice to which all mobile operators subscribe and which requires 'proof of majority' to enable access to adult sites.


Really not news at all as Church of England churches have been doing this since 2004!

There was a National Aerials Agreement in place which laid out the entire schema from planning through to access for ongoing maintenance.

The overwhelming majority of installations cannot even be seen from the street save, perhaps for a couple of discreet cables as local authority planners get really antsy if sight lines are spoiled.

Equally, within the Church of England at least, there is the entire 'faculty' process which is the church's own planning system running alongside secular planning rules and actually far more stringent.

Everyone benefits from this.

Churches get another income stream

Coverage is improved

Mobile operators have accessible sites which are unlikely to be redeveloped.

As I spent six years heading up the 'aerails' programme within the Church of England I am amazed that this is 'news' once again.

White hat banned for revealing vulns in news sites used by London councillors


Those who use it as a local community website get used to the accusations and random bans which only seem to apply to those who criticise NNet and certainly never to their 'friends' who get away with racist, misogynistic bigotry unchecked.


Sadly the 'were in the news!' article which linked to this article has been taken down - I wonder why?

Time to post it again on all of their sites?

If you fancy a trip down memory lane do visit NNet. Flat forums and the Chiswick one www.chiswickw4.com is populated by conspiracy theorists and lost 'doggies'. It's like being back on a Prestel CUG but without the nice colours.


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