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Java? Nah, I do JavaScript, man. Wise up, hipster, to the money


I'm a second generation geek and spent 40 years in Silicon Valley (Tandem ,Oracle, Google,etc) and I always smile when this discussion comes up, it's like religious wars. What technology/language to use depends on the task at hand (IMHO), if you are writing a file system most likely you would use C/C+ but you would not use it do a web page. If folks are thinking about the future of their career then I think you need to look at what technologies/languages fit with mobile devices (which is becoming everything). Phones and IoT devices require slim code.

Any way just my 2¢

Pure unsheathes the FlashBlade, cuts out NetApp legacy system


Re: Wow!!

I think the big thing here is not what or how old the Netapp system was but they replaced it with a non Netapp system. That's a sale that was lost worth some bucks now and in the future.


"Remind your readers that NetApp's all-flash array business is exceeding $1bn in annualized revenue..."

typical marketing, So basically yes it was us and no we can't match that.


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