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UK and USA seek new world order for cross-border data sharing and privacy


Re: UK will pull out of GDPR

The UK pulling out of GDPR would be massively stupid in economic terms, although I wouldn't put it past the current government to take this step.

I am currently working for a SaaS company, based in London, selling worldwide. As the UK is still complies with GDPR we can process EU data, however, once the UK pulls out we won't be able to do this, and would need to move jobs to an EU subsidiary.

It is also unlikely Facebook and Google would move from Ireland. Ireland is covered by GDPR, and it is only the favourable tax conditions plus and English speaking population that attracts these companies to this country in the first place. Prior to COVID I could see the UK becoming a low tax country, however, with the massive COVID debts and an ageing population that is now unrealistic.

UK.gov tells rebel MPs to go Huawei – but 5G Telecoms Security Bill was the price


Re: To the Victor, the Valiant Hotspur that Leads ....

I suspect you will have to wait a bit longer, I doubt this bill will be a priority with the Corana virus outbreak going to peak in April/May

Quick, get the popcorn: Amazon Web Services says Microsoft's benchmarks for Azure are a load of stripe


Re: 3.4 times faster and up to 87 per cent less expensive

.....due to asymmetry in nature your left ball is probably slightly different than your right ball, but both of them will get the job done they were intended for.

However, I would advise though not to run too many benchmarks for this purpose as it can become prohibitely expensive. I would advise exhaustive testing prior to running these bench marks.

I'm the queen of Gibraltar and will never get a traffic ticket... just two of the things anyone could have written into country's laws thanks to unsanitised SQL input vuln


The king of Spain is the king of Gibraltar would have done the trick

Or a law declaring Gibraltar will become part of Spain if the UK ever decide to leave the EU :-)

UK Supreme Court unprorogues Parliament


Re: subtly different article

There is not such thing as "BREAKING FREE", not if you are the size of the United Kingdom. Even the USA needs its trade deals.

Dear El Reg, Will Windows 10 break my VPN? I read it on the web so it must be true


Sophos Anitvirus does kill Windows 10 1903 build laptops

On a completely different topic, Sophos Antivurs and Windows 10 latest build (1903) do not like each other. Sophos Endpoint ends up taking up as much memory as it can get, eventually crashing most applications and requiring a reboot.

DeepNude deep-nuked: AI photo app stripped clothes from women to render them naked. Now, it's stripped from web


"Deepnudes" are already being published. Given the vast amount of nudes, it is trivial to find a matching nude body for a given celebrity. Combine this with some Photoshop editing skills, and your low tech "deep nude" is ready to go.

Net-sweet! Oracle cloud shows growing signs of life, just don't ask about the on-prem stuff


Knowing Oracle, any developer with an IQ above 1, should know better than to rely on a "free" service from Oracle.

Cloudera and MongoDB execs: Time is running out for legacy vendors


Re: The SQL Empire Strikes Back

Are you employed by Oracle by any chance ?

I agree that SQL is making a comeback, but your views of Oracle's product are rather optimistic.

'World's favorite airline' favorite among hackers: British Airways site, app hacked for two weeks


Re: PCI is a joke

The PCI audit tends to be focused on documentation, not on reality. As long as the documentation is in order, it doesn't matter if credit card details are stored unencrypted on a publicly accessible server.

Automation won’t take your job until the next recession threatens it


AI can't handle managers

The problem is that AI will never be clever enough to handle fuzzy requests from white collar managers and translate them into a real product. This article also ignores the human need for (psychopath) CEO's to surround themselves with an human audience they can play and mess with. There is no fun in threatening to fire an AI bot.

Machine learning for dummies: You needn't go back to uni to use it


Re: No need to go to Uni....

Many developers are quite happy to run a linear regression on a data set without understanding the actual mathematics behind it. A similar approach can be applied to many of the machine learning algorithms available in default libraries like Scikit-learn. Unfortunately there is still a lot of machine learning snobbery out there by those who hold a PhD in Machine learning. They are preventing the wider adaptation of machine learning by criticising the simpler but still valuable implementations. Yes, you need a PhD in machine learning if you want to build a Google scheduler that can make appointments for you, but you don't need if you are trying to understand customer churn.

Europe dumps 300,000 UK-owned .EU domains into the Brexit bin


.eu is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the European Union (EU).[1] Launched on 7 December 2005, the domain is available for any person, company or organization based in the European Economic Area. Thanks to May we will be leaving the EEA as well.


Re: No surprise

>> Predictable? Maybe. The act of an organisation you'd want to be beholden to? Maybe not.

What do you expect ? That UK companies can keep using .EU domains ? Brexit means Brexit.


Re: Where are the Brexit fans?

As long as the .eu domain transferal is part of the Brexit transition, this is not an unreasonable request to make.

Defra to MPs: There's no way Brexit IT can be as crap as rural payments


Re: With the rise of the city farm...

The difference is that the existing system, although complex, has been up and running for years, whereas the new system is still in the design phase and will be cheaply outsourced leaving the developers with little chance of delivering a robust system in the next decade.

Sci-tech wants skilled worker cap on PhD and shortage jobs scrapped


Those thumbs down voters, this is economic reality. Are you really going to pay £10,000 for an average flat screen television ? Or a £1,000,000 for your next car ?


It is naive to assume salaries are driven by skill shortage alone. They are capped by the price-demand curve of the final product. If you need to pay to much for a STEM engineer, your product will no longer be competitively priced compared to the rest of the market and your sales will decline. At a certain price point, it is not even worth investing and you are better off to invest your money in treasury bonds or some other safe asset.

Official US govt Twitter accounts caught tweeting in Russian, now mysteriously axed


не нам

товарищ, вы ложно обвиняете нас. мы были созданы

MongoDB shoots for $220m in IPO, values NoSQL biz at $1.2bn


Re: Don't buy

Spark still offer free parallelisation and that can be useful if your language of choice doesn't support parallelisation very well (e.g. Python). However, it is indeed most suited when you need to scale out to multiple machines.

Regarding MongoDB, I found it a pain to setup and to maintain. AWS DynamoDB has its own problems, but is a lot easier to setup and maintain and has better security by default. In-house I generally use PostgreSQL or Hadoop HDFS, depending on the problems I am trying to solve. However, more importantly for this IPO, the companies that I have worked for and are using MongoDB, are generally very happy to run the community edition without a support contract. That probably explains the large losses.


Don't buy

MongoDB has an awful query language and doesn't play well with Apache Spark. There are much better document databases available on both AWS and Azure, so personally I would consider this company heavily overvalued.

Microsoft downplays alarm over Windows Defender 'flaw'


Re: Security Researchers

Never underestimate the stupidity of users...you only need one of them.

Tech biz must be more export-focused, says defence kit minister


Selling more defense tech and arms to seems to be the governments post-Brexit strategy. We will just sell to the highest bidder, regardless who they are. It can't possible backfire, can it ?

Act fast to get post-Brexit data deal, Brit biz urges UK.gov


I am sure they need our data more then we need their data

UK.gov wants quick Brexit deal with EU over private data protections


The only way the UK can get a quick deal with the EU about private data protection, is by accepting all existing EU regulations and oversight by the ECJ. Of course more bespoke deals are possible, but they will take longer to negotiate than the year left for Brexit negotiations.

Foxit PDF Reader is well and truly foxed up, but vendor won't patch


Re: Suggestions for replacement?

You mean the Windows 10 Chrome downloader ?

So despite all the cash ploughed into big data, no one knows how to make it profitable


Re: Data speculation - Done successfully

Based on their job ads Cambridge Analytica have an impressive technology stack, however, as a data scientist myself, it is almost never the technology stack that is the limiting factor, but mapping and data quality issues instead. For example, how can I map your username Flocke Kroes reliable to your other social media accounts and secondly how can I infer your political opinions from your posts, in particular if you only ever post videos of cats or dogs on your public profile. Based on my personal experience, I don't believe Cambridge Analytica can deliver what they are promising, they seems to have nothing more than a glorified spreadsheet to record voter information derived from door to door leafleting combined with a limited subset of voter information scraped from social media.

Report estimates cost of disruption to GPS in UK would be £1bn per day


Of course the UK could just use the EU’s Galileo GPS system that went live in December.....oh wait, post-Brexit the UK will now have to negotiate, and pay for access to it

DJI: Register your drones or no more cool flying vids for you


Re: Way to go!

All those thousands of drones registered to 10 and 11 Downing street, do May and Hammond really have the time to play with them all ?

Has AI gone too far? DeepTingle turns El Reg news into terrible erotica


Whoever wrote this AI needs therapy.....

Britain shouldn't turn its back on EU drone regs, warns aerospace boffin


This is what is going to happen

The UK will copy and past the EASA regulations and do a find-replace of "EU" with "Great-Britain". A few junior lawyers will be tasked to correct the most obvious mistakes and then it will be proof-read by a few senior lawyers. This process will be repeated, but limited in scope, every time the EASA changes their regulations. At some point, 5 to 10 years from now, a lazy minister, or a minister pressurised by budget cuts, will find this all rather cumbersome and decides that re-joining the EASA is much easier. By then the voters will have moved on from their Brexs*it concerns and this news will be buried on page 10.

I expect this process to be repeated for other useful EU organisations. Of course this won't happen under emperor May, but it will almost certainly be done under her successor, whoever he/she maybe.

Drugs, vodka, Volvo: The Scandinavian answer to Britain's future new border


Re: Who is going to pay for all this?

You are a traitor, not respecting the will of the people. We are going to have our strong and stable leader May negotiate a strong and stable trade deal with every strong and stable country in the world and it shall be good.


Re: Who is going to pay for all this?

Unfortunately it doesn't work this way. As Brexit always ask for sources, but never supply one themselves, Google how cocoa imports are currently handled from countries like Brazil and Indonesia.

WWW daddy Sir Tim Berners-Lee stands up for end-to-end crypto


Right hash tags, hashing, hashish

Does he know the right hash tags, hashing algorithm or hashish though ?

Oxford Uni boffins say internet filters probably won't protect teens


Most filters are useless

I do have a internet filter at home from Virgin Media and have configured Google so it does SafeSearch only, however, both can be bypassed in seconds. You can simply start an incognito window, go to Google Image Search and type in sex. The returned results are nothing spectacular, but enough to keep a teenager busy for hours. With a bit more effort the filter can be completely bypassed by simply using a Google DNS server. On the laptop I can lock this all down by revoking admin rights, however, on Android phones this can be simply achieved by installing an app. Also do not forget public WIFI, some of them are horrendously bad at filtering anything at all.

MongoDB emits free-tier DBaaS and migration service to woo devs


Mongo is slowly turning into a sales company and seems less concerned about technical improvements. MongoDB is not bad, but it needs an overhaul of its three query languages and a far better integration with Apache Spark if it wants to stay a serious NoSQL contender.

Post-Brexit five-year UK work visas planned – report


Re: What utter s*****

Probably nobody. If you are really skilled and don't mind been thrown out after five years, you are better off in Silicon Valey where the pay is at least double what you can get in the UK.

'First ever' SHA-1 hash collision calculated. All it took were five clever brains... and 6,610 years of processor time


Re: 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 sha1 calculations

It costs nothing if you use some else's hardware...think botnets.


Re: 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 sha1 calculations

If someone has botnet of 150,000 nodes, it just takes a couple of days to find a SHA1 collision.

Cloudbleed: Big web brands 'leaked crypto keys, personal secrets' thanks to Cloudflare bug


Re: Uh-oh

W3C validator says no:


GitLab invokes the startup defence to explain data loss woes


Failure to backup is a failure to take your clients serious

A failure to backup and to regularly test you can restore that backup, is simply a failure of taking your clients seriously. Such failures make it far harder for an software architect to recommend spending the cash on an enterprise edition.

Routine jobs vanishing and it's all technology's fault? Hold it there, sport


Sex robots with rights.....that kind of defies the purpose. If you get no sex after spending lots of money, you can just as well get married:-)

UK Parliament waves through 'porn-blocking' Digital Economy Bill


Re: We need a new icon...

Unfortunately Big Sister Theresa May and her MP colleagues seem to be clueless regarding the internet. How long will it take for one of the kids to figure out you can bypass most of these filters using Google DNS or a VPN server. If all else fails, you could also of course use your dad's computer to watch that stuff.

The sharks of AI will attack expensive and scarce workers faster than they eat drivers


Re: Basic misunderstanding how AI works

Until the AI learns to rip you off too:-)

MongoDB's CEO: Expect aggressive investing as biz aims at Oracle et al


Re: If one reads between the lines

I have used MongoDB in production and I am considering to become a certified developer. Not because I love MongoDB, but because I good make a good living as a consultant by redesigning badly thought out schemas or migrating MongoDB back to a SQL based environment. Personally I only use MongoDB for storing JSON retrieved from external APIs. You only need a few lines of Python for this and can be very useful if you want to scrape additional fields at a later stage. However, it is less useful for storing big data, especially as I found the integration with Apache Spark (beginning of 2016) not very good.

Tableau revenues drop due to weak UK sales, fingers sales bods not Brexit


UK Sales staff should polish up their CV

If they don't blame Brexit, the massive scapegoat in the porcelaine cupboard, it can only mean they want to get rid of some of their UK sales staff.

Oracle: We're going to be the practical AI people, we swear it


The dawn of the rise of AI bots is here. If they make these bots intelligent, they probably do not want to work for Oracle.

How to create a security startup and bag VC millions – step one: Containers, AI or cloud


I think my company is using one of those AI cyber security tools. IT asked me if I had logged into a desktop machine, modified and executed a Python script several times. Very suspicious indeed that I was actually doing some work rather than checking my Facebook:-). In this case the AI security system overlooked the fact that it is a real pain to get an application server in my company, so when they finally allocate a new desktop machine or server, you try to hold on to it as long as you can. Ironically I was using the machine for training an AI system, maybe a case of AI envy:-).