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What jobs in 2020 ?

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I don’t entirely agree with the fact that the IT sphere dies.

Good IT specialists will never be in dry dock. Software and web development, administration of computer networks - all these fields of activity are popular and demanded. Practically each organization has computers which need to be serviced. Many firms promote goods and services using websites. It’s impossible without web developers, web designers, SEO specialists and copywriters etc. Computer engineers will be required for preventing of Internet fraud, computer safety.

This week I have reading...

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Case history

This week I read The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks. In this book author described the case histories of some of his patients. It’s my first book about neurology and psychology. The man’s story is my favorite. Want to read more about human brain possibilities.

Mars One

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Me too. It’s a great possibility to create a history.