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They're baaaack: Avaya outlasts Chapter 11



@ K --- that about spells it out pretty well. Good one.

New battery boffinry could 'triple range' of electric vehicles


Re: Phone Batteries

7 year journey...? Not necessarily - as assistive/peripheral technologies (used to help with this battery problem) also gain ground in their own realms - the time line becomes shortened, making a 'possible' market introduction in 3 - 5 years. Maybe... fingers crossed

iOS apps can read metadata revealing users' location histories


Re: Android too? - Terrorist, no.... okay.

"I turned them on, as I value location data and I'm not a terrorist/having and affair/or doing anything else illegal/immoral..."

--- I like that, a bit of humour for the day. That aside, you should still be cautious. In role my work role, we use that kind of info to track folks. But on the flip side, there are those malicious As_ _ oles out there who use that location data to target you for any nice valuables you might have at home, nicely framed in your photo, with the geolocation info turned on... be careful.

AWS will be the last big cloud to add Skylake as Azure turns 'em on


Hardware and services

Yes, good one "TheVogon". It does matter to some businesses to know what services they can run in cloud AS WELL AS the type of hardware that cloud provider is providing. Before anyone comments on this, i.e. some software is optimized to run more efficiently on certain hardware. Just the way businesses, to this point anyway, is being done. Not all software runs the same on all hardware. If only it were that easy - it would make life MUCH better for all of us.

Samsung flashes flash stash for flash motors


SD display.... 320kpbs

I have to respectfully disagree, I don't know many folks who would want to have SD quality on anything, especially after having HD in their lives.

Then, at 320k...?

That is just asking for trouble - think about folks who have crappy vision - those with glasses and STILL have crappy vision. Having higher quality displays, faster speeds can mean a great deal for the driver (maps in particular) - back seat displays, sure, they can have SD quality. But in the driver seat, some of us want the best possible definition with the faster speed processors available.

At a decent price that is....

Ethereum just checked that part of a Zcash transaction was legit


Depressing & Scary

Yes, it is somewhat depressing.

And it is also scary, because I work in Intelligence & Cybersecurity and I am one of that think long and hard about security - criminal activities, malicious activities, etc... While privacy is a VERY good thing, it is not such a good thing when it comes to anonymity where criminal elements dwell/crawl/slither.... And certain government activities, pick a government (i.e. US Attorney General wanting a web site to turn over web site info so they can track all those individuals {& yes, that particular AG is a slime bucket - allegedly...})

If we could just get a word in Edgewise... New kid says it can do data center firewalls better


Re: NS

Ahhh, hello NS.

After I read a few of the articles that have been released since yesterday, my very first thought was:

"super white-list" or "white-list on steroids" and sent that out along with some of the press release content to my peers across the country as a new interesting possibility (can't say which organization, sorry). But I'm not in the top level for gaining a new product...

Edgewise does sound promising because there are no 'hard' & 'true' edge to networks any longer as one person who talked about Edgewise indicated (in one press release) - but we knew that.

And I know and have talked to the CTO of vArmour and their micro-segmentation product, which is at the address-control level - even that is still like a firewall (even if it is a good product).

Basically, we all have a headache in trying to figure out how to effectively stop malicious activities & behaviour (I put in the 'u' for our UK friends). If there is a product that introduces 'machine-learning' to help stop the bad guys (and gals), let's see more.

Good luck

Want to come to the US? Be prepared to hand over your passwords if you're on Trump's hit list


Sad statement but maybe true...

@ Old Handle - you got quite a point there, this situation is starting to make ME want to leave the US. That is, while this looney, errr, certain individual put into the presidency by the electoral college is in that office. Or rather, as soon as the next election comes around - we can do better... We definitely want folks to come in, after this social media invasive vetting episode is over.

Now just imagine how many folks are going to create fake accounts, just seed it with just enough true info - and no, it may not extend very far into the past but it will be there...

New US rules on 'vehicle-to-vehicle' communications under consultation


insurance... vultures

Well, I'm kinda curious about how massively interested insurance companies are going to become as they will want to grab as much of this telematic / V2V info as they can in order to ramp up insurance rates for all of us.

Gotta have a little profit with this new tech, besides the car makers that is...

HOPEFULLY, some sane senator, congressman, legislator, whomever, will see that that are serious privacy implications here.

And with this new president-elect and the rag-tag cabinet selections, I'm not feeling too confident about our protections here in the U.S.

Elizabeth Warren, can we clone you please - about 300 times....??

Bluetooth: Remember us? Internet of Things before it was a Thing?


BT 5 and BT 4 firmware / upgrade

Okay, what I'm wondering is, at this stage of tech, will BT 4 (or 4.1) firmware be able to get upgraded to BT 5...???

Or will it require a new chipset to handle the BT 5 firmware.....???

AWS shines light on Virginia solar scheme


Trump & Coal

Why would they even bother listening to Trump in bringing back harmful (black lung disease for one out of 'many'), inefficient and non-renewable (not in our lifetime anyway) fossil fuels...???

Why not just keep moving forward with their energy renewable projects and not be forced to rely on coal and power plants...? Maybe use a little of that nuke juice from the nuke plants someone posted prior to me.

GSMA: 5G at risk if governments don't get their acts together


Yes, agree. Screens are too small to do any serious reading on (ESPECIALLY for older eyes), for long periods of time and that involves a lot of moving the screen around.

And if anyone suggests getting a phablet, that is out the window. Some of us want a phone and to do serious reading, we get a 10" tablet (or fire up a laptop, notebook, etc.).

In my case, I would really...... reallyyyyyy.... love to have a 5G phone so I can watch videos (not games but useful ones such as for NFV, SDN, AWS re:Invent, Azure, Splunk, TED Talks, and on). And I download a lot of WPs and sometimes I'm in a hurry, so, I want them faster. Waiting to get home on a larger/faster form factor is not the point.

Microsoft flips Google the bird after Windows kernel bug blurt


Re: C'mon get serious...

The machine in Redmond has finally put out the word for OEMs to stop selling Win 7 & 8.

But, we all know it is going to take years before those two versions go away, by which point, we're going to likely be looking at Win 15 and 18 and etc....

See that red spot on the chart? Sail over it and you'll find a Russian sub


Re: Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov


Not clear on that one, no large military naval craft can get that high. Maybe you're thinking of a specially kitted out attack boat with hydrofoils to skim faster over the water (much faster)...?

Then, that really would be something to see, some attack boat hitting an opponent while traveling at 130mph (or 120 knots) or higher...

Researchers expose Mirai vuln that could be used to hack back against botnet


Hack back...

Good response but likely not true.

The snag is, if it is 'consumer' kit in a hospital that was coopted and used as a jump off point and you hack back, possibly doing some damage (inadvertently) for something like a life saving device. Once an investigation begins to discover how that device was brought down, law enforcement will be able to back track to your IP.

Then, unfortunately, you're going to be on the hot seat for causing damage (or a death), even if your heart was in the right place in trying to stop the hack.

But I think most of us are with you in wanting to do some kind of hack back to stop this crap from malevolent, idiotic, STUPD morons causing this mayhem....

Stung by Azure and AWS cost shock? Penny-pinchers love them some OpenStack



Good point you make here, if organizations are not spending the money on a cloud provider, then they're spending it on staff (and on-prem equipment) to do that coding/scripting...

And with adding more staff to do that coding comes costs - salaries, medical/dental insurance, 401k (Roth, etc.) and other stingily granted concessions to keep and (or try to) make employees happy (overtime, sick time/vacation, maternity leave, etc.).

Let's not forget continual upgrades/patches (and testing of those patches) while we're at it...

Oh yeah, and Disaster Recovery - anyone plan and set up DR from scratch to a different city (not for a Hot site but for a Cold or Warm site)...?

Don't forget about power and cooling of the datacenter (as well as power and cooling AND heating for the humans).

Then there is the space needed to house more staff.

And then there is, well, we could go nattering on about this, couldn't we...?

The cost of operating in the cloud, for now, is going to cost the organization to some degree. The issue will be in deciding which way to go:

a) hiring more coders and buying equipment or

b) offload most of the h/w (& maybe software) worries to a provider and THEN bring in a platoon of coders rather than an army

HP Ink COO: Sorry not sorry we bricked your otherwise totally fine printer cartridges


What a friggin' joke - years of HP (ink) games

Yes, glad this is getting more traction. This damn company has been manipulating people's ink choices for many, many years. I was also affected at one point because of the HP ink cartridge schemes....

And my ass:

from HP "only a small number of customers have been affected"

They have got to be frigging kidding - this has affected MANY MORE customers over the years...

Both HPs allegedly axed people just for being old, California court told


Re: So what?

Ahhh, you might want to reconsider your comment, as some of those, ahhh, granddads may had had to take out another 20+ year mortgage to pay for their child's (or three) college tuition.

Or, to pay for their grand-children's day care that the parent's cannot afford.

Sooo.... think on those aspects a wee bit before you jump on some of the older population at work.

Larry Page snuffs out ‘too expensive’ Google Fiber project


Re: Actually an argument for a public utility to own the last mile

EXCELLENT write up.

The only snag with the government involvement is that we (in the US) have a large number of people who do not want more government regulation, which is rather short sighted and sad. Having some kind of nation-wide regulation along the lines you suggested would only benefit everyone...

I mean, who would not want 1 Gbps to the door, consistent all over the country...???

It would also solve the great digital divide. We still have too many people being forced to use friggin' dial up and kilobit speeds as we all know, well, they suck.

Next big thing after containers? Amazon CTO talks up serverless computing


Re: So exactly like mainframe computing 30 years ago...

Hmmmm, maybe Hollerith cards are coming back too?

Let me see if I can dig up a box or two of those punched cards to do a 2 or 3 page report on the state of mainframe, errr, serverless computing.

Capacity limits are utter tosh: Toshiba fattens SSD, disk with flash layers, helium


Re: Whoopsie!

@Black Rat, yep, good topic but that and a couple of other typos and errors got me distracted...