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The Big Data revolution: Big Bang or loud noise?

Marcus Haas


In the section "Data value is still ‘underexploited’", should the label for the lower graph not read 'UNstructured data'?

Too rude for the road: DVLA hot list of banned numberplates

Marcus Haas

Back in the 90s, I saw a silver BMW 3 series with the registration J1 HAD, wonder if that's still in circulation.

Asian manufacturers race to ready iPhone-alikes

Marcus Haas

Not just 'alikes' but also...



Open source development goes Mac-tastic

Marcus Haas

Windows apps prototyped on the Mac?

Surely not!

If memory serves, Excel was originally written for the Mac and only later was made available for Windows.

Kind of annoying really, given that these days you have to wait ages for new Mac versions of Office, and then they don't always include all the features of the Windows version...

Motorbike crash man fails to notice loss of leg

Marcus Haas

And he didn't notice his rear brake wasn't working?

The rear brake is operated by the right foot and one would normally use it, surely he'd have noticed he wasn't slowing down as fast as normal?

'Portable' CD player puts MP3 into a spin

Marcus Haas

Reminds me of the Audio Technica Soundburger

Reminds me of a device marketed by Audio Technica (better known for tonearms and pickup cartridges for turntables) in the 1980s called the Soundburger:


I got one from Rumbelows (remember them?), heavily discounted to £25 from about £90 (guess they didn't sell).

Bizarre as it might seem, the audio quality was astonishingly good.


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