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Cops collar Russian punting dog dressed as lamb

Paris Hilton

...otherwise they'd just be picking on the chicken

Strange world we live in, where eating one animal is seen as cruelty, yet it's fine to chomp down on sheep/cows/pigs (depending on religious beliefs).

Blizzard ditches long-time WoW operator


@Bad Beaver

I'd imagine there's not much gold trade happening on the chinese servers regardless - what makes it profitable on the US/EU realms is the currency imbalance between the countries involved.

BNP membership list leaks online


Idle threat?

"Anonymous said...

I'm currently having fun emailing employers, schools and police departments of people that were stupid enough to register with their employer email

Also cc'ing in local newspapers to avoid cover ups

He he he"

Who knows, guessing someone out there must be bored enough to do it. Searching google already shows results for some trackers....

1980s Apricot reborn in noughties as netbook seller



...*vomits onto keyboard* Seriously, please. That's worse than 'lappy'.

Google sued for 'crimes against humanity'


My Clue is Pointing This Way

I think this guy is onto something pretty big. Did you also notice that he was born on the 20th November? 20 - 11 = 9. Do you see it? 911. How much more evidence do you need? Obviously Google are involved in a lot more than search engines and tax codes....

Harry Potter and the Virus of Doom


Spoiler warning anyone?

Hows about tagging this story with a spoiler warning (for all the slow readers out there).