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Teen battles City of London cops over anti-Scientology placard

simon perryman

Time to make some T-Shirts I think

Maybe something that says "Scientology is not a cult" in 144pt font apart from the word "not" that could be in 8pt. Would that be a problem?

MySpace celebrity hacker downs hacking forum

simon perryman

That's awesome

Hack three myspace pages no one cares about and get someone elses page taken of the web.

Genius idea for DoS attacks.

Royal Navy presses IT Crowd for nuclear missile 'servers'

simon perryman
Black Helicopters

I'm not the only one then

I saw that ad and nearly died laughing.

Absolute genius. The only way it could have been better would have been to involve the Mac vs PC guys to really show what a laughing stock our forces IT has become.

No-humping 20mph limit for London

simon perryman

People seem to only think about the rush hour commute.

What about late night journeys?

The four am trip to work because a server has crashed. If you have to make that at 20mph with no other cars in sight then London is going to become a mighty annoying place to be.

The claim that only residential streets will be targeted seems a touch vague to me. How many roads in London can honestly claim to have no residents?

Tax and perks for the insurance companies via the backdoor me thinks.

Dell trips up over laptop components

simon perryman

This sounds about right

I contacted dell and told them that I needed 2 laptops urgently to spec a project and then assuming it all went ok with the test systems I would want to order another 150 - 200.

They told me the "urgent" test systems would take7 weeks and cited the laptop monitor shortage. I asked if it was an industry wide problem why HP weren't effected. My account manager replied and told me that "Theres no reason to be like that."

I think Dell may have forgotten that they sell computers as there main business model. They have certainly lost site of what there customers want, ie computers that don't take 2 months to arrive.

Oh and for the record I'd quite like machines not laden with crap trial ware and a delivery option that doesn't cost £60 which is frankly the biggest joke ever.

Top judge: put everyone in UK on the DNA database

simon perryman

@ Peter Davies

I think what you meant to say was "I have nothing to hide YET..."

Just for the record could you give me some actual figures on how many crimes would be instantly solved by having everyones DNA on file? Forgive me for not wanting to buy into an idea like this because you imagine it might work.

The cost alone is insane before you even think about the rights issues.

AT&T censors Pearl Jam's anti-Bush sing-along

simon perryman


You can point out that the land of the free has actually become nothing more than a bunch of right wing, breast fearing wierdo's who like nothing more than following a near dictator who actively supress political freedom, but whatever you do don't say bad things about a mediocre band.

I suspect I may have just hit the "American issue" on the head right there

Naughty Dan!


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