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Google rolls out pro-privacy DNS-over-HTTPS support in Chrome 83... with a handy kill switch for corporate IT


Re: Can no longer Easily see what extensions are installed

The better option would be a quick link to plugins/extensions, vs having to grab the 3 bars -> More Tools -> Extensions.

Every browser has this issue, quick access to toolbars, but the counter to these buttons is that there a sh*t ton of them sometimes, which makes it harder to review a URL at a glance when the buttons shrink the bar too far.

Having a bookmarks bar and Add-ons / Extensions bar would also be a good choice ..

but of course this is a mega corporation and despite user choice, mega corporations know best.. right? (insert eye roll here)

Chap joins elite support team, solves what no one else can. Is he invited back? Is he f**k


I think we all know this story too well.

And the other side ... I can't understand in the first few posts the question wasn't "so what was this magical setting that allowed FTP to work better?"

A picture tells a 1,000 words. Pixels pwn up to 5 million nerds: Crims use steganography to stash bad code in ads


Re: Sometimes it *doesn't* suck to be blind...

@shadowsystems unfortunately one of the three of those make sense.

Turning off JavaScript - that makes sense.

Fonts? you don't have to see them, sure, but the default system comes with X y & Z fonts. Unless *you* have uninstalled the others and even then, all the code looks for is that you have A, B & C fonts again they are more likely looking at the default font set that was installed with the OS. Anything else sensory-wise is just hogwash. You also would likely *not* know if windows re-installed such fonts, unless you check every day .. you do don't you? I know that's the first thing *I* do when I get on my system (not)

And then images .. sure turn them off cause *you* can't see them .. that doesn't still mean some wonky issue doesn't occur where the image is not seen as "an image" by the code and content gets pulled down that you weren't expecting, and oh yeah .. because you can't SEE them .. you don't necessarily know if something made it past your "don't download images" filter..

And come to think of it, even with JS turned off, theres likely an option to turn it back on without your direct request by something turning it back on.. oh.. like an update.. and again .. because you're blind, how would you know? until its potentially too late..

So I guess all three of your assertions could be wrong.

Huawei MateBook Pro X: PC makers look out, the phone guys are here


Re: I rather like it, but for one detail

The IPv6 Buddy is not a proper number pad either ... no + - or x keys .. for math functions.

And like several others.. the lack of a dedicated number pad on laptop keyboard means this is a no for me.. I deal with IP addresses all day ... I have never been as fast on the top row numbers, as I have been with number pad.

Linux kernel's Torvalds: 'I am truly sorry' for my 'unprofessional' rants, I need a break to get help


Re: "a gentle word will probably achieve more than the f-bomb"

@anon coward .. :-) reminds me of when I got a Cert'd Network Engineer dismissed because not only did I find him posting our network config on-line and asking if stuff I suggested would work, but then he had the nerve to tell me I couldn't publish *internal* DNS records for facebook, myspace, and other time-wasters that our employees were on at the time.

I got tired of arguing with him in a meeting about it, went back to my desk, created said zones for internal DNS distribution, sent an email to our boss asking him to go to www.facebook.com on his work computer and waited. Boss called me in, asked me to explain what I did .. I created zones in our Active Directory domain, saying only to our internal offices that *we* were authoritative for "facebook" and set it to a 1 page IIS site on the intranet with a big red stop sign - "Facebook is no longer an allowed destination for company users due to chronic productivity loss" ... I then rolled it out to 35 satellite offices along with 15 other domains we found too many people wasting time on. The following day the "Engineer" was no longer with us, adding one more entry to his 15 jobs in 3 years CV.

Connected car data handover headache: There's no quick fix... and it's NOT just Land Rovers



First of all ... this issue isn't new. When was the last time you rented a car, that's bluetooth enabled? Ever tried to connect your phone.. and find others still in there?

So first and foremost, its the lazy people getting in these situations, that don't go through those apps and clear out their own data .. the last three cars I rented, I could have downloaded someone else's Phonebook data .. but being more of a white hat .. I simply deleted the other data from the system. They all have options to do so.

Second .. while I get Anon's idea.. it again imposes issues.. just like all of the other technological fixes for a horribly broken human existence.. Sure.. limit the reset to being at the dealer .. or manufacturer .. which means.. you *WILL* most likely have to PAY THEM to perform the service, even if its just to give you the code to do it yourself, while you are in *THEIR* parking lot, etc..

You think they won't? Look at all the american greed mongers that charge 75 dollars or more just to attach their Diag Tool to the modern car, to read what the car is saying is wrong .. and if you DONT pay it .. they hand it back to junior who sits there and futz around trying to figure out what's wrong, without using the Diag Data that should immediately move the technician to the troubled issue.

The simple fact, is 1st world problems, and educating people that this is an issue they must ensure for themselves doesn't happen for *THEIR* car, their sale of, or purchase ... that they make sure their first or last actions (depending on if you're the new owner, or the former) are to delete / wipe / reset via the option ALREADY PRESENT in the car and apps to do so.

Trump’s new ZTE tweets trump old ZTE tweets


Given his past tweets ... those posted in the article don't read like Pres. Trump. They read more like an aide with guidance from someone more civil, skilled, and measured, taking what P.T. said and re-writing it to make it read way better.

It gets worse: Microsoft’s Spectre-fixer wrecks some AMD PCs


Agreed bad, but you know microsoft will just spin the press .. "oh look at how many we've saved, the millions running our windows 10 with updates that don't brick won't be part of the worm spreading masses"

And this happened before .. remember the driver that killed gamers systems for keyboards and mice? Yet where do they go? .. back to microsoft to slurp up more free gruel. MMMMmmm thank you microsoft might I have some more?

FYI tell your friends, the first places Spectre related malware is likely to show up? .. those "download to see this movie" apps. We internet poor do love our stolen goods.

Firefox 57: Good news? It's nippy. Bad news? It'll also trash your add-ons


Re: Chrome?


sure, so the browser doesn't but nearly every site you go to does, with its cookies, its adwords, its ties to everything else google, so that the browser itself only does the fetching, but its fetching everything from google (yes, not literally but figuratively with so many others pulling bits and pieces from google).

I'm in the camp that says Firefox ESR 45.9 was my last version and looking to migrate to forks.

why? In the early days we taught users "look at the address / url bar" .. "look at the status bar" .. these are areas that will hold valuable information.

Ever since Chrome appeared, and had its agenda of dumb-ing it down, things have gotten worse for the conscious user.

I have the statusbar visible .. why? because I can get an instant status without mouse over (which too many of those bs web-apps require. I look down I see what level of encryption this site uses, I see the current weather cloud, I see my ABP & Scriptish icons, unobtrusively off to the sides of said status bar.. they aren't squeezing the address bar, and yet they are instantly visible with simple tap if needing to disable stomething quickly. I see that Forecast Fox (fix edition) just updated from cloud to cloud with rain .. seeing that *now* could hover over the radar for more information .. but I don't have to and I valuable information without the hovers and clicks..

Would love the speed of the new browser .. but I'd rather fit and functionality and lose some peed .speed

DirecTV Now plagued with faults, but uptake not slowing


DishTV with DishAnwhere for free is a much better combination

I don't have to pay anything extra for my DishAnywhere service. I have 3 dvr's in house, and can watch content from any of them on line, inside or outside the house. Inside, of course, doesn't use up as much bandwidth, it still tracks and does some content monitoring metrics to their servers even though the boxes and the computer are inside my house, I know because I see the network bandwidth graph on my router tick upward of 400k when I start streaming inside the house. And yes that means the content I want already has to be part of my regular Dish Network packages, but being able to stream live TV outside the house when I'm on lunch in the evenings (3rd shift) or access content from DishAnywhere itself, is a billion times better than what Directv had with its "PC2TV" app (it blocked almost everything I'd recorded from streaming)

That said ... DishAnywhere is far from perfect, especially after their forced software upgrade on all the DVR's and Joey (client boxes that playback DVR or live) ... one example of the stupidity .. is that even 1.5 years into the new software (its "hand me down" from their hopper 3's software) you still have problems with the interface, like you can't sort their PrimeTimeAnyTime and group them by network or you get ZERO shows to watch from PTAT.. but leave PTAT in the default "ungrouped" and "by time recorded" and you get all the content on one crappy screen.

But .. having been on the competitor for the 2 years prior and having their non-existent offering .. I welcomed Dish Tv back.

Hell desk to user: 'I know you're wrong. I wrote the software. And the protocol it runs on'


I'd rather know what she was trying to do, that he said could be done, and she said couldn't.

If someone's misunderstood it to that level, then its possible for many more of us to do so, and thus not have just a laugh, but a learning moment too.

Microsoft recommends you ignore Microsoft-recommended update


Re: A new meaning to

you may have missed the point... Microsoft *IS* a danger to itself, if releasing 4.7 bricks one of its core server applications.

UK gov says new Home Sec will have powers to ban end-to-end encryption


...you keep using that word

Too bad we can't post meme pics.

Find the one that suits .. "you keep using that word .. I do not think it means what you think it means"

Ban end to end encryption .. and how would you know which is *that* encrypted stream? I mean surely you don't mean to block HTTPS and make people insecure with their banking details and in public wifi areas, and what about client VPN connections?

Tech, it don't work that way.

Here's how police arrested Lauri Love – and what happened next


Re: Although the burden of proof lies with Love

@anon_coward - you could lay ground work proving you have a memory issue.

show a note book or pieces of paper that you would commonly write things on, to show you are forgetful. You could have witnesses that would testify that you were always forgetting something, walking back into a room, forgetful of what you needed or why you stopped in .. etc. etc.. etc.

Its doesn't mean he couldn't be of perfect faculty, and have forgotten though. Just that under the circumstances, it would seem either odd. The amount of his cooperation might also go a long way in helping to realize if he was more or less genuine in his forgetfulness.


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