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Smut pop-up teacher case finally resolved with misdemeanor plea

Will Blake

Even the misdemeanor should be expunged!

A modern version of New England injustice reminiscent of the Salem witch trials?

Both the prosecutor and the judge in this case have already been promoted within the system, and, apparently, Julie Amero may never be able to fully clear her name. This case is not even on the Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice web site; everyone should email the state's Attorney General conndcj@po.state.ct.us - Kevin Kane

Warezov botnet rises from the grave

Will Blake

Atrivo / Intercage - Storm

Just a coincidence Intercage and Storm going dark at the same time?

Ad hoc malware police besiege net neutrality

Will Blake
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WOW!!! Just Poor Logic

So I assume simple examples as Google's efforts to prevent surfers going to exploit web sites, Open DNS preventing phishing web sites........ these break Net Neutrality.

Hang on do no not stop there:

- my anti-virus stops someone from stealing my ID, I must take it off my PC?

- Dan's latest article warns about an SQL injection, he is restricting some hackers rights to screw me and everyone else?

At last, some of the community (ad-hoc's) successfully persuade a few providers to be good 'netizens' or Atrivo / Intercage is isolated by the community after many years of unrestricted thievery. This is bad?

Dutch regulator slaps spyware purveyors with €1m fine

Will Blake

Russian Business Network (RBN)

Just for accuracy this is actually "iframedollars" - at last good to see RBN affiliates getting nailed for their antics.

By the way, still active after a few deceptive moves by the RBN, most recent write up is here


Update as of today "iframedollars" still active and based on Hostfresh and myrdns.com (AKA Atrivo), same source as the Bank of India hack and others.....

Controversial Russian Business Network drops offline

Will Blake

RBN Offline Really?

I must admit sometimes I get really depressed about the standard of journalism and commercial bias with Internet security issues nowadays.

What started as Washington Post blog article concerning the dropping of “some” RBN IP addresses and another “regular” shift of their operation bases. Within 48 hours Trend Micro reporting the RBN has “no” internet connectivity, to grab a few clicks and as Johnny Come Lately hint to claim the credit, here The Register just copies this fabricated story.

For Anonymous Coward, the reason there has been a drop off over the last few days is Bleeding Threats RBN blacklist going into operation, http://doc.bleedingthreats.net/bin/view/Main/RussianBusinessNetwork

Just yesterday for example the on average 130,000 internet users per day still visited the RBN’s fake, anti-spyware and anti-malware products http://rbnexploit.blogspot.com/2007/11/rbn-fake-tools-rogue-software-bank-of.html .

How come? The RBN have been using alternative DNS routing and name servers for four years.

So everyone now believes 60-70% of all the current online exploits have gone away? Who gains by this stupidity? – Ah... Trend Micro, Symantec, MS$, security journalists? et. al . – Come on you mugs keep buying the products which can maybe put your PC right “after” exploitation!

Monster Trojan monsters job seekers' records

Will Blake

Same as RansomWare?

Probably used "Spearphish" emails, as shown in the recent (July 19th 07) RansomWare disclosure e.g. http://www.prevx.com/blog/52/Connecting-the-dots-on-the-ransomware-case.html

Obviously Monster.Com either did not pay the ransom, or more likely they did pay, but the blackmailers took the $$$ and the 1.6 million job records as a bonus?

Symantec security products less than secure

Will Blake

I was wondering why I had dropped Symantec

Few months ago switched to Nod32, great product, unobtrusive and better detection rate than Symantec. As it originates in Slovakia you could imagine it has to be pretty good, in that environment.

Even keeps your surfing safe from bad sites, sorry to say only prevents malware, does not prevent you seeing badly designed web sites.


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