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'Faceless' Liberty Global has 'sucked the very soul' out of Virgin Media


The staff are the main problem

Told you. It goes deeper though. The needy employees whining here, I observed directly, were victim become perpetrator, often quite happy to stab colleagues in the back to save their own souls. And managers would close ranks in support of that activity for identical but higher reasons. I'd say 75% of the work was spent in thus activity for 99% of the employees. 1% would raise it as a root issue and be placed on the redundancy list, not by LG, but by the collective of staff.

When Irish eyes are filing: Ireland to appeal Europe's $15bn Apple tax claw-back


What if taxation is inherently unjust?

Think about this with great care. Taxation is unjust, in and of itself. How so? Well there's no guarantee government will return a benefit in direct proportion to what that take by force. What's more, 95% of all taxation comes out of earned incomes, while unearned incomes are virtually untaxed. These unearnds are about the same amount as the earned so would form an ideal alternate tax base. Show me any politician ready to stand up and point this out. Meanwhile, Apple and the Irish government have risen significantly in terms of nobility.

Google Fuchsia OS eyes non-Linux things


Micro kernel?

Sounds like micro kernel?

Your next storage will be invisible (for a while)


Very well spotted on "location" value there. Economic rent, or rental in the case of data centers, is the biggest factor most often ignored by ISP's and operators using locations. The same enterprise ignorance happens for the tenant trader for any good or service in the high street too. That is, all increases in productivity from the enterprise above the capital and operational costs, always, get passed on in higher rent, in the end. So the only business worth getting into is real estate. And let the so called entrepreneurs do all the work for you for as long as they can remain above water. Notice how the property owner is rarely the data center operator or ISP/IXP. An IXP only survives because everything is donated. The best operator will own the freehold as well as the business. The wisest businessman will only own the land, period.

VMware's past holds the key to the future of Microsoft's Azure Stack


The license mistake is a classic economic signal the product or even company is on the margin of profit. I'd get out of their stock.

AWS works on 'urgent' deals for UK customers as £ dips against $


Irrational fear of the timid enterprise. So they may be getting less for their pound. What about the foreign traders in our goods? They must now be getting more. Supply and demand will now make the stuff we sell to them more attractive - all else being equal nothing will change. Curious how so few recognise this knowledge a small child could understand?

EU cybersecurity directive will reach Britain, come what May


Yes. We've always known the Internet is inherently insecure

So its curious we're suddenly concerned.

Is anyone willing to consider the possibility the following is true, because then we'll have made the first step towards a remedy ? ...

The problem is the Internet, not security, nor the attackers

Root cause is the Internet itself. Its inherently insecure.

Once we've accepted this to be true, we can begin the search for something to replace it?

Australian Information Industries Association*: you're not the future of democracy, so please shut up


Democracy, in and of itself, is neither a good nor bad thing

If the people of a nation are virtuous then democracy, no matter how perfectly it's done, will produce a virtuous government in general, all else being equal.

Because virtuous government activity will now be getting done in the name of the people.

Likewise, if the people in general lie, are corrupt, selfish and ignorant, the same system will deliver corrupt, selfish, ignorant government.

More seriously still, the more perfect the voting system and the easier it is to vote, the more intensely and with a stronger mandate will that government conduct itself on the basis it was elected by the kind of people above.

So democracy, in and of itself, is neither a good nor bad way to select government. It is what the people make of it...

"Under all forms of government the ultimate power lies with the masses. It is not kings nor aristocracies, nor landowners nor capitalists, that anywhere really enslave the people — it is their own ignorance. Most clear is this where governments rest on universal suffrage."

What did you make of it when you cast your vote in the UK's EU referendum recently, either as a leaver or remainer? Did you vote to leave or remain based on good virtue and the love of our children. Or your personal selfish interests, ignorance, irrational fears and hysteria?

Some nations punish their people for not casting their vote. Quite a neurosis given this takes away the very rights democracy gives by implication. Australia is such a nation, and they will soon be electing a new leader.

Here's the ozzie catch: If the people are forced to vote in a democratic election under pain of fines or other legalised punishment AND if the candidates are all known to be lying or corrupt, (as with the EU referendum in the UK) then what does that make of the people of a nation?

You, as a voter, will be implicitly supporting the lies and corruption unless you abstain. For the lies and corruption will now be getting done in your name. And you will have done this deliberately by free will.

Might this be why you will never find a "none of the above" box on the ballot paper of every democratic election? Everyone would abstain, of course.

Spend some time thinking about this with great care.

Sterling's post-Brexit dollar woes are forcing up tech kit prices


Does this mean the real market clearing price - no longer protected by the EU(and raising the price artificially) - now been discovered? Is this not a good thing for *all* buyers and sellers? The artificial tax protecting just a few and raising the price for the many, now removed, appears to mean things will actually be cheaper for the market in general. Notwithstanding the abolition of any destructive distortions that protective duties cause. Alas, the few who were getting the freebies are now back out in the free market, where the best win. Ho hum...

This local council paid HOW MUCH for an SD card?!


Yes. Rent Seeking like this is the only way to guarantee profits. And tax free in the end. Everyone aspires to economic rents in some shape or form. Its a personal call as to whether or not you consider it a moral hazard, particularly given its all perfectly legal. And government is the prime source of economic rents - they collect all the taxation after all.


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