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X-Box 360 theft suspect busted after online gaming sesh

Greg Moseley

Re: The UK

To be fair, our local force did. Although it was a laptop with Logmein installed. 3 months after it was stolen it was still being used, and after supplying the police with 20+ IP addresses when it logged in they raided a house and found it. Problem was that the person at the end of it was a 14 year old girl who 'bought it from a car boot'

Microsoft offloads digital ad agency for $530m

Greg Moseley

$7.5m a day loss...

I'm sure M$ have had better days.

Orange declares mobile broadband price war

Greg Moseley


Glad to see they are giving out the Huawei E160e dongle. I have unlimited for £7.50 a month (business) and was given the ZTE MF636 dongle. After 6 weeks of losing a connection to the network somewhere between 30 and 60 minutes all the time they have finally accepted there is a known fault with the modem driver (I'm not alone apparently). Will the replace the dongle for a different model, will they f*ck. They would rather keep crediting me for all the hassle until they get a driver fix.

Knowing how slow Orange can be in getting fixes out it could end up costing them more in credits.

Southampton Uni getting Nehalem supercomputer

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But can it run Quake?

Gmail turns into label junkie

Greg Moseley
Big Brother

Slow news day....

..per chance ?

Airline pilots told to switch off mobile phones

Greg Moseley

Not a problem for cabin crew

I used to fly from England to Scotland on a weekly basis, the cabin crew could often be seen texting from the galley.

This is an age old concern, like the early days of no mobile phones in datacenters. I thought I read some time ago that an airline was trialling mobile phones on flights?

'Miracle' plane crash was no miracle

Greg Moseley

@Joe K

Sky News did do this in a Flight Sim, although they did stop the film just as the plane touched the water... can't think why that would be!

Virgin Media dishes out free bandwidth boost

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@ Jim Booth

These prices are if you taken out the Virgin Phone service as well.

American sent to the slammer for faking Windows certificates

Greg Moseley

RE: Not much sympathy...

You can get your fake copy replaced for an original by M$.



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