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We have no self-control: America's most powerful men explain why they're scared of email

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Email's a finicky form of communication. It feels like casual personal correspondence when you're typing it but there's a prevalent school of though that all emails, despite the silly disclaimers we attach to them, are official company records.

So, hypothetically, when Billy G sends an email to Stevie B that says "DOS isn't done til Lotus won't run" that's not just some guy having a crack with his mate, that's (potentially) evidence of malicious intent.

Email seems like private communicate but it often becomes discoverable public content. Whereas Twitter et al has no false expectation of privacy. When you know you're addressing the public you tend to mentally compose yourself properly.

I'm sure we all see this sort of thing all the time where someone sends a meticulously phrased 100+ word email describing a proposed plan or task or other work related activity and gets a response of "Ok" or "Yeh sounds good lets do it".

For many people, not using email is often a good thing. The less opportunity they have to stuff up, the better off they are.

Martha Lane Fox: Yeuch! The Internet is made by men?!?

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Re: Barking @Yet Another Anonymous Coward

Preferential voting is awesome and way more democratic than one-man-one-vote.

"Then your vote for the Greens gets counted as a vote for Labor, whether you wanted Labor in power or not"

I have no idea how you came to this conclusion. The ballot paper has a space for each candidate and your vote for all of them in the order of YOUR preference. If there are multiple candidates in the election that you absolutely despise then there is a chance your vote will help get one of them elected, but never the one you placed last. And compared to how "splitting the vote" affects the outcome of winner-takes-all voting you actually get a choice as to which less-preferred candidate you end up putting in power.

Australia's system is very good, all it needs to strengthen it is a "none of them" option which, if it comes in over 50%, would require a new election to be held with all new candidates.

Code Spaces goes titsup FOREVER after attacker NUKES its Amazon-hosted data

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Nothing says credibility...

...like exclaimation marks in a press release.

Submerged Navy submarine successfully launches drone from missile tubes

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Expensive way to launch an RC plane

I guess the US Air Force will need to come up with a way to stick drones in ICBMs to compete with this?

The Shoreditch STARTUP SCENE is a load of TRIPE: And that's why it's GREAT

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Serendipity Services

I know I shouldn't have but I clicked the link. Someone please tell me this is a joke too....

What a plot of nonsense: Ten Master master plan FAILS

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Logopolis is probably the best Doctor Who episode ever. It's got the freaky mystical Watcher, a subplot about advanced mathematics, a cool new room in the TARDIS, a main plot about advanced mathematics, evil policemen, a planet-sized computer made of alien monks that controls the universe, the Master at his most Masterous, two giant radio-telescopes AND the death of the fourth Doctor. Nice work.

Turnbull to NBN contractors: Dance, baby, dance!

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Re: can't calculate price

>So looking @ plans my neighbours ask me, why their adsl2/ Unlimited download + phone $69 a month,

>changes to a $100 a month 100 GB + phone plan if they use NBN, still thinking about that ....

I recommend they shop around, for example Internode will do a 25Mbit connection with 300 GB quota for $80/month and I'm sure you could get a deal for under $70/month from someone out there.

The LUN must DIE. Are you with me, storage bods?

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Re: Ye gods...

Physical hard disk drives break. LUNs, which are now a software construct, do not.

Internode's Simon Hackett offers re-engineered NBN plan

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No, he belongs to us all.

How our shaken Reg Playmonaut survived a 113,000ft stratodangle

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It seems very appropriate that the text ad on this article is "Experts discuss disaster recovery challenges and cloud-based solutions"

Can lightning strike twice? Intel has another crack at Thunderbolt

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Re: Why are they fighting USB3?

In other words, it's Firewire all over again

The business mullet: Cool or tool?

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It worked for Hank Scorpio

Or was it Larry Ellison? I always get those two mixed up...

Big Windows updates may ship this summer – and every summer

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Makes sense to me

Shipping a new release is a relic of the era or retail boxed software distribution and only makes life more difficult for the producers and end users. I wish they'd thought of this earlier so the incremental improvements added between Windows 7 and 8 could be available to me without having to (shudder) use Windows 8.

In a way they've already done this before - there were at least three different versions of Windoes 95 over its lifespan, with incremental improvements and no great fanfare. One of the main reasons for that, as I recall, was because they couldn't get Windows 97 (which became Win98) finished in time due the effort of developing IE4.

Japanese cops cuff cat carrying remote control virus

Adam White

They won't catch him

He died before the spree started and has been releasing all these messages on a time delay.

Bringing Iron Man to life: Exoskeletons, armour and jet packs

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Re: Cap's shield is pretty tame.

>>> (Maybe after a firefight where it took a lot of head-on impacts but didn't get thrown much, he has to dribble it edge-on like a basketball for a few minutes to bleed off the excess potential energy...)

I like it, put that in the next movie.

Ancient Mars: Covered with life, oceans, clouds, and imagination

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Re: In other humourous news

I particularly liked the "randomly selected sea level" part.

No magnetics, no tectonics, no surface water, virtually no atmosphere... bit of a dump really. May be good for mountain climbing.

Power to the people - if you can find a spare socket

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I was helping set up a newly fitted out office about a year ago and noticed that as well as the standard two outlets hidden under the desk everyone got two more outlet above desk level for their gadgets. Very civilised!

Conroy says filter demise a win for community consultation

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Re: Hey, Australian Christian Lobby, et alii !

I don't know about that, the bronze age was pretty risque.People tended to wear a lot less clothing in public for one thing.

BOFH: Hasta la Vista... luser

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Re: Fond(ish) memories of...

Be wary of this week's Flash update...

Metro's mother to replace defenestrated Windows boss Sinofsky

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Re: @H4rm0ny

OMG it has a minimize button! Thanks Shel!!

Kim Dotcom offers free internet with own submarine cable

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I "plan" to re-launch the Saturn V

It's going to be mega! Free moon rides for all!

UK prosecutors, cops ponder new probe into NASA hacker McKinnon

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Re: Criminal prosecution still required ...

Except in this case it's not so much a house as a military installation. I'm spitballing, but the national security implications might mean there should be some legal liability for leaving the doors wide open.

REVEALED: IBM's new DS3000-killing Storwise storage beast

Adam White

Re: This should be a hit, but I doubt it replaces the DS3500

Depends on how they price it. If it's litrerally the same $/GB as a current DS35xx then it's an ideal replacement.

IBM has too many storage product lines, they need to consolidate and as Storwise is a paid-off development effort (and partially derived from VSC and XIV) it's a good candidate for the low-to-medium range vs Engenio. By artifically constraining the amount of disks you can put in a V3700 IBM can preserve the market for more expensive offerrings like the V7000.

HP prosecuted by Australian consumer regulator

Adam White

Yeah it sounds strange, so I interperated it to mean "remedies chosen by HP" as in "repair, replace, refund or tell you to get stuffed - at HP's discretion" which is contrary to the law.

Planet hunters double down with FOUR-STAR SYSTEM

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Re: (aren’t scientists citizens? - Reg)

Or the reptilians

Microsoft throws open Windows Store to all developers

Adam White

"non-Metro apps""

For a second there I thought you meant real Windows apps not TUIFKAM apps :(

Why is the iPhone so successful? 'Cause people love 'em

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Re: Historians didn't see this coming...

Better to glue them front-to-front or the brand logos won't be visible.

Oh no, sysadmins! VMware touts data centre that runs itself

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Re: half-way through the article and it still hadn't got to the point

What did you expect, it's an article about a marketing term

HTC hawks fresh Desire for market boost

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Re: I am thinking of...

Of course it does - provided you hook up a suitable amp and monitors

Want a Windows 8 Start Button? Open source to the rescue!

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Now just bring back Aero/Glass and we're all set

IT distributors: The only people adding value to the world economy

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Good article

It clearly and concisely illustrates in a way intelligable to the target audience why economic theory is a load of tripe.

Migrating data from storage arrays

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Re: "Perhaps the long-term answer is to move the data into the cloud..."

Not to mention there's no indication of how this is supposed to alleviate lock-in. The service provider du jour could easily become the service provider pour la vie.

Ballmer says 500 MILLION 'users' to 'have' Windows 8 in 2013

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Re: The Second Coming? AGAIN?

"From now on everything you do will be more fun"

- Windows XP Setup wizard

HP started then spiked HP-UX on x86 project

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Re: Make it better

I think the point here is that platforms are only of value if they run applications people want to buy. HP can't expect to "build it and they will come" now that Oracle has shown it can and will refuse to support them.

Social media off to war with propaganda posts

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And Mr Kaspersky can sell me some software which will prevent this? Will it work on Fox News as well?

Gates' Corbis busted again for fraud

Adam White

Mad as in angry?

Or the other kind?

Vixie warns: DNS Changer ‘blackouts’ inevitable

Adam White

Doom, gloom, etc

300,000 PCs is what percentage of the global Internet again?

Pirate island attracts more than 100 startup tenants

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Re: Caribbean


Adam White

18 lifeboats for 1000 techho-entrepreneurs

Sounds about right.

NASA launches Facebook game for space nerds

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If they'd really want to inspire interest in spaceflight they should make a Facebook rip-off of Kerbal Space Program.

Internode falls to iiNet acquisition temptation

Adam White

Shock and awe

Internode is a legendary ISP in South Australia and well known to geeks around the country. They are consistently innovative and maintain the highest quality standards. I've been using their service in one form or another since 1996... up until one month ago when I jumped to BigPond Cable.

All the best to Internode and iiNet, long may your Blue Ribbon fly!

Consumer interest in Windows 8 tablets slumps

Adam White

RE: Paging Mark Twain

But brand loyalty, peer pressure and the herd mentality _are_ the key drivers of consumer electronics marketing!

Clegg orders fresh review of UK extradition treaty

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RE: McKinnon is not important to most Americans because

"I would like to see a reasonable response to why the Lockerbie bomber should be tried in Scotland but McKinnon should not be tried in the U.S."

Because Libya was willing to sell out its own operatives in order to curry favour with the US, but since the US and UK are already best friends there's no political advantage to extraditing Mr McKinnon. OTOH keeping him at home could be a vote-winner.

Of course whether that's "reasonable" or not is up to you to decide.

IBM in the software era: Big Blue man gives HP a seminar

Adam White

Yes but

most of these weren't so much software products as "things you can run on your IBM hardware"

Enormous orbiting solar raygun power plants touted

Adam White

This is a silly idea

What we really need are GELFs with dyanmo organs.

Blue Coat owns up to Syrian Web-blocking

Adam White

RE:Blame manufacturer for having their stuff stolen?

"Sounds like their gear got stolen, or sold illegally.."

Or just resold by the Iraqi customers to someone in Syria - nothing illegal about that (in Iraq). There's a good chance the Iraqis ordered it on behalf of Syria in the first place.

Export controls are a bit of security theatre, once the stuff is out of American hands it's legal to do what you want with it.

Planetary exploration under threat, says space pioneer

Adam White

Not the OMB!

There goes the last US.gov institution with a reputation for independence and professionalism...

Gigantic KRAKEN fingered in prehistoric murder mystery

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Most things don't survive fossilisation

Good article though.

HP may NOT spin off PC biz

Adam White

"not as well thought through as initially believed"

So they somehow put less than zero thought into it?

Deduping the digital universe

Adam White

Jeremy Burton, EMC's chief marketing officer...

...said: "EMC is at an ideal crossroad to help our customers - from the world's largest enterprises to governments to small businesses- exploit the hidden value in the digital universe as they continue on their journey to the cloud."

And that's why he gets paid the big bucks.