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New UK trade deals would not compensate for loss of single market membership


Re: TTIP to the rescue?

"I dare say there will be things in it I like, and things I won't like - but for now can you put away the loony tinfoil hat?"

How do you know if there is thinks you like and dislike in the TTIP agreement? You have never read it because you are not allowed access to it.

I hate to quote from Wiki but:

"The reports on the ongoing negotiations and the contents of the negotiated TTIP proposals are classified from the public, and can be accessed only by authorised persons. Multiple leaks of proposed TTIP contents into the public caused controversy." Caused controversy? I wonder why?

If you are an MEP you are allowed to read the agreement under supervision but are not allowed to make copies and you are allowed to make notes so long as it's not word for word. Conspiracy? what conspiracy?

It's not the tin foil hat loonies but wool over your eyes that should concern you.


Re: TTIP to the rescue?

"Well, that and a Bank of England that seems incapable of acting in the economy's and the country's best interest."

Why would the Bank of England act in the country's best interest? The BoE will act in the best interest of it's share holders and guaranteed that is not the tax payer.

PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU

Black Helicopters

Wasn't the EU a NAZI project?

I tell you why old timers voted out, unconsciously they knew all along that a united Europe always reminded them of NAZI Germany. The aren't wrong since all major decisions come from Germany anyway.

Ahahaha and you thought because you have free movement and get to vote that you have democracy? and because you get to vote nationally and then see your national parliaments harmonise EU legislation it is representing you? You fools, Germany didn't win the war by bombing European capitals, they won the war by buying European governments.

I'm surprised that being a techie site most of you have the ability to do tidy bit of research and pull out documents from the t'internet proving that the EEC EU did indeed originate from NAZI Germany. Ironically you call Brexiters racists for not wanting to be part of a NAZI project.


"undemocratic EU & unelected bureaucrats"

That is exactly what it is. MEPs don't have a say in policy making in Europe, policy is decided by UNELECTED European commissioners.


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