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HPC botherer DDN breaks file system benchmark record


DDN archetecture helps

If the DDN architecture holds to their previous kit, the Fibre Channel connected raid controllers have 10 FC loops out the backside. DDN's secret sauce has been the ability to strip data across those 10 loops in parallel. A parallel connection system of SSDs could be how they are out performing NVMe device sub-systems.

NVMe isn't magical, it still has limits. It appears DDN is just being agile in leveraging their architectural strengths.

'Drive-level server' startup pockets $5m to grow object storing biz


Getting it Right

I'm hopeful this architecture pans out. If they can execute the drive and service integration in a robust way they may succeed in a big way.

Tight integration with the underlying drive firmware is important. There are some tricky after sale things like soft failure monitoring (logging) and recovery which are important. These include low-level re-formatting(disk), SMART monitoring (disk and ssd) and TRIM support (ssd). Firmware updates for the drives and the ARM controller need to be painless.

Along with the standard Kinetic Gets and Puts, there needs to be support for health and welfare dialogs with the drives. Support services similar to the enclosure services we have in the SCSI command space, for instance.

No software changes needed to use E8's screaming fast arrays



I don't know why it has taken so long for a storage vendor to get on on either the RoCE or iWarp bandwagon. Good show, E8!


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