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Essentially puzzling: Rubin's hype-phone ties up with… Sprint?

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Sprint is desperate, the other carriers are not.

You'd have to be desperate in order to ink a deal for a phone that introduces more unnecessary design compromises than the latest iPhone.

This is not the sort of "modular" phone that consumers are clamoring for. Hey Andy, think Project Ara, not LG G5. Oh wait, the idiots at Alphabet already killed Ara.

Guess I'm not upgrading this year.

Your next PC is… your 'Droid? Remix unveils Continuum-killer


Re: Luddite here

You went as far as to install Linux Mint on your desktop, but you threw in the towel on smartphone OSes?

Have you never tried a custom ROM for your Android phone? That's the best way to cut yourself off from the automated updates and telemetry, and you may also be able to eke out some battery life gains after some tweaking.

Sure, installing custom ROMs on phones is a different process than installing Linux on a desktop, but it is by no means difficult as long as you pick a device favored by developers, such as the Google Nexus line.

Jide is going to force you to install a custom ROM anyway in order to take advantage of the features of Remix OS.

Data-viz biz Tableau Software brings ex-AWS exec to the table



So, sales and marketing expenses are exceeding Tableau's revenue, and the response is to appoint a marketing exec as the new CEO? How does that help?

Home-cooked tech helps China topple US as top supercomputer user


Bad news for X86.

And probably good news for ARM. Even if the Chinese are using their own chips, I doubt that they would have invented a completely new architecture for this. The Chinese have a ton of experience with ARM thanks to producing the iPhone and its knockoffs, and so it was only a matter of time before they would start building their own server chips instead of importing from America or Taiwan.