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User spent 20 minutes trying to move mouse cursor, without success


“In a short time the mouse was working properly, and two millennials now had a history lesson in mouse balls.”

BWAHAHAHA, I can think of a few underlings that could use a lesson or two in "mouse-balls"

Equifax's IT leaders 'retire' as company says it knew about the bug that brought it down


I've got f-all in formal education for >INFORMATION< technology.

My background is military electronics (RF systems) and automotive systems. Somehow (dumb luck and being a computer geek/hobbyist for decades) I landed a sysadmin position.

I don't leave default passwords set on systems. My kids don't either, hell, my 8 y/o can tell you what a botnet is (albeit in rather broad strokes).

Microsoft's Windows 10 ARM-twist comes closer with first demonstration


The only part that caught my interest is the potential to maybe actually use Windows on some of the ARM-based sbc's that are seemingly everywhere.

I mean, that's not a bad idea, right? Put the most malware-ridden family of systems (historically speaking) into the IoT craze... What could go wrong?

Also, for those who didn't try it first hand, the Win10 IOT core thing for such sbc's was (and still is) awful.

Queen guitarist Brian May releases virtual reality viewer




Jeez, I think most folks would agree that he's a brilliant guitarist.

More to topic, I'm curious how ambient light may disrupt how immersive the experience is? For Victorian Steroscopes, the viewer is open, which allows ambient light to fall on the pair of photos.

For a phone screen, I would expect ambient light and glare to be a distraction. Can't really say for sure until I've held one in my hands (and up to my eyes).

ATM security devs rush out patch after boffins deliver knockout blow


Watch dogs?

This is why I try to avoid 'unknown' ATMs

Admin fishes dirty office chat from mistyped-email bin and then ...?


Hmm, funny I'm in the (apparently small) percentage that emailed both parties asking about a menage-a-trois.

Citrix bakes up Raspberry Pi client boxes


is it really worth it?

The ARMHF binaries for ICAClient (Citrix Receiver) have been available for a while.

The .deb package of these install on Raspbian Jessie, and configures almost exactly the same way as x86 or x86-64 debian variants. Only trick then, is locking down a windowmanager configuration to make it a bit more user-proof (I recommend fluxbox, it's easy to customize).

I'm curious what actual effect the change in hardware will have. I've tested our method on a rPi3 off-the-shelf board connecting from Texas to California, and had great results. When the "standard" rPi3 board can be had for $35 USD, runs off any 2-amp android wall-wart and microSD card, why would I spend $90 USD for a "special model" that might not improve UX at all?


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