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BOFH: Gosh, IPv5? Why didn't I think of that? Say, how do you like the new windows in here? Take a look. Closer...

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Re: I have a question

My guess would be Gina.

Boeing's 737 Max woes trigger BEEELLIONS in losses – and that's just for the latest quarter

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Waiting for Trump to Make Boeing Great Again. D'oh, wrong initials, must be Make Airbus Great Again.

FBI boss: We went to the Moon, so why can't we have crypto backdoors? – and more this week

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You don't need back doors. Just Australian Law. As Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball said, Australian Law trumps the laws of mathematics governing encryption.


NASA spots asteroid on crash course with Earth – with just hours to go

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El Reg Units

Why is the Register changing the units again? I'd just converted everything to rhinoceroses on skateboards - https://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/10/25/oz_trams_equivalent_to_30_skateboarding_rhinos/ and now you are switching to sheep. Standardise please!

Nadella tells worried GitHub devs: Judge us by our actions

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Good times

Duel - one fabulous movie. Not a lot of plot, but the suspense... As good as anything else Spielberg ever did.

BOFH: But I did log in to the portal, Dave

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Re: Been there!

I read this wondering the whole time if Simon was referring to Red Hat or Oracle. Guess this is widespread.

BOFH: Guys? Guys? We need blockchain... can you install blockchain?

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Re: Magic Bean Technology

They are here in Australia. I'll meet you there. What are you having?

Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn't default browser

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Re: That will be an improvement

None of my colleagues are affected. One of the network admins must have taken a dislike to me :-(

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Re: That will be an improvement

Thanks for that. I would except that certain internal applications *only* work with IE. Sigh.

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That will be an improvement

My work PC runs Windows 10. Every time I reboot it, it switches the default browser back to IE. I've tried many suggestions to fix it, but none of them work.

I now have the Settings start on boot so that I can change the default browser back to my preferred as soon as it comes up.

Windows 7 was quite good and I didn't have any complaint with that one. Windows 10 is just horrible. Linux Mint which I use at on my personal laptop just works the way I want it to and if I could use it as the base OS on my desktop at work, I would.

BOFH: We want you to know you have our full support

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I assumed that it referred to zapping the boss earlier. Agreed, so unclear. Perhaps it was a group zap.

Solaris 11.next becomes Solaris 11.4, but new features aren’t set

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Re: Where's Oracle's Meltdown/Spectre press release?

It's not just calculators, Please don't forget toasters...

"Howdy doodly do. How's it going? I'm Talkie, Talkie Toaster, your chirpy breakfast companion. Talkie's the name, toasting's the game. Anyone like any toast?"

GitLab.com melts down after wrong directory deleted, backups fail

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Expensive Mistakes

I'm reminded of someone who made a mistake that cost a company a large amount of money.

The person concerned was called to the CEO's office.

"I suppose that you want me to leave the company" he said shame-facedly.

"Leave? We just spent over $1 million on your education. Just don't do it again!"

Oracle finally targets Java non-payers – six years after plucking Sun

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It doesn't help that Sun started adding the name Java to almost all of its products to spice up their name (remember Java Desktop System anyone?)

Getting asked to install Java on a server is always a pain as I go through the available downloads on Oracle's website wondering which of the myriad of Java software the client wants me to install. Hopefully this will put a stop to these requests.

BOFH: Follow the paper trail

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Giselle and Gina sound awfully similar. Just sayin'.


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