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Ariane 5 is go: Skynet 5B military chat-sat on the way

Johan Struwwelpeter
Paris Hilton

Paris Hiton

If your name is Paris Hilton , do something raunchy NOW! Cause we all missed you a lot .

Skynet 5B still on ground after Arianespace snags

Johan Struwwelpeter
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

She's everywhere, even on skynet .

Chinese boffins in copper nanotubes acronym outrage

Johan Struwwelpeter

What a ...

cunning stunt ! have those sinoscientists managed to pull off, so amazing .

'PlayStation-deprived' teen admits part in plot to pop parents

Johan Struwwelpeter

Just goes to show you ...

... that parents ought to buy the Wii for their kids .

Oz nanoboffins punt paper-thin flak jacket plan

Johan Struwwelpeter

Somebody shot me and killed himself

It's cause the bullet bounced off my jacket and passed thru his head ...

Sun to blame for yin-yang Moon's dark side

Johan Struwwelpeter

Ohhh ...THAT Sun !

just briefely reading the headlines, I thought Sun Corporation of the Servers and Other Stuff did something to our moon ... yes ,would be incredible .

Toshiba readies Cell-based graphics engine

Johan Struwwelpeter

All that okay but...

This has to be the first instance the cell processor is used outside Sony, arguably IBM has offered it on server blades, if I remember correctly, but guess nobody bought'em cause there's 0 noise about that . That's a good thing to see the cell in consumery apps, after all it WAS supposed to be in black goods too .

American-style casino opens in Iraq

Johan Struwwelpeter

Hey don't u know ?

It's a KGB GRU plan to profit on AK-47s sales to Iraq ?? Come on .

Consumers confused by HD

Johan Struwwelpeter

What a load of bullcrap

It is, get an RGB BNC Faroudja upscaler . And if they don't make them anymore go DIY, 1080p for everyone, arcane talk included .

SAP fails to unveil on-demand service

Johan Struwwelpeter

Who the hell is SAP ?

...same goes for SaaS .

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ICANN dukes it out with the USSR in cold war rematch smackdown

Johan Struwwelpeter

What the hell is an automoton ?

How lame ... and typical :)

Root-locked Linux for the masses

Johan Struwwelpeter

yes , never forget that ...

All Your Cuebase Are Belong To US

AMD takes world CPU share from Intel

Johan Struwwelpeter

totally agree

good for AMD, them, but x86 must die

HP shrinks BladeSystem for mid-market

Johan Struwwelpeter


and what's the processor ?

AMD finally goes native with Barcelona

Johan Struwwelpeter

ahh yes

Am I the first one to comment on this article ? really ?

then, I beat you all haaa

if not, well, who thinks Xeons are doomed now ? Honestly tell me .

First Vista service pack beta for 07

Johan Struwwelpeter

ha ha

"i did say that i would not buy vista, but then it came as the pre-loaded OS on my new Toshiba laptop.

i have found it a very capable and secure OS to use.

i prefer it over win2k (which is our standard office OS) and prefer it over XP (which is on my other 2 machines).

i'm very impressed with it's performance with all the applications i use, including the resource hungry CS2.

with the addition of Readyboost to aid performace i see no reason why i shouldn't upgrade my other machines and recommend to out IT dept. that they consider implenting it in the office (compatibility pending.

Vista is a good system, i'm very impressed with it and hve yet to experience any bugs. "


Thats exactly what I thought after my new HP lapley came with Vista inside - until the novelty halo wore off and problems started appearing out of nowhere . Readyboost just tears my HD apart so no to that, and the .Net security updates have utterly and totally screwed up my most used applications, which are old but trusted and justified . So basically Vista it's so crappy ,ohh its crappy .


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