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More than a billion hopelessly vulnerable Android gizmos in the wild that no longer receive security updates – research


Re: And in comparison...

>>How many Android handsets are usefully operable at the age of 3, never mind 10+ years.

Still using my Samsung Galaxy S2. Still doing what I need it to do. It hasn't received any updates almost as long as my Windows 7 machines and decommissioned WSUS server.

The BlackBerry in your junk drawer is now a collectors' item: TCL says no more new keyboard-clad phones


Re: That's a shame

If you like the phone, you should be able to make it last for another 10. I am still using my Samsung Galaxy S2, almost 10 years. Stock up on some batteries. Buy another for parts and/or spare clone when #1 goes down.

Demand for HP printer supplies in free-fall – and Intel CPU shortages aren't helping either


Brother laser ...

>> ... bought a Brother colour laser and have never looked back

I'm still using a Brother laser (HL10) that I bought probably 20 years ago (or more). I do print a few pages a day and it must be 2-3 years (maybe more) since I last changed the cartridge.

Cortana and Search to innovate separately in an amicable Windows 10 Insider split


What about Bob?

I'd like to see them introduce Cortana to Bob and see what happens.

Microsoft sharpens its claws to cut Outlook UI excess, snip Ribbon


Re: UI revamp

>> ... I stopped at Office 2013 because it's the last stand-alone version of Office.

I can top that. I stopped at Office 2010. And it looks great compared to these 2D, flat looking latest incarnations.

Official: The shape of the smartphone is changing forever


Re: Wouldn't it be nice ..

"Sounds like you're describing my Lumia 520. The right size, micro SD, head phone jack, flat back, good shape to hold, removable battery. Every so often, I take it out of the drawer to recharge and think about what might have been if MS hadn't completely screwed things up."

You are describing my Samsung Galaxy II as well. Fortunately, I am still using mine.

Mad March Meltdown! Microsoft's patch for a patch for a patch may need another patch


disabled WSUS a couple of years ago ...

... waiting for the right moment to turn it back on.

Microsoft raises pistol, pulls the trigger on Windows 7, 8 updates for new Intel, AMD chips


Re: This should help Apple and Linux

... when that reaches EOL.

WIN7 is alive for as long as you want it to be. Who cares whats M$ defines it as.

Android beats Windows as most popular OS for interwebz – by 0.02%


... I'm pretty sure I'm using a PC ...

Android great for "consuming". Still need the PC/MAC for actually being productive.

Admins in outcry as Microsoft fix borks Group Policy


No problems encountered here ...

WSUS server has been disabled since this whole WIN10 crap began. Will resume when trusted again.


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