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Online gamer murders rival clan member



Anyone think it may be just plain old tribalism, the same thing that has been going on since prehistoric times, ok games and clans in the game may be the excuse this time, but football teams were a good excuse 20 odd years ago. My village is better than your village etc, seems you'll always get some idiots who seem to want to form a group and identity in that group, and some of them use it for violence.

Polish scientists quantify perfect legs



Apparently the breast research has already been done, remeber reading an article in paper about it.

Spam King Ralsky indicted over stock spam scam


Why it wiorks

Like all cons it works on greed, someone will always believe they can make extra cash, or sucker the person who is conning them, all cons work like this, doesnt matter if its spam or someone selling you goverment diamonds that are going below market rate on a limited offer.

Microsoft readies Hal 9000



pass me the soma please

US woman launches 'Taserware' parties


"I feel like I'm 6 feet tall and 250 pounds. "

Thats always the problem with weapons, they make you overconfident, and they also make you feel like your ready for a fight, bad combination.

Rubbish UK management crushing creativity


Timekeeping comments

Worked for to many places that expect you to stay behind to finish the job yet bitch about about being a minute late.

One company the manager used to actually pack their stuff and leave at 5 while you were stuck fixing a problem till 7. Then if you turned up a minute late demand you worked till 5:01 at the next avaialable oppurtunity, there only skill really was watching the clock, certainly it wasnt people or leadership.

CIA erased waterboarding videos


I'm curious

These people tortured, were they definetly terrorist or did it also happen to people merely suspected? Pretty sure you could get all the answers you want trying that on someone.

Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites



Dont know if they can do what you want, but I have been impressed by heart internet, ticketed support rather than phone, but every support problem I have raised has been responded to in about 10 minutes, by someone who actually seems to know what they are doing.

Currently moving my e-commerce site to them after a 1&1 support debacle.

Appraisals are dishonest, waste of time



You can call me a cynic then :D


Worked for small companies, and worked for large companies

Generally I find the larger the company the more pointless box ticking the appraisal becomes, mix it with middle management office politics, and its completly pointless favourites have already been chosen and it just becomes something to make you even more demotivated, especially when you here the blatant lie these results go towards a promotion/ pay rise.

Much prefer a small company, your apppraisal is often the fact that the MD is an office down from you, and can see directly what you are doing and how well you are doing it everyday. I've found as well that usually enough then hard work gets some reward, wether its a pay rise, extra days off or whatever.

I think a lot of these sort of demotivational problems are endemic in large companies.

Mozilla rubbishes IE Firefox security study


Simple question

What are you using to browse the reg at the moment?

Two UK web hosts go down


! and 1 support

1 and 1 support is based in the phillipines for their first line, s far as I could work out, they're second line is in various places, I talked to someone in America, and their third .line is in Germany and Romania



Only five days they're e-shop consistently timed out paymenst over a 3 month period for us, took ten days and legal threats before they implemented the fix we suggested to them on the first day. Definetly not 99.9% uptime.

Nigerian keyboard firm sues One Laptop per Child


You try

and help people get the same levels as the west and the first thing they learn is to sue you. :D

Huge jellyfish pack slaughters 100,000 salmon


Drit net fishing

I'd rather the goverment aid was spent on preventing Irish drift net fishing which is doing wild stocks of Salmon no good.

Canadian Taser death caught on camera


@ CS Quake

I dont think the officer is using the baton to strike to the temple, which would carry a massive inherent risk of being a lethal blow.

Merely that it was a spring loaded retractable baton, and the officer was using the ground to push againts the spring and retract it.


Martial arts

I have to agree that while martial arts are usefull in a real world situation its a bit more chaotic and using perfect technique taught in a class is not often possible.

However hwat training in martial arts should do, and what training in confrontation situations should do. Is teach people to asses and react accordingly, not lose their cool or go over the top.

This sort of training should be concentrating on having a calmness and clarity of thought in potentially hostile situations.

1 tazering is possibly acceptable, although I have my doubts, but the repeated tazering certainly was not.


4 cops

4 cops should have the training to restrain one man.

Whilst he appeared agitated, he did not appear hostile in a life threatening manner.

Also the knowleedge that he cannot understand English, should give you a clue as to why saying things like calm down may not have much response, after the first taser shot the fact that he becomes more agitated is not a suprise.

Note even then it was not by making threatening moves towards the police like a drug crazed homicidal maniac but just reacting to being tasered, training should allow you to asses this situation and the reactions to it quick enough to realise this, otherwise your training is lacking.

The problem is tasers are percieved and marketed as non lethal so its becomes an easy way out with the perception its not really going to do much damage so its a good option.

Taser training should be on a response level just below guns, i.e somewhere near last resort when the threat is to great to try any other methods.

North American cities go green under LED street lights


RE 4 x $100,000 = $630,000?

Guess some of the extra might be made up in the fact that over the 4 years they are not ging to have to do 2 bulb replacements on the standar streetlamps.

International manhunt tracks pedophile suspect to Thailand


Thailand cops

Would be a shame if he did accidently get shot, I'd rather see him spend 20 yrs in a Thai jail, Death is probably a better option.

Canadian prof develops drunk-driving sim


RE Desenitisation?

Have to agree

Sorta ironic, when you consider the amount of people who harp on about violence in video games encouraging us to go out and shoot people for real.

Tasmanian tumours blamed on inbreeding



Last film of the thylacine in a zoo was around about 1939-40

Note to despots: You can't kill the internet


@Why all the sandals?

Its easeir to run away in bare feet than cheap flip flops.

China spots 42 new glaciers



I'm guessing the rise in sea levels would come from thermal expansion of the water, a little above freezing its at its maximum density, above that it starts to expand again.

No data protection exemption for YouTube baby battle video



Likewise telephone companies keep recordings for "customer service purposes", but recording the conversation yourself without consent is illegal.

Surely thats the point, it was a recording taken without consent, the same law stops you from being wiretapped without permission for the police to use in court....or maybe used to don't know if it still appplies nowadays.

Email has workers tearing their hair out


Hands up

Anyone who has told employers, staff, colleagues anything urgent mark it high priority, and forever since has had nothing but high priority mail dropped in their box since.

Same happens with mobiles some people send texts now and expect an almost instant answer back.

PC buyers: 'Vista Capable' machines weren't Vista capable


Vista ready

Don't know about machines being ready for Vista I think the bigger problem is Vista isn't ready for machines.


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