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Raspberry Pi sours thanks to mining malware


Re: Bah!

Yes those expensive chips which can have their firmware updated coupled with CPU virtualisation is not the issue, if the malware can hack your bios, switch on CPU virtualisation and then load itself up before the main OS.

Probably explains why Stuxnet, Duqu, BadBios to name just a few names given to a suite of malicious code that exploits the unfiltered USB bus and direct hardware access provided by CPU virtualisation.


HD firmware updates some going back to the 90's http://files.hddguru.com/index.php

Bios https://www.coreboot.org/

Just how many lines of machine code does it take to inject a jump to load malicious code stored elsewhere in a system where most of its USB devices like printers with updatable firmware are always plugged in?

How much spare space is on a chip allowing for any future updates?

How can your Antivirus system scan for malicious code if its stored on the chips?

Have you got a bios which can not be updated from the OS?

Software or rather the OS is just one part of the problem when you can so easily update the firmware on your chips. Long gone are the days when you had to peel the label off and expose the quartz window to UV light to blank an EEPROM before placing it in an offline programmer to reflash it.

Sometimes convenience has its pitfalls!

Question is, who is behind this malware that targets so many cpu's using different instruction sets?

MI5 man to steer GCHQ as Trump wiretapping saga continues


Re: Are you sure?

The state spying of the population is true.

Until you get targeted you will be blissfully unaware of what the secret services get up to. Your school reports, your medical records, everything centralised by Govt, local Govt and some big businesses will be used to build up a psychological profile of you. Your TV viewing habits, your music tastes, the people you communicate with and your relatives will all be used to help the secret services justify their existence when they decide to target you and provoke you to keep proving their preemptive psychological profiling.

Just look at the memory stick death aka the police murder of Anthony Grainger.

Considering every memory stick has a unique id, and it happened to contain a list of police operations, informers and more, how else do you track down the individual who has highly sensitive files, other than use big tech giants to track it down?

Its all there in plain site, just how stupid do you have to be to accept the lies they put out because like others have said, law needs evidence which is why you can never trust a govt that operates in secret.

Can you imagine the public outcry if you knew the truth that Govt does spy on you?

Everything to do with the internet and technology is all designed to spy on you, do you wait until they target you or your kids or your friends before you believe it?

Govt is all about control, its all about keeping an eye on you, just like you keep an eye on your kids, and just like you lie to your kids about Santa Claus so the govt lies to you about the extent of its spying on the population.

When will you wake up and smell the roses?

GCHQ dismisses Trump wiretap rumours as tosh


Yes I keep being called a troll, I've got a nice photo of one waving at me from the Mozilla start page with accompanying text saying "Now seems like a good time as any for an important reminder. Never read the comments." Now how did they do that?

As to point 15, well considering my email servers & websites keep being hacked and taken down when hosted with major companies, been going on for years now, slowly putting me out of business and now currently I cant send emails, hard drives wiped losing decades of work, I have little other option than to post here. Its one of the few places I can post online. You see this ideology called the financial system forces people to take drastic steps, and theres this illusion about computer security, it doesnt exist, you all live in an electrical digital panopticon. You slept walked into it for your own safety.

So when is a troll not a troll, when its someone who doesnt agree with you.

As to the petition, I suppose you find it acceptable that people cant end their life in a dignified manner for what ever reason they choose? How selfish that you think you should control other peoples lives, forcing them to involve other people in often messy ways even when successful.

Just because rules exist, doesnt mean they are right, does it?

Why do scientists think they know best?

Why do they think they even have a right to study other people secretly?

When will the donkey realise they cant have the carrot?

And all the while, the population keeps growing, standards keep being lowered and people just dont get it.


I'm loving the Cognitive Dissonance.



Whats inane about the petition? Let me guess you asked to be born and you still believe in Santa Claus, your parents never told you the truth that he doesnt exist? Good name BTW, you remind me of someone? I wonder who that is?

Why do so many people choose to believe so many lies?

Are they scared to find out the truth?

Perhaps thats why Religion is so good, you can never find your sky fairy and perhaps thats why your smart phone with a camera on both major faces is such an excellent tool for keeping an eye on you, that alarm clock function is such an easy seller, some can laugh from a far when you get undressed. The best joke is you thought you had some privacy! What a sucker! ROFL.

So do you believe we are spied on or not?

Why do you choose to believe the narrative instead of forming your own independent thoughts?

Is it logical to preemptively target trouble before it gets out of hand?

Do you find the idea that we are spied on 24/7 harmful to your thought processes?



Not happy with Virgin Media then or your flatmate? Havent got any PC's to dust or users to upgrade to the latest M$ offering? Have you got the planned migration from Windows to Linux sorted yet?

Are you even soooo lazy & believing of your Govt that you dont check back for a response?

Thats right, keep kidding yourself you have not been spied on all these years because you have no way of telling that your smart phone is listening to you right now, watching your every move, because you werent good at physics.

I can see you have not put tape over your smart phone's camera yet, dont worry, most people are so lazy they only tape up their laptop and tablet camera's if they can even be bothered to do that, they dont think about blocking up their microphones or taping over their smart phone's camera's because it would look silly having a smart phone with tape over the camera's wouldnt it and who wants to look silly now? Dont be a Silly Billy, I'll protect your precious mind, the Govt doesnt lie to you, and the govt doesnt operate in secret.

I'm a dedicated follower of fashion...... I must have a mobile phone tracking my every move with triangulation that is hidden under the guise of cell phone load management software. I must use my payment card for purchasing. This electronic world makes you a sheep. Baah!

Because you like the convenience of your electronic world, online purchases, payment cards, mobile phones, its possible to monitor your every move. Do you really think you would be given toys that could not be used to track your every move? Change is subtle, use the earlier adopters to do the selling it lowers your guard.

Did you know your NHS medical records are online, in M$ dot net web systems? If you didnt, then you dont know much, but here's a clue watch the jobs being advertised with recruitment agencies, find out the clients and then ask yourself, if the Govt are happy to have your medical records online, then they obviously have total oversight of the internet coming in and out of this country. They dont just launch sub's to cut undersea cables in the Middle East for interception for the fun of it you know....

I'm curious why you dont want to believe that your every move is spied on with electronics? Is this like a religious thing, just like people espouse the existence of their sky faerie of choice despite no proof?

Story telling has been going on since Caveman times, only most adults have progressed from Lady Bird books to Religion, although I note a resurgence of Lady Bird books for adults, so perhaps we are still going backwards. Ah, precious mind.

In the mean time enjoy having some phone hacking time in your local boozer tonight. Get yourself a Software Defined Radio usb stick costs about £30, set up your own fake mobile phone tower in a pub or club and start tricking people into thinking they have pulled when it comes to closing time sending different parties photo's from their phone to others and Man In the Middle the text conversation. Its geeky humour, but it keep the bouncers happy and in work.

Cilla Black's Blind Date has evolved.... Have fun!



Do you know who you are talking to when you call a call centre? How do you know its not GCHQ intercepting your calls? Laws? They do anything they like in secret, its how they stop you getting blown up by terrorists.

Unless you meet someone in the flesh and get to know them, how can you prove someone is who they say they are, when you talk to them on the phone?

Not the first time someone has killed themselves after being spoofed over the phone.


Do you know how many impressionists there are in the world?

Unless of course her death is just another example of Fake News?

You decide... whats real and whats not when you use electronics to communicate.

Do you think black hat hackers will tell you they have hacked your systems at home, watching and listening to you on your smart phone, they lie in wait, logging everything and then come back to blackmail you, just like the Celebs who's indiscretions get leaked to the media for you to gawk on as Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried found out the other day.

Hackers or spooks, you decide!

Your only clue your smart phone is spying on you is if the battery goes flat more quickly than normal.

Use the laws of physics to help you prove something.


You can never trust a Govt than operates in secret, its as simple as that. The fact big businesses also work for Govt and can use commercial confidentiality to hide their Govt contracts to help spy on you is just another trick. Journalists are useful for spying in plain site in your own country and abroad, you never get to see all the hours of footage made when you watch your news bulletins online. Next time you talk to someone beit HMRC, your GP, a nurse, emergency services & armed forces personel, just ask them if they had to sign the official secrets act? They might lie to you or you might get told the truth. Fact is unless you join one of these organisations or become a CEO of a top business, you will never know just how extensive the Govt spying really is. Just look at the latest TV ad's suggesting women could be working for the secret services, your own other half could be spying on you right now. Thats why you can never trust anyone, not even your own parents, brothers & sisters.

Europe will fine Twitter, Facebook, Google etc unless they rip up T&Cs


Re: Long overdue

Dont expect the UK Govt to do the same though.

Its buyer beware in this country, they didnt even ban lead paint until the 1970's whilst most of Europe had recognised the dangers before WW1.

That shows you what mentality runs this country.

Face down in a Shoreditch gutter: Attack of the kickstarting hipster


People are so easily sold a narrative, I have to question their intelligence, mind you they will probably buy a strap on AI for intelligence given a chance.

Dormant Linux kernel vulnerability finally slayed


Are you suggesting that Linux is now insecure, because its been exploited, that the PDF printer in Ubuntu or the USB Bus is now compromised to let Stuxnet variants hack your systems?

The spooks will do anything to spy on you, to keep you safe, else just think of the children....

NSA hacking chief's mission impossible: Advising White House on cybersecurity


Re: Could be good, could be bad...

Psychological profiling can take place in many guises. Who is worried about privacy, pop along to the NSA who will supply you fake security advice.

Its what you dont know that you should be scared of, but when your thoughts are controlled by the narrative from such places as this or other so called MSM outlets, you can get away with murder if you are in the club. In the meantime let the war of ideologies continue, but you have to pick an ideology to play otherwise the financial system will force one on you!

Microsoft urges PhD-grade devs to play Minecraft for money


Monkeys do tricks to get some magic tokens to keep quiet and docile and exchange for tricks from other monkeys. Are more people becoming disillusioned with the ponzi scheme that is the financial system?

Russian! spies! 'brains! behind!' Yahoo! mega-hack! – four! charged!


Fake news, fake evidence, when will you lot wise up to the truth?

NetBSD adds RPi Zero support with 7.1 release


And why would I do that?

Canonical preps security lifeboat, yells: Ubuntu 12.04 hold-outs, get in


Re: On the plus side

Theres backdoors in all the software and hardware though, so why people are wasting money on support contracts, just demonstrates their stupidity because they cant even carry out simple tests to prove the existence of the backdoors.

National Insurance tax U-turn: Philip Hammond nixes NIC uptick


Re: Pledges

Its never stopped GCHQ from spying on the whole population.

Cybercriminals getting as good as nation state spies – report


Re: As expected

Dont believe the hype, the clue is in the name Ministry of Defence, in other words they have got good at making out its someone else, it is afterall why they do things in secret, and yes I do see the talktalk tv box info changing before my eyes, just like I see the red and left brake lights coming on at different intervals which indicates the side the power runs go do on an car, just like its possible to load malware into an car's engine management system which only exists in memory until you pull the mains.

You dont seriously believe the "free press" is nothing more than an illusion for a country's military to go round spying in other parts of the world? You only see a fraction of the data journalists document on your news programs, its also why stories get leaked about celebs & others misdemeanours, reputation damage is mostly effective.

Oxford Uni boffins say internet filters probably won't protect teens


Re: Most filters are useless

I think we should ban the clever people who have made cosmetic surgery acceptable for those who are psychologically inferior in mind about their looks, as all this surgery is just body harming by proxy, a profitable form of Munchausen syndrome. Yet all these boob jobs are forcing some men who like small breasted women as its indicative of fitness & running levels to search ever younger age groups if they havent been on the pill.

At what point do you start investing in your future other half?

Of course with all this spying, hacking and extortion, I can see why Israel would be one of the best hacking countries in the world, it would be wise to invest in innovative new methods to hunt for and target the next future Hitler.

Do laws keep you stupid in harms way by not being able to form your own opinions, arguably a form of education which shouldnt stop when you leave, school, college or uni?


Re: Anon for reasons - Basically to avoid the SJW'ers


You talk a compelling argument, I agree parents going ballistic is not the answer but thats their hormones, whilst also perhaps showing parents are actually viewing their kids as possessions, and are just treating them like a pet dog.

I see the reasons for using a filter, and a filter has its place, I also see the reasons for not having a filter, because of this simple fact: Would you like to educate them on the aspects of human behaviour virtually or for real in a chance encounter which could have increased life threatening risks?

Obviously there is a psychological risk to even virtual exposure like cyber bullying/sextortion/what have you, but there is a trace that exists which doesnt necessarily exist in the real world, beit the school playground, or around town, even though GCHQ would prefer to not admit this trace exists and is more detailed than you & most other people perhaps realise.

The reasons the Govt/GCHQ lie to you are for the same reasons, you lie to your kids about Santa Claus.

Think about it. Who can handle the truth when they have been lied to all these years, cognitive dissonance is very anger inducing?

From a law enforcement point of view which would you rather have? Some clues or no clues?


Having just found out what a goatse is, I'm reminded of the fact that internet filters wont stop people from seeing the goatse in real life either.

Anyway what do Oxford Uni know? They obviously dont have access to the same info GCHQ have, so is this an expertly flawed study by so called Experts?

That CIA exploit list in full: The good, the bad, and the very ugly


Its just another form of population farming. For years the ruling elites have targeted anyone who disagrees with them, criminal laws are just another form of imposing conformism on the population.

Theres only one monopoly, nature, so whilst they might complain about Snowdens leaks causing criminals to go underground, perhaps that is what is desired.

The best way to stick two fingers up to them, is to roll over and die, let them farm someone else stupid enough to not realise you are all set up to fail from the day you are born, because population levels dictate this.

Spies do spying, part 97: Shock horror as CIA turn phones, TVs, computers into surveillance bugs


Re: I Wonder...

Fuck the lot of them, the easiest thing is to just roll over and die and then those ruling elite cunts cant farm you, its been going on since before Roman times. Divide and conquer ad infinitum.

Then what will they do. Keep paying out benefits for the stupid to keep breeding.


Re: OMG!

If you look at the reference in the wiki leaks article https://wikileaks.org/ciav7p1/ and note the reference to Weeping Angels, then look at the wiki reference for Weeping Angels https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weeping_Angel

It indicates a level of planning and tie up between the UK & US, both military/law enforcement as well as organisations like the script writers involved in the Dr Who series.

Do you think these things are just co-incidences? So for your next challenge try and spot what other organisations or entities are also tied in with this planning and execution, and does it spread beyond the UK & US regions, to perhaps the 5 eyes region or even further?

So many possibilities, but not enough data....

Redmond's on fire, your 365 is terrified: Microsoft email outage en masse


The sock puppet bots using hotmail accounts to blend in online & spread their propaganda wont be complaining just yet until their operators have installed new algo's to complain on twitter.

Facebook shopped BBC hacks to National Crime Agency over child abuse images probe


Re: Answer

Law enforcement/Military are testing people. Read this story to find out whats really going on in other domains besides politicial.


Its not just happening on facebook, similar poorly designed tests are taking place on porn sites, craigs list, ebay and other sites, probably driven by the US Govt, but I cant help but notice the UK is not so dumb when it comes to innovation in all its forms either.

The trick is to play their game up to a point, but bear in mind all your electronic transactions are used as well, so dont be surprised when imperial college lecturers buy things from you to see if you are horsing around or not.

I do wonder what the ultimate agenda is though?

Trump, Brexit, and Cambridge Analytica – not quite the dystopia you're looking for


Re: Finally

Never before in human history has it ever been possible to profile so many people based on their activities with digital devices like their mobile phone, browser activity, medical records, school records and any other record that exists in the hands of the military/Govt of a country.

Brexit & Trump is the UK & US equivalent of the Arab spring for the Middle East.

Its amazing what you can do when you have a minimum level of data, but of course the likes of the GCHQ, NSA and others tied up with things like the UK Behavioural Science Unit (Nudge Unit) will always be trying to pre-empt the next terrorist or criminal act.

So as they push your buttons, push their buttons and get them to expose themselves. It might take a few years or decades of provaction, but they will eventually show their hand if you look hard enough.


Don't worry, slowpoke Microsoft, we patched Windows bug for you, brags security biz


Re: Awesome!

I think MS have had their systems hacked with everything dire going on with them. Thats not to say linux is any better, but the beauty of hacked systems is that once you have got your exploit into a system, you can target individuals on an ad-hoc basis which mean the spooks/law enforcement of a country cant spot whats going on let alone the IT security dept tasked with looking after govt & corporate systems.

Most people get lazy once in a secure job, so exploit that psychological trait et voila you have hacked most of the systems in the world.

Awkward. Investigatory Powers Act could prove hurdle to UK-EU Privacy Shield following Brexit


The UK have been spying on everyone since the concept of a paper based records was conceived.

I even caught them in the 90's spying and interfering with computer systems without a warrant, which is why section 56.4 of the snoopers charter exists. Every state controlled database is used to monitor you, beit your school reports, nhs records, "anonymous" std clinic visits, tax records, telephone records, DVLA, GCHQ has to gain access to each and every computer system not only here in the UK but in the world. The spooks even try to hack your mind using psychological techniques & chemistry.

The first trick is to convince the population the UK military adheres to its own laws when you can never trust a country that operates in secret.

Put it like this, if you dont have the intelligence, how can you nip things in the bud before they get out of hand?

Now look at what countries suffer real acts of terrorism and which countries dont.

What countries like to suggest that members of the population, typically female, is spying on you.

Females are natural born liars as they dont have the physical capabilities like men to get them out of trouble. In the words of Rolf Harris, "can you guess what it is yet?".

GCHQ. Always listening to its customers!

1.37bn records from somewhere to leak on Monday


Re: One of the clues given was "food" / "water" and "It's not what you think"

Tesco Clubcard. Its been going since the 90's and I know from when i worked for them, their windows network was horribly insecure. The Board of Directors would not be best pleased to know the truth, as they recently found out when their banking division was hacked.

'At least I can walk away with my dignity' – Streetmap founder after Google lawsuit loss


Re: My condolences.

Monopoly laws might apply. And if they dont, theres an area of law which could be modified to reflect the change.

The basic premise of a search engine ranking is it work on whats the most popular, but then Google applies some algo's which promote or demote certain sites matched to search terms, see the Ted.com talk on "Beware your Filter Bubble".

So just like Google famously demotes anti-Semitic websites, it can do the same for other websites.

Did anyone expect a Judge who is little more than a dictator of law, be anything but biased when the legal profession is on its knees due to the cut back of legal aid?

The judge almost certainly has a tie with Google either directly or indirectly, now or in the future.

Perhaps he is being blackmailed by the local lodge or even Google itself! After all Google has been recording everything since the 1990's.

Blackmail the 2nd oldest profession in the world.

Watch how Google's starving DeepMind AI turns hostile, attacks other bots to survive


Its too simplistic, for example whilst they state that one player can tag another if directly in front of it, there's no mention to say if the players can see each other if an apple is between them and as the video runs too fast to see each step taking place, I'm left with the conclusion how on earth is this even news worthy or even considered an AI.

The same goes with the AlphaGo game and the Atari Breakout example, I'm left wondering if the human race is going backwards without giving anything away.

Microsoft offers drone lovers a simulator


Its a phising exercise. Any decent drone controlling software that you test on their systems will flag you up at Microsoft so they can nick the code whilst selling it to the Future Weapons dept at the US Mil.

Be careful of strangers bearing gifts, especially if you are into AI!

Rasputin whips out large intimidating tool, penetrates uni, city, govt databases – new claim


I contacted my MP to ask them for ways I can get my medical records removed from the NHS systems.

I have to contact each GP practice I have ever used, but so far there is no way I can remove any records for Hospital treatments, like scans or Xrays.

Coupled with the UK Govt via one of the NHS trusts paying Google to take our data for "AI" analysis when Google would have taken it for free anyway as thats what they do, I think the public should be aware what all these centralised databases the Govt run are doing with your data.

Do you want your kids school reports to be posted online helping to make them become a future playground bully target via a twisted tech savvy parent with prejudices that we all secretly harbour?

Either GCHQ know what they are doing but are playing dumb making Parker @ MI5 red in the face with all the russian hacking meme sweeping the news or we have some expert bullshitters in dangerous positions of power trying to get the security standards raised by pointing the finger at the Russians.

In the mean time....

Привет Я русским языком негодяй

OK, it's time to talk mass spying again: America's Section 702 powers are up for renewal


Do you ever get the feeling that we have been actors in a psychological experiment to see what people will do with their computers? Considering porn is the number 1 activity online not too mention the most emotive & provocative, do you think all this Edward Snowden stuff is just an excuse to get us watching more or less porn? When the SEC was caught watching porn when the Financial Crisis kicked off, it also exposed how financial companies took their business to whoever would give the best fake rating for their financial bullshit product. The darker side is what extreme porn will people try out, some 50 shades of grey perhaps or something else for the weekend. The point is, with the spooks supposedly watching our every online move, and as the psychologists will have got enough data as the experiment has run for the last decade or so, just how suggestible are people? Judging by all the viral activity thats trending online I'd say very suggestible. So is humanity at a dangerous inflextion point with this herd mentality and will these debates like the one's congress have, have any effect on the sheeple?

As Microsoft touts Windows Insider for biz, let's take a look at W10's broken 2FA logins


The problem with these big IT companies like in Microsofts case, is the brains that made Windows, Office, SQL Server etc have long since gone, you have newbies looking after the code. This is what you get when accountants run a company to maximse profits, it makes a quick buck then turns out nothing worth talking about in years to come and ends up just trading on its name, as IBM have so eloquently demonstrated.

Remote unauthenticated OS re-install is a feature, not a bug, says Cisco


Re: Not so smart...

Anything for your convenience is also for theirs.

In the mean time have fun with this.


A script to completely take over a running Linux system remotely, allowing you to log into an in-memory rescue environment, unmount the original root filesystem, and do anything you want, all without rebooting. Replace one distro with another without touching a physical console.

'We need a new Geneva Convention to protect all citizens from snoops'


The fastest way to find out if Microsoft are targetting you on behalf of....

Try resetting your password with one of the Linux password managers if you are running windows 7 or earlier.

If you can reset your password and log in, you are not being targetted.

If you can reset your password and not log in, then you are being targetted.

Stuxnet doesnt work on Windows 10, but you cant switch off the "Cortana"-is-supervising-you data stream back to Microsoft. Its impossible, if you think you have, its just cached until the next update.


Bruce Schneier: The US government is coming for YOUR code, techies


Re: Value!

Thats not a lot considering billy hedge-door is gonna be a trillionaire soon, and how much money have all those businesses running windows generated because of windows? Even the windows bugs are making money!

Russia and China bombard Blighty with 188 cyberattacks in 3 months


Its just to keep us busy watching those packets coming into your computer when you could be enjoying life.

If they really wanted to do something about it, GCHQ would have built something to secure what they can coming over the networks like China. After all economic activity is important right, you dont want the NHS losing your records to some hacker collective who publishes it on the dark web now do we, or some banks getting hacked?

National Security? Thats a joke, they are the one's carrying it out whilst the innocents get targetted just like in a real war. Hacking celebs and giving the media the tip off's is all just part of the charade, aint that right Beckham?

WTF is up with the W3C, DRM and security bods threatened – we explain


DRM locks you into platforms and force you to keep upgrading.

Already have this issue with TalkTalk. Bought a film and cant move it away from TalkTalk.

They dont support the platform I want to use Linux, they dont even support Windows 7, it starts with Win 8.

In their contract they state they tell us all of this at the time of purchase, like hell do they!

Waste of money DRM, just stick to buying CD/DVD/BluRay if you want to watch or listen to anything.

Planned Espionage Act could jail journos and whistleblowers as spies


Hmmm, I wonder how the search engines like Google & Bing will have to change their practices piecing the various leaked pieces of gossip together to form a bigger picture for the NSA?

Life after antivirus: Reinventing endpoint security


When testing their new XG UTM, I could still take it down with a silly little ip address.

I don't see manufacturers providing software to authenticate the firmware on their device chips, and I don't see enough people checking the open source code that works with compromised firmware and drivers.

I don't see any of these points being addressed after all these years.



Cardiff researchers get £250k to monitor Brexit hate crime on Twitter


Re: Who defines what Brexit Related Hate Crime is?

>Who defines what Brexit Related Hate Crime is?

Those that make the rules. Representative Democracy is a woolly word for sheeple to describe Fascism because they both make the rules up as they go alone, and another ever changes.

"He added that the ultimate aim of the research is to help the government identify areas that require policy attention and improve “interventions to stop hate crime from spreading"."

Instead of using "spreading", replace it with the word "viral".

Brexit & Trumps election shows people are so easily manipulated by the Fake News that steered the election results. All perfectly legit in Love and War.

Cattle that fail, not pets that purr – the future of servers


Re: Every silver lining has a cloud.

Cloud providers will hack your systems until you move to the cloud, then they setup rival businesses, cherry pick your best customers, coerce suppliers to match the best prices and basically put you out of business, or steal your IP.

Only the rich elites could come up with a blue sky way of taking over the world, whilst you are financially cleansed out of existence!

Got a mortgage to pay still?????

Plus they can shut down dissent even more easily as all communication moves even further online, and now your business is in their hands.

Want to come to the US? Be prepared to hand over your passwords if you're on Trump's hit list


Its only a compliance, kneejerk and gullibility test, the NSA already have access to your systems and everything about you. Just look at FACTA for examples of your bank statements being in US hands.

Revealed: Malware that skulks in memory, invisibly collecting sysadmins' passwords


Re: Cybercriminals and open source exploit code

Ask yourself if any of your devices, beit an addon graphics card, HD, bios/uefi, can have its firmware updated?

If it can, then ask yourself if the typical default option in UEFI to allow virtualisation would make it possible to run virtual malware loaded via a shim in the UEFI, before the main OS.

I suspect Kasperksy may not have found the treasure chest, just a gold coin.

Even the NSA's TENS can update your bios/uefi and other malware if its connect to the net.

So you think by setting a user and/or admin password for your bios/uefi means your system is secure?

Once that password has been put in, can you update your bios/uefi from the OS?

Do device manufacturers and rebranders provide any software to validate their firmware?

Can you update the firmware of your addon graphics cards without having to short some jumper pins?

Can you update the firmware of your hard disk like a Samsung Evo SSD without having to short some jumper pins?


Sometimes your only clue you have been hacked is to watch the network lights and the hard disk lights when your machine boots up.

EG. If you switch on your PC and before it displays the bios/UEFI screen, you see a flurry of disk light activity, chances are your Bios/UEFI has a shim inserted, a simple couple lines of assembler, which directs your Bios/UEFI to another address which might be on your hard drive, or in your graphics card.

As these firmware chips always have space for future updates, its never detected. Has anyone checked the source code of their favourite Pen Testing distro and know what its doing?

So many people trust what they buy or download, they offload their responsibilities.

Who knows that BT & TalkTalk stream their TV & Film services over IPv6?

Simple test if you have one of these services, watch something online and then download something massive like a Linux distro from your computer over IPv4. Your IPv4 download will come down at max speed, provided your firewall allows IPv6.

Spot the anomalies and you cant spot the spooks, but they also play their games over decades, as it starts with your school reports and medical records, if not your parents or relatives if they weren't socially compliant and docile!

Tarred with the same brush springs to mind, in the name of Defence.

Who said Signal Intelligence was just hacking computers? Everybody is known to the spooks, its just they cant predict when someone loses it. Lets face it, most people cant even predict when they will lose it, so is it any surprise that the US is building a wall, and clamping down on illegals? Peoples education and upbringing can create cognitive dissonance which usually generates a lot of anger. Some Middle Eastern countries are not up to speed with the way the Western society works, as we see in German with young girls being groped in swimming pools as one example.

Resource Burn, its a valid technique when hacking, and lets face it, I know of no pen tester or AV coder who knows all the code in the software they rely on, hell none of you even know the code in your firmware.

Is it any wonder, millions of systems around the world are already pwned?

The important question everyone should be asking is, is it right that the Govt spies on you, using a variety of centralised databases and other methods from the day you are born though?

They are killing off the intelligent one's who can spot these things, which makes them no better than the terrorists, pedo's, rapists, drug dealers, killers or any other human action which has been made a crime because no one has a say over the laws you are born unto!

Honeypots: Free psy-ops weapons that can protect your network before defences fail


I'll reiterate what I have hinted and stated in round about ways before.

This is like verbal chess, perhaps I had already factored that in and gave the response to play your prediction analysis, ie see my comment on Russia violence and Psychologists.

Do you not think for one moment, the internet is like a massive data dump of human thoughts, waiting to be quantified by the militaries and educational establishments around the world. Lets face it, at no point in human history has it ever been possible to analyse the thoughts and actions of so many people en-masse, whilst digital equipment also able to give each and every person on this planet their own Truman show experience.

The spooks love hacking, do you not think hacking the mind is their ultimate hack?

"Hack the systems and nip things in the bud before they become a problem", isn't that verbatim one of the things I have said in the past?

So can you really say what you say with any confidence or reliability other than stating, so far I'm playing the game? Do I agree with the rules? Thats a different question. Having a vivid creative imagination is a powerful tool as many fiction writers amongst others will know, and whilst older and wiser people over the course of time and planning may think they have the upper hand as this technology has evolved and been rolled out, so far my suspicions are being confirmed, which is we are being spied on whether we like it or not! So experiments are poorly planned, some things are just too easy, some things are things normal (which can be read as average) people wouldn't do, even the development of less widely known phenomena exploited by religions has been an interesting form of obtaining data.

Do you want to know whats giving the game away though?

And yes I also remember a study whilst in the courthouse, but which study am I referring to?

Russia (A) bans web porn as a 'bad influence' (B) decriminalizes domestic violence – or (C) all of the above?


Re: Decriminalisation: Does this do the opposite of what you think?

I know one thing, psychologists using comments from media outlets like this to quantify and come up with new markers to spot psychopaths perhaps to develop & evolve the HARE scale should be kept busy.


Pity they cant quantify the effects of our chemistry and lack of sleep along with the bias/brainwashing that has been conditioned into us during our formative years at school.

So many experts looking at one side of a multifaceted problem, is it any wonder some people cant see the wood from the trees?


You have a number of options, you can reduce your cholesterol intake which will reduce your hormone production but puts you at risk of experiencing Heart Disease if you don't exercise vigorously enough as the by product of muscular activity is vasodilation, making it harder for Foam cells from the LDL cholesterol fuelled innate immune system to stick to the inside of your arteries, whilst also increasing your risk of dementia as one of the hormones produced improves memory and brain plasticity.

Or you can find outlets for your hormones, safe in the knowledge the Russia is facing up to the mistakes of listening to do-gooder medical experts who thought they could control nature whilst dumbing us down en-masse. It doesn't help a lot of Russian live in confined spaces, just like Brits, so is it any wonder you will see violence when living on top of one another. Women are good at giving the verbal to wind people up, plus how many blokes are sleep deprived because of the way society works today not to mention they have to be more alert to fight off dangers, so whilst women and kids get better quality sleep, that instinct in men means they need more sleep as the slightest disturbance can wake them into action. If they don't wake from the slightest disturbance I'd even save they are already seriously sleep deprived, either way lack of sleep and stress adds to the level of violence, so its nice to see Russia standing up for men for a change, but they still need to make changes to help reduce the violence, or find outlets for the violence.