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Forget terabit Ethernet, the next step is 400 gig – if we can afford the R&D

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Re: 400GB/s ?

Mine does - 1Gb down, 500mb/s up ftw! (Yes - that is wan speeds!)

gigler.co.uk - not available in many places yet but it's expanding!

Freebie Spotify is back, also £5 no-ads option

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re: They're getting there ... slowly

I suppose that depends on your provider. It's an important factor to consider these days when choosing who to buy your smartphone from. I'm with o2 and since getting my replacement iPhone last June (unfortunate accident with a dippy friend and a golfclub) and I've burnt through 22.4Gb download mainly from Spotify (on high quality settings) and Last.fm (I don't tend to download much else on the phone itself).

22.4Gb and no warnings/slowdowns/fair use policy smackage from O2. I'd say that was a pretty respectable service.

I've only shagged two blokes, insists Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton


Where's the Paris angle?

mines the one with RETARD on the back. Just like my idols', Paris.

WoW accused of turning man's mind into 'living video game'

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@Nick Davey

awww, beat me to it :(

Nokia unveils N79 and N85 smartphones

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Heh, in addition to my comment above - I also have an iPhone now and very much happy with it. Just didn't mention it before as I didn't want to start the flamewar that seems to happen every single time the iPhone is mentioned.

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To be fair

I think they've sorted out the OS speed issue. I had the n73 as well and yes, it started getting slower than my gran doing the London marathon after a week or so of use. However, my other half just got the nokia 6220 and it's got the same os/software on it. Snappy as hell, the OS response is incredible compared to my old n73.

The camera actually takes the picture when you press the button, unlike the 2-3second delay from my old one etc. Navigating around is pretty snappy too.

my 2c.

BT slams bandwidth brakes on all subscribers

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Re BeThere tinternet

Got to agree with all the others, Be really is excellent. I'm about 1km from the exchange and I'm using the secondary extension line upstairs which is again extended into the office and I still get 15mb down and 1.5mb down (I'm on the pro package which gives me 'up-to 2.5mb download - at the expense of download of course).

Couldn't comment on tech support as I've not had to use them yet. Althuogh, can anyone point me at info I need to run my own router. I don't like theirs and had literally just bought a new belkin a month before moving to Be... gutted.


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@ Tim Russell

Freeloaders? We PAY for our lines, we're not being freetards getting a free connection. We should get what we PAY for thats what people are arguing about.


/caught on a bad day..... hold on, thats every day. :)

Microsoft Mojave 'outs' secret Vista lovers

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bugger @ AC blah blah blah

typo alert:

Don't get me wrong, Vista has it's problems, but so does Vista, Leopard any other OS you can think of.

should be

Don't get me wrong, Vista has it's problems, but so does XP, Leopard any other OS you can think of.

Boss interrupted me losing my concentration.. I need a cattle prod..

NZ judge saves girl from bloody silly name

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So I guess..

the chav contingent is spreading worldwide... god help us all....

Chinese earthquake hack scammer jailed

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Round of applause

...for correct use of the term cracker rather than the oft abused term 'hacker'

Rogue trader blows sox off control systems

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re: It was the rogue trader by AC

Totally agree with you. However, it wasn't just 7bln of the companies money he was allowed to play with, thats the loss associated with the said credit flow. Meaning that he is likely to have access to far far more than 7bln. According to SocGen via BBC, the trader was running a 73bln book which then made the 7bln loss based on unwinding the positions.

There is no way that he was working alone. Everyone must have been fully aware of this and maybe even the CEO would've known about it. There's no doubt they'll all be gracious and allow him to take the fall for it.

PDF spam tsunami hits email inboxes

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""An aggressive spam campaign designed to ramp up the share price of a convenience store firm"...

then why the hell can't we just go after them for causing the SPAM?"

That's one of the more ignorant things I've heard all day - it's so highly unlikely that it's the firm doing the pump and dumping of their own stock it's stupid.

These companies are 'preyed' upon by criminals looking for a quick buck and choose those which are low value and unknown to the general public which will get them a good return should they put a lot of money into the company. This kind of thing wouldn't work against a blue chip (ie big company like MS / IBM) as the ratio of increase would be minimal compared to the increase on Prime Time. Looking at the share value on http://finance.google.com/finance?q=prime+time they've done very well should they have bought the shares on the 3rd, 100% gain. Bonza.