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DWP CIO and chief digi officer Mayank Prakash quits


He was always a dead man walking after Robert Deveraux's departure.

This might clear the way for Kevin Cunnington's return (or possibly Nic Harrison) ?

Digital version of Universal Credit still pricey, wobbly, failing to deliver – MPs


Compare apples with apples - verify is LOA2 in accordance with recognised standard GPG 45, DWP in house is some shitty little bank check that is much lower level of assurance, in reality that should be above 80%

One more credit insurer abandons Maplin Electronics


Re: Ah the early days

Yep, I think there is a cheap Chinese Buffet place on the other side of London Road - Remember that place by the Cricketers where you had to go upstairs and climb over dismantled TV and HI-FI bits to get to a capacitor, like a scrap metal yard for 1970's electronics ?

Maplin got to big for its market at exactly the wrong time, people can browse online and buy via Amazon or have direct access to Chinese goods via ebay - if you are willing to go with Amazon Prime you can get any delivered the next day these days

Whilst its a shame its the progress of user choice, market forces and capitalism, in a decade there will be no access to stores selling electronics or white goods, nor banks or estate agents

.... just as we all get to become house bound pensioners

Majority of contractors distrust HMRC's IR35 calculator, survey finds


The issue wasn't the tool but the Departments' interpretation of the questions; one department changed the rules numerous times over the review period and refused to work with contractors to establish the true nature of the working practices. Whilst another more legally astute department got its contractors to complete the old working practices sheets and made informed judgements based upon case law and facts.

BBC to demand logins for iPlayer in early 2017


what you need is....

Gov.uk Verify, frictionless, secure, over the top .......

No 10's online EU vote signup crash 'inevitable' – GDS overseer


Keep taking the tablets Mr Moss


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