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Notes/Domino is alive! Second beta of version 10 is imminent


Im stuck in an Outlook/Exchange environment.

I'm hoping someday.. Outlook/Exchange will get to the ruggedness of Notes v6

Would I choose the stability and reliability of Notes/Domino over OutlookExhange even when my colleagues are complaining over the usual MS stuff? - YES

'Fibre broadband' should mean glass wires poking into your router, reckons Brit survey


The equivalent car ad:

Your own space* on the large car running 500m from your house at infrequent intervals.

Payment on entry to "your car"

*Your own Space subject to availability...

If you cant see the fibre in your box in your house... you did not get fibre...

Our electric company are making a pretty penny laying down fibre with the power cable.. and are now making more from the fibre than the power...

Don't buy Microsoft Surface gear: 25% will break after 2 years, says Consumer Reports


I am the owner of both a MBP and a MS SurfLap, reliabillity eval

I have had the MBP since newyear

The MS SurfLap for a month

Typical usage, office use for the MS, Photo editing and general use for the MBP

The MBP is not crash proof.. it dies appox every one-three weeks

The MS SurfLap, reliably performs Harakiri every night... leaving me with a fresh empty desktop the next day...

I will return with HW reliabillity as time passes...

Microsoft Surface laptop: Is this your MacBook Air replacement?


I have both... The MBP and The MS Surf Laptop

The good for the MS - The removable screen

The most annoying: External monitor support is totally crap, Interfaces are old, NO USB-c ?? Come on !

Good that I had some adaptors from my 5y old MBP that I can reuse for this MS Laptop

The good for the MBP: Things are soo smooth and snappy

The bad for the MBP: I can't use it for my main work, due to MS SW

Norway might insist on zero-emission vehicles by 2025


Clearly one for the elections - thought up by Tram Politicians

This is from the environmental lobby that think you can take the tram everywhere...cos they have one where they live.. in captiol city centre.

If you take a trip between two nothern cities like Alta and Vadsø, 465km in -30C... I dont think its going to end too well...

Even within a single local area like Kautokeino with 10.000km2 area, your battery would not fare well....


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