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Why Oracle will win its Java copyright case – and why you'll be glad when it does


Re: Author is Dead Wrong

"And there's the rub I think: the real copyrightable part is actually the *documentation*

If Google had stripped out all the comments, and referred the user to Sun/Oracle's own documentation of the Java language and APIs, would they be in the clear?"

Google didn't copy comments. Nothing else than the names themselves from the API is the remaining issue in this trial.


Re: This article conflates two important issues

"As we're all programmers here we all know that "lines of code" is a very misleading metric. I would like to see exactly what was copied; from what it sounds like its a set of interface classes which is (I suppose) how you'd specify an API in a language like Java."

Names of packages, names of classes, names of methods. Yes, only the declarations of a part of the API, of Java core libraries.


Re: The code is trivial

The code posted initially in the article was not copied by Google, was not in Android, and was not in the 2016 trial.

I posted a comment for fact checking on that. It looks like my comment wasn't published, and the article didn't post an errata. However it did remove the wrongly posted code.


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