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Tupperware vehemently denies any link to storage containerisation



Trainline.com dumps Oracle and Microsoft, gulps AWS Kool-Aid


Heard him speak at AWS.Summit london last week.

They are about to open source a tool called Environment Manager.


Fascinating talk!

FBI won't jail future US president over private email server


I give up with this world...

"And no politicians are likely to make the same mistake in future."

Why because of the huge penalties held against her?

All this will do is ensure that more and more leaks happen as security is an after thought in the US these days, and when you've clearly broken the law youre let off. Unless youre a civilian of course.

Next to be shown to have broken every rule in the book but no charges - BLAIR.

Plymouth 'animal rights' teen admits Florida SeaWorld cyber attack


have you been to seaworld?

sounds like you to need to do some research.

"despicable slave centre" is highly accurate from what i can tell.

Raspberry Pi 3 tops SBC poll for self-brew hackers and Linux folk


Yup - the only problem i've had with the Pi (any of them) is not having enough.

Lost 3 to family wide-eyed syndrome already. (kodi)

Lester Haines: RIP


Horrible news to hear - feeling quite sad in the office now.

To the pub....

As has been said Rest In Playmobile

Study of asexually reproducing honeybee ponders: But why the mass murder?


Don't forget the Bee Count is on atm!


Arrests for 'offensive' Twitter and Facebook messages up by a third


"a false message to cause annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety”

so every communication from my MP then?