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LiveDrive drive by: Backup biz's price hikes will kill us, say resellers


It seems clear that Livedrive is now forcing its own resellers out of the business

My costs will go up from £400 to £2,500 maybe more

Livedrive have no plans to discontinue their £4 a month service with unlimited backup direct to clients putting themselves in direct competition with their own resellers.

In addition if you have a NAS bolt on as well as paying an additional fee resellers will also have to pay data storage charges at £240 per 1Tb per year whilst Livedrive will offer it at just £29

Reminds me of Logmein Free

Invite you in on a cheap deal and when they have built up there business dump you

You just can't trust an outfit like this

They will expect reseller clients to jump ship and go direct


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