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Brexit? Cutting the old-school ties would do more for Brit tech world

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Re: You want OUT? You stay OUT!

If 51% of the British people feel like you and believe that the 'European club' rules are unacceptable, then by all means it would be a mistake to stay. I completely agree.

I merely stated that leaving and hoping you'll be able to come back it's childish and never gonna happen. Not after

- producing massive financial losses to your partners,

- labeling hard working taxpayers as 'undesirable immigrants' and forcing them to leave the homes they built here (by the way, that's exactly what happened in Germany in 1936-1939 and in my opinion, is completely disgusting).

I was always about business and profit - that's why I agree with Brussels being incredibly bureaucratic and wasting loads of money. Of course they need reforming.

BUT I could never understand racism and nationalism. They are so anti-business. And let's face it - most Brexiters are driven by nationalism and anti-immigration feelings. That's why they don't care about Osborne and Cameron's economic arguments. It's strange, it's like there are two completely different Britains. It's the same in Germany and France.

Dr. Rude
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You want OUT? You stay OUT!

For everyone thinking (Like Boris Johnson) they can 're-join' the EU if they realise 'independence' is not such a good idea after all:

Any member will be able to VETO and block your re-admission. Therefore:

1. Britain will have to BEG and make a lot of concessions to Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia etc. Have you ever heard the expression 'it's payback time'? well, you'll feel what it means. Oh, yes, you will...

2. France and Germany will not humiliate Britain but they will absolutely ask for the adoption of Euro. Nothing personal, just business. Good bye, British Pound! Britain was treated like a spoiled child with special rights for too long. No more special treatments for deserters. You don't like it? Nobody invited you in again. The door is open!

3. 'Opt-out' rights from the ever-closer Union'? Hahahaha :) I have a better idea: stay out! EU does not need unreliable nations who can't decide what they want, and change their minds every 5 years. Brexit already caused financial losses to EU once - they will want to make sure it will not happen again.

Even so, I would probably vote against Britain re-joining the club. People should learn that actions have consequences. British people should have the guts to face the consequences of their decisions.

Once out, forever out.

Dr. Rude

Re: From the outside looking in

'The great thing about voting leave, is that having regained our democracy, if we dont like it, we can always apply to join the EU.'

Brexit, 'freedom', 'independence' all come with a price, my friend. Wake up: BOTH Britain and the EU will lose money.

Therefore, nobody will take you back and risk losing more money in the future with an unreliable and less-than-serious country who is changing its mind every 5 years. Make no mistakes: after BREXIT, all British people (and British companies) will be persona-non-grata in Europe.

Would you marry for the second time a woman who cheated on you, left you calling you 'Hitler', forced you to sell your house, to find a new job, a new school for kids etc. etc?

You want out, you stay out.


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