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Smart guns are a neat idea on paper. They'll never survive reality

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Re: @Truckie ... 'Smart guns' - an inherent failure


As another gun owner, Yes to all your points.

And to those that think otherwise, please tell us again: how, and by how much, will smart guns make us safer?

Hardware stores sell components to make firearms. No machine shop or expensive tools needed to make them as shown in various online videos. Or one can spend a few dollars more to make or buy finished parts. Ammo is easy to make. Many of us save money by making ammo or create custom loads for precision shooting.

Criminals don't seem troubled by laws. Like prohibition, war on drugs, etc, efforts to restrict supply (rather than demand) are doomed to fail. Suicide accounts for almost 2 of every 3 gun fatalities in the US. Smart guns won't change that statistic.

While smart gun research is worthwhile, we can save more lives and more quickly by other means. Chicago's police chief blames their shocking violence rate on revolving door justice that releases felons. California's Auditor reports that over 275,000 names are in the Armed Prohibited Persons database. Yet there appears to be little to intercept them or their guns.

Three Four top Cisco execs leave after being made 'advisors'

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Non-Competes: NA in CA

Non-competes are unenforceable in CA. Many view that as an essential part of Silicon Valley's success.

Swedish old timer pulls airsoft gun on broadband salesman

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Two In Face, Rest in Chest

The hammer is cocked. With very slight pressure, a loaded pistol would fire. But the outcome wouldn't be pretty. Likely to miss with gun flying out of her hand.

Firearm should be at ready state - not aimed unless prepared to shoot. Finger should be off trigger until ready to fire. The grip is too low in her hand, thumbs aren't overlapped on gun frame, index finger joint on trigger - not middle of of pad, her shooting arm is flexed - not straight, her support arm is too flexed, too close to face - would likely damage hearing. Unless skilled (which the photo suggests is not the case) she has no sight picture.

For those that don't have firearms, keep an aerosol can of hornet spray handy. Shoots a stream 20 feet and temporarily blinds. Much more effective than tear gas or pepper spray; less likely to accidentally spray yourself.